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  1. Tarron


    14 ore fa

    Cheers man! I wholeheartedly agree. Although 'good' is kind of a very broad and subjective term. Interesting and well written might be more fitting ;-)

  2. Daisy DeVine

    Daisy DeVine

    14 ore fa

    So this is where they found Cheetah from WW1984. You can excuse the 90s for bad makeup, not the 2010's.

  3. Lankycide


    14 ore fa

    There's a name for that, what Disney is doing, being completely incapable of learning. Not from one's mistakes or anything like that, I mean learning as a fundamental human ability. I can just imagine the Disney employees in the background, terrified for their jobs, wondering when they can go back to just wanting to make children happy.

  4. Dinna Henna

    Dinna Henna

    14 ore fa

    The list at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Noa Greenini

    Noa Greenini

    14 ore fa

    Wow, sorry CD, but this video makes me cringe. Not a good one. She said stupid things on Twitter, got warned, kept doing it and now she has another job. It isn't that deep.

  6. Mary Wilson

    Mary Wilson

    14 ore fa

    You're a riddy for Scotland, Disney is pulling in 6 billion dollars annually from Disney + good luck thinking they give a fuck about your crying about a really bad actress.

  7. Andrew Dempsey

    Andrew Dempsey

    14 ore fa

    Just watched it for the first time, loved it

  8. Dievs Skyson

    Dievs Skyson

    14 ore fa

    Nut allergies are the result of dysgenics and a rejection of eugenics. People think literally everyone who can breed should breed. Nature rejects this idea out of hand. We will always lose against nature given enough time.

  9. Jayskiallthewayski


    14 ore fa

    This gave me goosebumbs. Oh, I do love "the Wolverine" though. Aside from maybe the ending I think it's a great flick. R.I.P. Logan, you will be missed.

  10. Mary Wilson

    Mary Wilson

    14 ore fa

    Disney fired her, the capitalists at Disney.

  11. Spawn Keeper

    Spawn Keeper

    14 ore fa

    Prometheus and covenant are actually really good movies and explain a lot about the origins of the xenomorphs. If your a fan of the lore you'll love OR appreciate the movies for what they are.

  12. Steven Coates

    Steven Coates

    14 ore fa

    FUCK.RIGHT.OFF.FILM. Truer words were never said!!!

  13. Kaliss


    14 ore fa

    So this movie is basically a warning to to not bring your girl along when you're with the boys.

  14. Liam Cronin

    Liam Cronin

    14 ore fa

    the evangelical episode was where I ended up checking out on the series. It immediately showed me the writing on the wall as to who they really wanted to go after with the series

  15. Eduardo Garrido

    Eduardo Garrido

    14 ore fa

    Great review man. Btw you really sound like if you were drunk.

  16. Hairy Guy sketches

    Hairy Guy sketches

    14 ore fa

    I think the drinker was happy today. His "go away now" seemed so caring and I don't know why.

  17. Petrow Egynyolc

    Petrow Egynyolc

    14 ore fa

    My bet is that Boba dropped at Luke to hint him the location to Baby Yoda.

  18. MustardFuelledVengeance


    15 ore fa

    Pretty cringe

  19. Tore Hansen

    Tore Hansen

    15 ore fa

    This movie is bonkers, just like the material it's based on, only the ending was changed.

  20. Kez P

    Kez P

    15 ore fa

    I got the impression the smile at the end was her indoctrination becoming complete, as opposed to being free of the toxic relationship. Some of the scenes were great, but yeah... This movie dragged way too long

  21. Luke van Kleef

    Luke van Kleef

    15 ore fa

    This is actually a pretty well written tale.

  22. Helsingfors


    15 ore fa

    I agree with pretty much every critique you've done so far! How about one on Idiocracy? Also you sound like a cross between Yoda and the Cookie Monster. It's quality!!! Love the videos!

  23. luke allan

    luke allan

    15 ore fa

    I refuse to watch this series. If i dont watch it it doesnt exist and star trek isnt completely ruined for me.

  24. Ogier the Dane

    Ogier the Dane

    15 ore fa

    Yep, the prequels were full of flaws and irritating characters like Jar Jar, but overall they do tell a good story, and i have seen them all several times. But there is no chance i will ever re-watch the new Disney movies

  25. Imperator232


    15 ore fa

    This movie is pure passion and creativity.

  26. stalhein61


    15 ore fa

    Well at least there's a new hope now.

  27. cassette lord

    cassette lord

    15 ore fa

    I love that still, "Shhhhh, ive made a REALLY SHIT FILM and im a really shit actress...dont tell anyone, as long as i look pretty no one will notice" (same as meathead momoa in Aqua turd..)

  28. Raphael Hernandez

    Raphael Hernandez

    15 ore fa


  29. MrPilotans


    15 ore fa

    This is a trash movie made before hugh jackman was too old for the part, an absolute money grab, you really have to be drunk to call this shit perfect.

  30. Puppet Genocide

    Puppet Genocide

    15 ore fa

    I think some people aren't seeing the problem. The problem isn't that a POC is the main character. No one actually cares about that. And if they do they are dumb as fuck. The problem is this isn't a Star Trek show. It's fucking Star Wars with Trek elements. The spore thing is just the fucking force and you know damn well that show isn't above spore force ghosts. The writers of STD have admitted they don't like Star Trek. They want to change the once idealistic, hopeful Trek of the past into Emotions in Space with a bunch of shitty space battles. STD doesn't make you hope for a better future or long to go where no man has gone before. Because it's not about how diplomacy and compassion can be the deadliest weapons of them all (WHICH IS WHAT STAR TREK IS FUCKING ABOUT) it's about how Micheal Burnham is destined to save us all with her bold and brave sacrifice as the Space Jesus Red Angel. Ffs

  31. jimi71smw


    15 ore fa

    What bugs me about this whole story and Kathleen Kennedy is that so called large Twitter Mob that got Gina fired have gone strangely quiet. you would have thought that they would have jumped in to help their "woke" hero Kathleen Kennedy but they have gone silent, not a word from them, especially when "they" were so vocal about Gina. Now Kathleen Kennedy has gone into hiding and has gone silent and is not making any comment or statements just like the "twitter mob" could they be one and the same, could Kathleen Kennedy orchestrated the whole thing? Kathleen Kennedy certainly had the motive, as she wanted rid of anyone that didn't follow her agenda, she certainly opportunity and had access to enough computers and I.T. specialists that could have used all those assets at Lucasfilm as a lot of their work is CGI and based on computers to create numerous twitter accounts and bots to perform such an action and she certainly has an over baring and ruthless manner to force people to go along with this plan or else they would be fired and if those I.T. experts have signed a non disclosure agreement then there would be nothing they could do to report this breach of power and Kathleen Kennedy would never be held accountable for this action, it would be the perfect crime....someone needs to investigate the computers at Lucasfilm as this could very well be a real possibility, the only problem there is that hollywood has a long history of destroying evidence with help from the police in making issues "go away".

  32. Mark Mallard

    Mark Mallard

    15 ore fa

    Blade Runner 2049 Rocks!

  33. Is no an option?

    Is no an option?

    15 ore fa

    Y’know, Kong being taken from his home representing slavery was an intended message in the original King Kong movie right?

  34. JackoBanon1


    15 ore fa

    The first 4 episodes were great! Really creepy and scary. Exactly what I expected. Starting with episode 5 the show took a big turn and switched into a romantic drama with some horror elements while explaining the backstory of the manor instead. And then the whole build up basically fell apart and the tension was gone because everything that happened was explained and explained again and again until the mystery was gone.

  35. Pete Sorensen

    Pete Sorensen

    15 ore fa

    I just wanna see this shit to find out how the fuck he ends up being eaten alive by seagulls.

  36. Marc Espinoza

    Marc Espinoza

    15 ore fa

    It's kinda like the Tim Burton Batman movies in terms of time setting. I mean, when the hell were those movies set?

  37. Steven Coates

    Steven Coates

    15 ore fa

    This movie was SO bad, and I was stoned When I watched it...and I still thought it was terrible! THAT should speak volumes!!!

  38. gavin Dundee

    gavin Dundee

    16 ore fa

    Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey Of Richard Stanley's Island Of Doctor Moreau is the most relentlessly entertaining "disastrous making of a film" documentaries I've ever seen. Watch it on Amazon Prime immediately. John Frankenheimer's comments on working with the notoriously difficult Val Kilmer: "That guy was such a difficult guy to work with, even if I made a movie called The Life Of Val Kilmer, that prick wouldn't be in it!" 😅

  39. CineJay


    16 ore fa

    Did you slow down Leeloo's laugh from The Fifth Element and put it here? 4:36

  40. Mark Mallard

    Mark Mallard

    16 ore fa

    I wouldn't let my 21 year-old-son watch this nightmare

  41. Nicholas Najibi

    Nicholas Najibi

    16 ore fa

    Hahahaha this movie was cheesy as fuuuuuuuck after the 1st 10 min. Lmao!! Remember when they weirdly break the fourth wall and had that little kid holding a wolverine doll as wolverine died? Omg cheesy b rated cringe. And the whole plot with kidnapping the kids was sooooo. Fucking. Cheesy. 🤦‍♂️

  42. Goran Sekulic

    Goran Sekulic

    16 ore fa

    The best X-Men movie of all time and one of(if not) the best comic book movies of all time. Sure, it is not a light watching, but it is so deeply satisfying that crap like Endgame can't possibly keep up the pace with it. There are even some very artistic / symbolic shots(just compare those poster promo shots you used for movies: two are badass something something type and the third, damn this movie is good!

  43. Cold3y3


    16 ore fa

    Finally, someone who shared my opinion on how fkin annoying Jaskier was in this show....

  44. Mark Mallard

    Mark Mallard

    16 ore fa

    Turning men into women, women into men, with CGI

  45. 000 000

    000 000

    16 ore fa

    Seriously Marvel dropped the ball with the timing. If anything having the movie come out before Endgame could've made her death hit even harder, but fuck making a movie about a beloved established character everyone has been asking for, Captain Karen all the way baby! What does she do in Endgame? Acts like an obnoxious dick, somehow gets Thor to like her despite doing nothing to warrant it, and only shows up again at the end for probably the most shoehorned, cringeworthy scene in an overall great movie.

  46. Free Speech Is Never Wrong

    Free Speech Is Never Wrong

    16 ore fa

    When this is finally released I will wait for your genuine unbiased response. Then I will decide whether to watch it.

  47. Andrew D

    Andrew D

    16 ore fa

    9 minutes in..Said with all the.."GRAVITAS & CONVICTION, of a 1st year drama-student with AUTISM "😂😂

  48. feuerhirn


    16 ore fa

    I watched this masterpiece a few weeks ago for the like 20th time. The Thing is so awesome and one of my favourite movies.

  49. Mark Mallard

    Mark Mallard

    16 ore fa

    Safe to say, man bashing cat fight

  50. justinrill


    16 ore fa

    "bullying conservative employees"?

  51. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

    16 ore fa

    Still haven’t seen this and I just realized I had a golden opportunity last night while my dad was visiting I’ll make a point to watch it next time he comes to town.

  52. Hello sir how can I scam you today?

    Hello sir how can I scam you today?

    16 ore fa

    486,162 views and 345 dislikes Only 0.07% of those views support this hot garbage. Not even close to 1%

  53. just a fella

    just a fella

    16 ore fa

    I basically watched episode 8 and 9 in fast forward mode.

  54. Morgan Fry

    Morgan Fry

    16 ore fa

    Kathleen Kennedy was Harvey Weinstein's Personal assistant for years.

  55. destinyson23


    16 ore fa

    I haven’t subjected myself to STD or Picard. I found below decks funny, but only on the strength of the voice actors. It is the best thing that cbs has fired out sadly.

  56. sareena


    16 ore fa

    I haven’t watched a single one of her movies or really know the whole drama around her and yet, I feel an instant dislike towards her. I really can’t stand all these white knight Hollywood celebrities who have to pearl clutch over identity politics like they give a fuck about us who are not ‘straight white dudes’ or whatever. Like we’re all monolithic people who automatically agree with her politics because we’re not white.

  57. fusion fan

    fusion fan

    16 ore fa

    Beautifully done, great reverse psychology!

  58. King Qunt

    King Qunt

    16 ore fa

    When is his liver gonna give up?

  59. SID


    16 ore fa

    Yip , current generation movies are heading towards a 'dark fate'

  60. o src

    o src

    17 ore fa

    Uhh little more diverse than the 70s. Who would want us to think it was like that all the time?

  61. Jim McMaster

    Jim McMaster

    17 ore fa

    It's garbage. tried to like it even because I DO like rick & Morty...Well, some of it...

  62. Stella


    17 ore fa

    well said!!!! and they got emma stone ! the character doesnt suit her at all that would be her worst part as an actress

  63. Aaron McNeice

    Aaron McNeice

    17 ore fa

    I’m loving the choices of films you shown in this video, it is an excellent selection of all genres. You truly are a suave connoisseur of film.

  64. Charles Rogers

    Charles Rogers

    17 ore fa

    Does Critical Drinker write off his pub visits as research?

  65. ReddFoxx1562


    17 ore fa

    For those people who say "it's better than (this)" or "at least it's not (that)" You just don't think. You probably enjoyed avatar after the first viewing.

  66. Caydan Logue

    Caydan Logue

    17 ore fa

    Why do you and the quartering hate brie Larson it's pretty pathetic

  67. zerothehero123


    17 ore fa

    The globalists are doing this on purpose. The left vs right divide is a false dichotomy. They want you to hate disney and the leftist agenda. The other side is their controlled opposition. It's all about social engineering the population to accept the new world order. The leftist side is scripted to lose, so the moment that you feel that the "satanic" agenda has won, it will all "magically" turn around.

  68. Punkster


    17 ore fa

    Disney will be needing Batman to help them get rid of this bomb.

  69. Jim McMaster

    Jim McMaster

    18 ore fa

    SO spot on.

  70. Duke


    18 ore fa

    Its definitely the most overhyped movie of all time. Not saying its THAT bad, but the levels of overhype far outclassed the movie itself. Its dumb action, not a revolutionary triumph,

  71. Mike Zoumis

    Mike Zoumis

    18 ore fa

    bravo ! excellent !!!

  72. george rahm

    george rahm

    18 ore fa

    I am in agreement. Well analyzed and a good digest of failure.

  73. Bhatt Hole

    Bhatt Hole

    18 ore fa

    Wouldn't it be crazy if this shit was the last straw which triggered a civil war?

  74. Freakshow Filmfestival

    Freakshow Filmfestival

    18 ore fa

    I want to show my son this, but I hate those X-Men movies so.... much, that seeing this version of Wolverine will confuse him. Maybe I just need to show him Wolverine clips. Plus this movie has a second of (. )( .) 😉😉

  75. America First

    America First

    18 ore fa

    Ultimately, SJW movie in guise of another Marvel failure to have done so. WW84 anyone?

  76. Adam Walker

    Adam Walker

    18 ore fa

    Made me cry my fucking eyes out at the end. I thought i was good but it came out at the end. Very very very good film.

  77. David Berghorn

    David Berghorn

    18 ore fa

    I agree 100%. Your accent is badass too!

  78. America First

    America First

    18 ore fa

    Movie really used TOO much plot convenience. If you asked but why this? Answer would be "because". Purpled juice steroids give him powers. What? So, druggie turns Hero. Why did no one ever point this out? And then, his magical crack rocks account for every other "because" in the movie. This is what a SJW movie looks like. There is a Wakanda- it is in Wisconsin. Cultural appropriation. LOLZ.

  79. fdrisgreat


    18 ore fa

    You need to have a Rex Reed, Roger Ebert movies every week on TV. It's so enjoyable.

  80. aš justas

    aš justas

    18 ore fa

    why does the setting sunds like discount 1979 stalker