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  1. Aqua Sauce

    Aqua Sauce

    15 ore fa

    This movie made me more interested in cars.



    15 ore fa


  3. [VK] Wpsp2010

    [VK] Wpsp2010

    16 ore fa

    I love how a majority of the "woke women empowerment" movies are so bad, even if they have a base for the story (a sequels or remake instead of an original) but if you try to criticize it in any way you get classified as a sexist homophobe or something along those lines until you get bullied off the internet. Great times

  4. DinosaurWoman


    16 ore fa

    The sad part is those who are crying diversity are the ones who haven't been watching/reading/playing genre films/books/games since the 70s. Everyone has completely ignored the overwhelmingly provable fact that strong women have been in genre fiction for decades, and us women were thrilled that we were being represented and shown as smart, strong, and equals to men.

  5. Orange Duckster

    Orange Duckster

    16 ore fa

    What the bear

  6. Shommo12


    16 ore fa

    Originality noo milk franchises and make them bad for money

  7. Michael B

    Michael B

    16 ore fa

    Dude power is literally PLOT ARMOR

  8. Sven Königstiger

    Sven Königstiger

    16 ore fa

    Bad timing. The last season was not so great

  9. John Reynolds

    John Reynolds

    16 ore fa

    Am I the only person who sees the irony that the newest version of Captain frickin' America is almost entirely equipped with technology that is sourced from a foreign country? Talk about art mimicking life....

  10. Melinda Carroll

    Melinda Carroll

    16 ore fa

    Exactly. I’m so sick of millionaires whining about how oppressed they are

  11. Rui Ni

    Rui Ni

    16 ore fa

    No actually the new movie is good. The writing just so it fits the real world situations 😉

  12. Dave Rose

    Dave Rose

    16 ore fa

    I swear I agree with everything you say on every video! You're awesome.. and thank you!

  13. Cup of Tea

    Cup of Tea

    16 ore fa

    Nah, I like gay alfred, it is the superior alfred.

  14. Hugo Flores

    Hugo Flores

    16 ore fa

    Unconditional fan of the series here; I loved the first, liked the second one a lot, but have been a little dissapointed by the third, although i still think season 4 could be a game changer that would get the series back on track!



    16 ore fa

    This is brilliant

  16. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia

    16 ore fa

    I always agree with your reviews but one thing you said that I strongly disagree with. You worded something in the sense that she has had a good movie in the past. No,no,no,no,no. Has not happened and never will.

  17. SonOf McGringus

    SonOf McGringus

    16 ore fa

    I feel really bad for all the people who read the messages and think this movie can be enjoyable. It's almost unwatchable.



    16 ore fa

    The new Captain America will get called "racist" by the cowards terrorists, I mean "activists" in real life even though is a TV SHOW.

  19. Udoka Omen

    Udoka Omen

    16 ore fa

    Ah, I have been looking for this. Someone to belittle female characters that appeal to tween girls. An old pastime.

  20. Benny Meraz

    Benny Meraz

    16 ore fa

    Wow so the drinker never always ended his videos "thats all i got for today... Go away now". I am honestly shook

  21. Claudio Salazar

    Claudio Salazar

    16 ore fa

    And there are people comparing Attack on Titan finale with this. I mean, AoT's ending was rushed and somewhat contrived to justify the closure of a major plotline (the relationship between two of the main characters), but the rest of it is good enough. Game of Thrones finale, on the other hand, was 100% rubbish.

  22. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    16 ore fa

    When your super powers are not strong enough to make you eat a salad...

  23. SheldonAdama17


    16 ore fa

    Star Trek is dead. At this point they’re molesting the corpse with the teddy bear from Drinker’s Doctor Who analogy.

  24. Paul Connett

    Paul Connett

    16 ore fa

    As reality shows go it's not Made in Chelsea or the Essex and it's actually real. So I'll have a laugh.

  25. Rob Vel

    Rob Vel

    16 ore fa

    I’m not excited for any new Marvel projects.

  26. Coon Pooch

    Coon Pooch

    16 ore fa

    That fart and laugh track gets me every time

  27. K C252

    K C252

    16 ore fa

    You also don't have good writers anymore

  28. Thomas Wright

    Thomas Wright

    16 ore fa

    Here's how the MCU could fix Captain Marvel in a future film: ROGUE.

  29. David Lynn

    David Lynn

    16 ore fa

    The Oscars Awards are handed out to the Devil's most devoted followers.

  30. General Butterscotch

    General Butterscotch

    16 ore fa

    I gotta say, this is probably the most balanced and honest review of TLOU2 I've seen so far. Sure, you don't hold back on your grievances but you also take the time to acknowledge its merits, and the complements you pay those elements don't come across as obligatory like a lot of other ranting-type channels would tackle this game either.

  31. Thomas Wright

    Thomas Wright

    16 ore fa

    Number one: Get rid of that whole nonsense with Fury's eye. In earlier films, it's deeply hinted that it was the result of some kind of betrayal or something. A dumb Lovecraftian space cat? DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

  32. rson


    16 ore fa

    a snl film for snl viewers, considering the audience size I don't know why they had a theatrical release.

  33. Joshua Schwartz

    Joshua Schwartz

    16 ore fa

    Natalie Portperson

  34. Crawfoooooord


    16 ore fa

    video starts at 3:30

  35. justin hunt

    justin hunt

    17 ore fa

    Good bad movie

  36. Clinton Denley

    Clinton Denley

    17 ore fa

    Drinker -you hear me say , what about the Australian film ‘Gallipoli ‘ (1981) which this is practically a complete copy of? Have you seen it? What do you think of this absolute ‘anti war’ masterpiece ? Please respond!

  37. Master Stacker

    Master Stacker

    17 ore fa

    The Drinker calls the shot with Babe Ruth style.

  38. RobsMemoryLane


    17 ore fa

    I love this movie. Shame the Red Letter Media boys didn't care for it

  39. Julian Marsh

    Julian Marsh

    17 ore fa

    It IS a damn fine movie and I was pleased with myself for watching it....but looking back, it is one more 'end of the Old West' saga, and in several ways, made more than what it is by its star power; hard to go wrong with Freeman, Eastwood, etc. The only reason it doesn't seem tired is because there have been few westerns made compared to the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

  40. pamela scott

    pamela scott

    17 ore fa

    Well said.......thank you.

  41. Thomas Wright

    Thomas Wright

    17 ore fa

    People talk all about the feminist angle in the movie. But what about the Skrull invasion itself? In the comics, the Skrull were a race of maniacal domineering conquerors who could shape-shift, meaning that their stories almost always revolved around them trying to infiltrate the planet and take over. So what does Captain Marvel do with them? Turn them into innocent refugees just trying to escape the evil Kree and make a nice life for themselves. Which makes the whole point of them being shapeshifters pointless, which in turn makes them being on earth pointless. A Skrull invasion would introduce an element of paranoia to the MCU; you could never tell if the people you were working with could be trusted, or if they were looking to take you down and take your place.

  42. K C252

    K C252

    17 ore fa

    I am so glad I never started to watch this show

  43. ICM


    17 ore fa

    5:02 The first rule of the fat club is...

  44. Chris Baker

    Chris Baker

    17 ore fa

    Once again, something that had great potential, fails miserably.

  45. Jonathan Randall

    Jonathan Randall

    17 ore fa

    Same goes for pro sports.

  46. Vollification


    17 ore fa

    Next, remake Scar from a powerhungry tyrant into a misunderstood revolutionary. If Disney does this, you'll know who to lynch.

  47. DrakariZargon


    17 ore fa

    still better than thunderforce

  48. syco izcrazy

    syco izcrazy

    17 ore fa

    Really hate when people do videos like this on content they dont understand enough. Unless thats the entire concept of the review. Idk. Drives me nuts lol

  49. Aleric c

    Aleric c

    17 ore fa

    I was never impressed with this franchise and with the WOKE SJW Agenda forced into it killed it for me and I get HBO Max for free. No interest in watching it.

  50. B. Lloyd Reese

    B. Lloyd Reese

    17 ore fa

    I have to say afterlife looks like shit. There are 2 ghostbusters movie and the videogame that are canon. Maybe the real ghostbusters and extreme ghostbusters are a lesser level of canon

  51. Richard Que

    Richard Que

    17 ore fa

    This movie destroyed predator franchise.

  52. Moga Deet

    Moga Deet

    17 ore fa

    What a montage. 👍

  53. The1980Philip


    17 ore fa

    Yeah ... that was a good flick.



    17 ore fa

    If is not Wonder Woman, black Widow, Nebula, Gamorra, Agent Hill, Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley or FURIOSA I don't want to see any woke broke smoke jokes.

  55. Moga Deet

    Moga Deet

    17 ore fa


  56. 1st Trailer

    1st Trailer

    17 ore fa

    Let's not confuse Canon with modernizing something with diversity. On a historic note: There was a time when having anyone besides a white male👨🏻 as the central character in anything wasn't excepted & feared would not sell. Currently, it wouldn't look as normal for sci-fi characters to only be white males when the entire world🌎 & fanbase is (the drinker's favorite phrase) "more diverse." As long as it doesn't ruin the story (examples the Drinker did pointed out👏🏾) then feel free to let the characters reflect all of the fans.👧🏽🧒🏻🧑🏽‍🎤👨🏼‍🦰🧑🏾‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️

  57. K C252

    K C252

    17 ore fa

    I have to admit I did like the TV show 'terminator the sarah connor chronicles'

  58. Moga Deet

    Moga Deet

    17 ore fa

    Now I want you to be more sarcastic. I really can't tell in this vid.

  59. D Carter

    D Carter

    17 ore fa

    It’s a Kung fu movie, I got to escape for a couple hours. If I want art I’ll watch Hamlet.

  60. valvi Plays

    valvi Plays

    17 ore fa

    Need to be based here but It's because: wahmen pretending to be strong...

  61. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee

    17 ore fa

    It's not just that they make it obvious that the look down, judge, and lecture us. But most of the movies, awards and "woke" categories they celebrate also look down, judge and lecture us.

  62. Nicolai Cornelis

    Nicolai Cornelis

    17 ore fa

    Here we are, two years later and it's still not even close to hitting theaters.

  63. phutureproof


    17 ore fa

    Drinker, you gotta take the lid off that JD bottle at some point man it's been bothering me for years!

  64. Emperor Norton Winks

    Emperor Norton Winks

    17 ore fa

    I only enjoyed it for the Triumph motorcycle with Hollywood velociraptors

  65. Jani Beg

    Jani Beg

    17 ore fa

    bloated crap - enough material for one movie

  66. Mark Cunt

    Mark Cunt

    18 ore fa

    Holy shit this show sucks, a direct destruction of source material

  67. Maria Regina

    Maria Regina

    18 ore fa

    Lots of characters use guns lol. They don't work that well in hand to hand combat they are long range weapons.

  68. ClickPause


    18 ore fa

    Okay, while I agree with many of your points, I think it's strictly adjacent to the actual topic at hand: the main character in this story _isn't_ supposed to be a hero, at least in the conventional sense. They're supposed to be someone born into the legacy of one, and that doesn't mean they fit the role, especially at first. Of course, aside from that, the design is pretty... eh, and it'd be nice if they made her actually look _related_ to Starfire.

  69. Jason Mcdonel

    Jason Mcdonel

    18 ore fa

    Of course Sub-Zero wouldn't age.... Haven't you ever heard of cryogenics?..... Well he's basically a walking talking cryogenic therapy!

  70. Trippy Martian

    Trippy Martian

    18 ore fa

    No ones going to mention the feminism that poised the movie and how it is the source of all these underlying problems? Okay. Here I gooo..

  71. King Chad

    King Chad

    18 ore fa

    Bring back Thanos and let him kill all these people. Edit: That odd colored ginger is hideous.

  72. Emperor Norton Winks

    Emperor Norton Winks

    18 ore fa

    Shane looked jacked to bad he got skin problems and I believe an infection from bug bites in the original Predator but he at least looked like the guy who was the team medical officer or tech guy even though he had a badass weapon

  73. ATN TKR


    18 ore fa

    It's so funny that they called John Walker "white supremacist" , "nazi" etc. Yeah nothing screams white supremacist than having a black best friend over who's death he lost it and killed the terrorist. What a great white supremacist!!!

  74. papaya man

    papaya man

    18 ore fa

    That swing at china's concentration camps...

  75. Exhalted


    18 ore fa

    Analo holmes

  76. Marcos Henriques

    Marcos Henriques

    18 ore fa

    Woke culture may have already destroyed mcu irreversibly.