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  1. Squirrel Power

    Squirrel Power

    12 ore fa

    Netflix is no longer "a thing". Netflix has no true original franchise and has rights to none.

  2. Jason Roberts

    Jason Roberts

    12 ore fa

    So true

  3. Planet Schlock

    Planet Schlock

    12 ore fa

    Melissa McCarthy really is just Kevin James with a vagina. I'm honestly shocked that they haven't tried a gender-swapped Paul Blart: Mall Cop with her in the lead.

  4. AV8R Surge

    AV8R Surge

    12 ore fa

    I realized that my wife no longer loves me the moment she made me watch this movie. I think she was trying to drive me to suicide. Help me off this ledge; bring Gal Godot.

  5. C. L . Parnell

    C. L . Parnell

    12 ore fa

    Lol, what did you expect

  6. Grow With Me Fighting and Photography

    Grow With Me Fighting and Photography

    12 ore fa

    ... I liked it... but my taste is garbage

  7. Michael Gonzalez

    Michael Gonzalez

    12 ore fa

    Shin Godzilla is far more better

  8. Paul M

    Paul M

    12 ore fa

    Well. Thanks for watching this for me. I appreciate it.

  9. Garret Jones

    Garret Jones

    12 ore fa

    Jokes on you. Mormons are sober every day of the week.



    12 ore fa

    Hello! CAn you please review Tropic Thunder if you haven´t already? Thank you



    12 ore fa

    4:46 I’m sorry. I have to step in here. - They barely managed to outfly the First Order pilots. The only way they did was because they were in a bigger, more armored ship. - Don’t you have to be pretty skilled at identifying specific parts from starships for scavenging? - I mean, it was a big-ass button on a panel next to the door monitors... - Pretty sure she missed pretty much every shot when it came to Kylo Ren. Also, that’s kind of what any Force-user can do. Remember when Luke shot a stormtrooper from across a landing bay in the first movie? - Congratulations, you’ve just described the capabilities of every Force-user ever. - Congratulations, you’ve just described the capabilities of every Force-user ever. - Congratulations, you’ve just described the capabilities of every Force-user ever. - I mean, she was pretty pissed off. And it’s not like she has no melee training whatsoever. - I mean, she was pretty pissed off. And it’s not like she has no melee training whatsoever. Also, as explained in the movie, Luke was cut off from the Force. - Bruh what? - Why do Force-users now have to know what an ability is to use it? Are you actually saying that Force-users’ latent power just goes idle until they learn about the abilities they get from it? Is this literally your understanding of Star Wars? - I’m with you on straight-up resurrection of the dead, but dude, why are you pretending it was never explained or has never been in Star Wars before? Not only was it one of the only important things explained in The Rise of Skywalker, The Child used this same ability in an episode of The Mandalorian! - No she’s not. Obi-Wan is. Silly Drinker.

  12. Michael Gonzalez

    Michael Gonzalez

    12 ore fa

    If we're going to be honest about the film Godzilla is barely in this film this film is heavily focused on Kong. That is my number one issue with the film Godzilla is the first name on this film yet he feels like he's only featured in it. This film should be Kong versus Godzilla and I enjoyed the other three films to me this one was the weaker of all four films

  13. Shane


    12 ore fa

    Its currently trending at number one on Netflix in Australia at the moment... Goe's to show how little good shows there is to watch(on Australian Netflix at least anyhow) and at how many women watch Netflix? Anyway, i watched the trailer and though "my god this looks bad" and shut it down.

  14. Tom McGrew

    Tom McGrew

    12 ore fa

    She's needs to stop making movies with her husband directing. He's a good writer, but not a good director. He has no idea how to set up and follow through on comedic material from a visual standpoint. Directors like Paul Feig really know how to pull the best out of McCarthy.

  15. Broceliande Forest

    Broceliande Forest

    12 ore fa

    What's needed is great, original, stories with female leads not this constant re- heating of someone else's dinners.

  16. anyanyany anyanyany

    anyanyany anyanyany

    12 ore fa

    I actually had quite of fun with the new trilogy. Admittedly it is nothing of the sort of philosophical-heavy movies that the original movies were, but at least they were fun, even if the fun can be mindless at times.

  17. AlienOnTheInternet


    12 ore fa

    “Characters can be gay but expressing it or showing them doing gay things is too far bc I’m not mature enough to handle that type of reality that gays exist and behave like normal people ”

  18. John Hagopian

    John Hagopian

    12 ore fa

    Thank God for the Critical Drinker.

  19. Wai Hong Mok

    Wai Hong Mok

    12 ore fa

    Oh wow, that's Hunter Biden.

  20. Wonko The Sane

    Wonko The Sane

    12 ore fa

    One the many problems with Hollywood is too many of the screenwriters think they can write better than the original writers. When one makes one's living writing in a land of illusion, one ends up being deluded by their own imagination, into thinking they have an imagination.

  21. leadsin99er


    12 ore fa

    Melissa McCarthy and hubby Ben Falcone and Bobby Cannavale always in many films together.

  22. James Carbon

    James Carbon

    12 ore fa

    It's terrible

  23. JustOrdinaryDay


    13 ore fa

    This isn't bad because it's all women It's bad because it's bad

  24. KungFury


    13 ore fa

    I would take 10 more spin offs of this than any of the garbage being peddled as blockbusters today.

  25. Big Scary Bald Guy

    Big Scary Bald Guy

    13 ore fa

    Can you do a review of "Boss Level?"

  26. Peter Ruzak

    Peter Ruzak

    13 ore fa

    Thunder Farce

  27. Star Fyodperor

    Star Fyodperor

    13 ore fa

    Naahhh... Harley Quin is OK if you ask me... Jared Leto is also not a bad Joker... John Cena... Not a really good actor... Dwayne Johnson can not really be replicated...

  28. Josh Mattingly

    Josh Mattingly

    13 ore fa

    Love how you never miss a chance to take a shot at Brie Larcen. XD Btw just noticed... Did her parents purposely name her Cheese Thief?! Hahaha

  29. HasAMonitorTan


    13 ore fa

    My wife threw this on last night as degenerate as she is sometimes, i laughed at the plot holes quite a bit but yeah the fucking film stink so fucking bad

  30. ThatBoiMikey


    13 ore fa

    To me, this movie is THE DEFINITION of “What Could’ve Been”.

  31. Light Soda

    Light Soda

    13 ore fa

    I just feel that the resurgence of streaming services and their bolstered prevalence in a post-COVID world might have slightly decreased the quality of movie ideas and films being made - where they can be regurgitated regardless of talent or good writing knowing that a subscription will come. It just feels cheaper. I miss when movies would fight for your hand (by actually trying) at a rental store....

  32. Peter Ruzak

    Peter Ruzak

    13 ore fa

    They should use the actual Mayor of Chicago in the movie.

  33. KarlG


    13 ore fa

    The woman of colour is portrayed as successful, powerful and strong, the white woman is a clown. Don't often see that in films these days, wonder why....

  34. Jackson Estacado

    Jackson Estacado

    13 ore fa

    Sounded like "cosmic ray burst" sounded like something else. Lmao

  35. John Doe22

    John Doe22

    13 ore fa

    promoting fat people and unhealthy lifestyle , great new age :/=

  36. Gary Ha

    Gary Ha

    13 ore fa

    That's not fat, it's white bread which mixed with water makes great glue

  37. Xeptical


    13 ore fa

    I thought the movie was funny personally.

  38. Iamdarwinsgod


    13 ore fa

    My fat mother in law laughed uncontrollably at this shit movie.

  39. gilly678


    13 ore fa

    Thunder Force - ‘The lightening you wouldn’t want to clap.’

  40. Erichev


    13 ore fa

    After watching this shit movie; I couldn't wait to see your review. Had to see how spot on you'd be with my personal review. I had to force myself to sit through this crap. 1st question: If the serum that Hammer was getting healed her why didn't it make her physically fit? Wouldn't fat be considered an illness to be healed? 2nd question: Why did Bateman only have Crab arms? What was his superpower? When he did use the claws they only caused a minor irritation to the victim. 3rd question: How did the daughter get a power? They never once eluded to it. Though you knew it was coming. Lastly, why did I have to sit through the dinner scene and the "love" scene. What did that serve? Just an awful movie.

  41. Nigel 121

    Nigel 121

    13 ore fa

    The Rock only had to eat eight meals per day to make Black Adam.

  42. Gwyn and Gold

    Gwyn and Gold

    13 ore fa

    Kennedy has a real iguana/Cardassian thing goin on with her neck.

  43. hangoluan bisuk

    hangoluan bisuk

    13 ore fa

    This version of MJ is a mini carol danvers

  44. Light Soda

    Light Soda

    13 ore fa

    Got coffee all over my laptop because of that mormon part

  45. 4Freedom4All


    13 ore fa

    So what's funny here is that they are two fat super heroes? (groans) OK, that's not even a little bit funny.

  46. Roderick John Gardner

    Roderick John Gardner

    13 ore fa

    Very confusing

  47. Kelly Davis

    Kelly Davis

    13 ore fa

    She's always hilarious on SNL. I don't understand why her movies are so terrible.

  48. jamesp81


    13 ore fa

    What I don’t get about super hero movies where the plot is “normal people fight against super heroes” is that they almost always have some contrivance where the normals gain their own powers. I mean, firearms are a thing you know. Having the protagonists face a seemingly insurmountable enemy that they have to grow and innovate to overcome seems like a plot with more potential.

  49. The McGregor

    The McGregor

    13 ore fa

    If it's got MM on the billing once can be certain that it's going to be sloppy. So, that's what girl power humor is? Sloppy? You've 'gone' a long way baby.

  50. 4Freedom4All


    13 ore fa

    Thank you, Mr. Drinker, sir -- for throwing yourself on this hand grenade.

  51. Paul Colton

    Paul Colton

    13 ore fa

    Wait, did I see a hot chick in leather towards the end? That's gotta be worth something???

  52. Beachcomber Bob

    Beachcomber Bob

    13 ore fa

    Am I the only one troubled by the scale of the original 'space jockey' (3 x the height of a human), as compared to the merely very tall 'engineers' in Prometheus?

  53. Evan Schackmann

    Evan Schackmann

    13 ore fa

    A school field trip to Europe...oooookay. The hell kind of elite, private boarding school does he go to?

  54. Kevin in the USA

    Kevin in the USA

    13 ore fa

    My wife wanted to watch this and she even called it a pile of hot garbage and she loves Jason Bateman.

  55. Claire Littman

    Claire Littman

    13 ore fa

    bye ur literally so salty for no reason; ur just picking apart subjective things u personally don't like, this was one of my favorite trek films ever but at least i can admit its not perfect while u can't see anything good. there was so much good in it but u have to make everything so black and white, right and wrong, good and evil lmfaooo

  56. Gianna Smith

    Gianna Smith

    13 ore fa

    How much did wb pay u

  57. Neil Dennis

    Neil Dennis

    13 ore fa

    Falcone should be tasered for real for making this garbage.

  58. dtulip1


    13 ore fa

    I've only seen the trailer for this and I garbage was the conclusion I came to too

  59. Zach Beebe

    Zach Beebe

    13 ore fa

    My wife made me watch this movie. It was pure shit. Octavia Spencer was more bored than I was during this movie.

  60. Browser Jay

    Browser Jay

    13 ore fa

    This film is inevitably gonna flop mainly because of the pandemic and also because they no longer wanna make connected movies anymore which in turn is making people lose interest in the dc films.

  61. Cj Hedrick

    Cj Hedrick

    13 ore fa

    I got a message from Netlix, recommending this as "A new movie we'll think you'll love". I only needed to look at the damn poster to know it was a complete lie.

  62. anerysium


    13 ore fa

    Giant lizard fights giant munky. Giant lizard and giant munky teams up to fight giant robot lizard. Well that's what I wanted from this movie.

  63. Олена


    13 ore fa

    I WILL be annoying but for fc sake, my dudes, Kyiv (ukrainian), not Kiev (russian), if you see two headed eagle - it's russian thing, and, well, all this joke is... meh. Just... just don't do that again, please.

  64. Shuu Kenji

    Shuu Kenji

    13 ore fa

    Let me share you lyrics that is not really relevant to the topic ahem... Ride... Ride... Ride... Ride... Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Thunderhorse Thunderhorse Thunderhorse Thunderhorse Revenge Revenge Revenge Thunder... Horse Thunder... Horse Thunder... Horse Thunder... Horse Thunder, Thunder... Thunder, Thunder, Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Horse Thunderhorse Thunderhorse Thank you for listening have a good day and god bless :D

  65. van hill

    van hill

    13 ore fa

    I would rather put bleach in my eyes than watch this

  66. Eric Luna

    Eric Luna

    13 ore fa

    A lot of the selections for review would never be on my watch list but I do enjoy you dismantling them on multiple levels.

  67. THEremiXFACTOR


    13 ore fa

    The pitch meeting for this: "fat women + superheroes = funny"

  68. Micheal Zamora

    Micheal Zamora

    13 ore fa

    Lmaooo last night I saw that Thunder force was on Netflix and just from the cover I knew I’d wake up to find some videos 🤣🤣🤣

  69. amojak


    13 ore fa

    would you like the 5 minute Sarcasm or the full 10 minutes?

  70. Gergely Komáromi

    Gergely Komáromi

    13 ore fa

    Why is everyone so fat?

  71. Iain Frame

    Iain Frame

    13 ore fa

    2:05 anyone who stands that close to someone during a conversation is evidently a sociopath. I doubt whether any of these geniuses could boil a kettle unaided. Mutants.

  72. JonathanJK


    13 ore fa

    Since Netflix counts 30 seconds as a view, you can hold out for that long and legit give it a thumbs down.

  73. at least my 20th account 1

    at least my 20th account 1

    13 ore fa

    Its hilarious that people know how disgusting disney is but you still waste money on entertainment that's not made for you.

  74. Vaidas Šukaukas

    Vaidas Šukaukas

    13 ore fa

    Whedon cut would probably also had been better if it he was allowed to direct from the beginning and be 4 fucking hours long. Snyder cut is just not fit for cinema release.

  75. Pa -1

    Pa -1

    13 ore fa

    Race of bodybuilders ha ha ha...!!!

  76. Kendrick Experience

    Kendrick Experience

    13 ore fa

    You know from the sound of it, it just sounds like the Fantastic Four Movies are just cursed.

  77. Wonko The Sane

    Wonko The Sane

    13 ore fa

    No shit.

  78. Robert Carr

    Robert Carr

    13 ore fa

    So true. Great review

  79. ConnorJane


    13 ore fa

    Things you didn't expect to see in a Critical Drinker video: Russian Post mail box.

  80. theitaIianstallion


    13 ore fa

    Jason Bateman is on par with Keanu Reeves as the blandest actor