Annihilation - It's Dumber Than You Think

Annihilation was one of those movies that conned people into thinking it was smart. Join me as I explain why it isn't.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    3 mesi fa

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    • Thomas Jefferson

      Thomas Jefferson

      13 giorni fa

      If I remember correctly it’s based off of a book so maybe it’s worth a read.



      27 giorni fa

      Great take on the Emperors new clothes

    • The 80's Wolf

      The 80's Wolf

      29 giorni fa

      "I don't know. So the movie is dumber than you think"

    • First_Name Last_Name

      First_Name Last_Name

      Mese fa

      Please keep “idono” in the rotation

    • Chrispy_0


      Mese fa


  2. Vtmgll


    Ora fa

    Your reviews are so obnoxious. You keep repeating these same clips, With the woman farting, the slowed down laugh. It's so annoying. I like how your review is just "why did that happen? I don't understand what's happening on the screen! This is dumb!" You sound smart.

  3. Daniele Mulas

    Daniele Mulas

    6 ore fa

    I desperatedly wanted to like this one. It had many good things, the setting, the mystery, the uneasy feel of cosmic horror. But instead it focuses too much on the melodrama of Padme Amidala and Poe Dameron's marriage, and the characters are way too bland to get invested in. Such a shame.

  4. aš justas

    aš justas

    18 ore fa

    why does the setting sunds like discount 1979 stalker

  5. Chris Hanner

    Chris Hanner

    21 ora fa

    That movie sucked.

  6. A C

    A C

    Giorno fa

    You have good and funny reviews. Even if it's a bad review.🤣😂

  7. Sassy Sasquatch

    Sassy Sasquatch

    Giorno fa

    Love how the cap is still on the bottle of jack.

  8. Eduard Petrov

    Eduard Petrov

    2 giorni fa

    What about the books tho?

  9. Mobie Dyche

    Mobie Dyche

    2 giorni fa

    I like the Nick Cage "Colour out of Space" WAY better!

  10. MetalCactus667


    3 giorni fa

    The best scene was the bear. The end. A 10 minute movie about a hunting party that comes across a science experiment gone wrong. The worst part was the decision to trick the alien into killing itself. Aliens, do not come to this planet, the humans will probably try to kill you even if you're nice.

  11. Fabian Feilcke

    Fabian Feilcke

    3 giorni fa

    I was very confued by the movie. It's almost like a concept or trailer for a series with 80% still missing. This might have worked as a mini series with a shitload of more lore around it.

  12. Kampfarsch


    3 giorni fa

    The real question is why there was a lighthouse in the middle fucking nowhere on some field

  13. CG


    3 giorni fa

    I was intrigued by trailed but was disappointed in the movie, it felt too pretentious and way all over the place, it could have been great but fell short by a mile.

  14. Randomfools


    4 giorni fa

    Not sure you understood the themes here and are sounding a lot like Cinemasins. You are talking about an area that combines the DNA of everything in it. Asking for rules is like the same thing as criticizing the concept of A Nightmare On Elm Street. Since this is science fiction, the possibilities are endless just like the dream world. Like how did the gator have shark DNA? A fish or plant that was where the shark was could have come into contact with it, swam upstream from the ocean and inhabited the area of the alligator. Why did the shimmer effect everyone differently? Probably due to the millions of organisms inside that were smashing into each other. Lena wasn't a clone at the end. Her DNA had just changed forever effecting the way she answered those questions. You can see this when the water glass droplets refract before the final scene. I think you were looking for something else with this. The theme of self destruction is present throughout the entire film.

  15. Nathan Kennedy

    Nathan Kennedy

    4 giorni fa

    i dont know how people pretend to like this film wtf was going on the whole way through😂

  16. Marcin Sadowski

    Marcin Sadowski

    4 giorni fa

    what it is about a glass of gin and tonic, that makes watching your videos so much better to watch

  17. Chris Gander

    Chris Gander

    4 giorni fa

    Drinker, it's an analogy for cancer. it's fucking brilliant. Go away now!

  18. Kevin Potts

    Kevin Potts

    4 giorni fa

    This movie had to have been inspired by Stalker.

  19. Heretyk_13


    5 giorni fa

    There is only one tiny bit i want to touch upon- it is so small and unimportant, but i am an asshole and i love biology- alligator can come into contact with shark- bullsharks are known for swiming hundreds of kilometers up rivers, and into swamps, river, lakes- they can find food and hide from bigger predators... well, unless they come across alligators :)

  20. Jack Carver

    Jack Carver

    5 giorni fa

    So this what happens when a dumbass try to piece things together

  21. GenericPunkRockBand5000


    6 giorni fa

    That bear gives me nightmares

  22. Ilyana Galen

    Ilyana Galen

    6 giorni fa

    Annihilation was actually an adaptation of a book. A very bad adaptation. Of a very good story. Jurassic Park it isn’t. The concepts and ideas are all leeched from the books, but clearly in translating it into a screen it’s utter crap. It doesn’t even TRY to translate the story to the screen, it just throws all those elements onto the screen and hopes it duped enough people. If you want this story, but good, read the southern reach trilogy:

  23. wtiiwarcraft


    6 giorni fa

    The only reason to watch most of this movie is up to the Bear Scene to get the full impact from it, that Bear f*cked up my sleep for many days, been a while since I've actually been mentally disturbed by something enough to actually effect me

  24. randy daudt

    randy daudt

    7 giorni fa

    Brie Larson should have been cast as the plank of wood.

  25. Kaaos Kaiser

    Kaaos Kaiser

    8 giorni fa

    I think maybe the books might be good.

  26. Kaptein_kaos


    8 giorni fa

    Wish i found this before i found Annihilation on netflix.

  27. Tank53


    9 giorni fa

    Like the arrival this movie was stupid

  28. Dmitry Paradny

    Dmitry Paradny

    9 giorni fa

    Andrey Tarkovsky - Stalker

  29. Calculated. What a save!

    Calculated. What a save!

    9 giorni fa

    6:55 This point is the sole reason that I appreciated this movie. It's really just an okay premise and execution, but the fact that a team of women lead the film and for ONCE it is not at the expense of every man in the movie - WOW. When I saw this movie I thought to myself "this is actually a female-centric, or feminist film done respectably well for once." I was mainly comparing this with Ghostbusters 2016 in my own mind while viewing, and the two are polar opposites in how they approach the gender issue. One movie has characters of both genders who seem somewhat realistic as all of them are given a fair enough shake in their portrayal. The other movie has nothing but obnoxious unlikable cartoon characters played by both genders and there isn't a shred of dignity to be found anywhere in all of its 2 hour 14 min runtime. When I look at the scope of "feminist movies" I find Annihilation (again, a mediocre film in the grand scheme) remains in their upper echelon just because it doesn't go out of its way to push an agenda. It's sad that we've reached that point in what we call entertainment but there it is.

  30. Crow C

    Crow C

    9 giorni fa

    Event horizon 4ever!

  31. Darth Soldier

    Darth Soldier

    9 giorni fa

    Those people you described at the beginning are called hipsters... we avoid them like the plague

  32. VulgarTrader


    9 giorni fa

    I liked this movie a lot more when it was called Stalker.

  33. VulgarTrader


    9 giorni fa

    Thought this was about mortal kombat annihilation and was very confused for the first two minutes.

  34. Daniel


    10 giorni fa

    "what the fuck is even going on" sums up my thoughts throughout this entire film tbh

  35. Wilson The Ball

    Wilson The Ball

    10 giorni fa

    I hope you know you’re still excluding those who don’t identify as “persons”.

  36. Stacey Meikle

    Stacey Meikle

    10 giorni fa

    I thought the movie was amazing, reminded me a lot of Under the Skin and Roadside Picnic as good quality sci-fi

  37. Doppe1ganger


    11 giorni fa

    Dude, Annihilation is one of the only true (horror) classics in the last decade. Between all of the modern garbage that you rightfully hate, i don't understand how you can't see how brilliant this movie is. What i think is that you think the movie is trying to make a point that it doesn't. It isn't trying to be smart, it's trying to be (believably) humane in a (visually and psychologically) fucked up setting, like all of the great classics (alien, the thing, the fly,...) Watch it again, and again, and don't try to understand it, let yourself be horrified by how fucked (in the best way possible) this movie is.

  38. Piotr Morgwai Kotarbinski

    Piotr Morgwai Kotarbinski

    11 giorni fa

    it's one of the few times i don't agree with the Drinker: it's a mystery genre movie, so most of the "i don't know" were intended and not all questions were supposed to be answered. Critics often complain that movies these days explain every bit like intended audience is bunch of 6 year olds and when a movie that does not do it appears, they complain that it's too vague ;-] there are few details that could have been better explained/executed so that picky critics wouldn't vivisect them, but IMO these are just details (like why they didn't wear any masks: maybe they got samples from near the edge and decided it was safe: true, it should have been explained, but it's a detail) finally, i have no idea where the Drinker got the idea that characters in this movie were supposed to be deep and/or thought provoking: maybe from other critics? ;-] the only function of characters was to give us a journey through the mystery of the shimmer. it's like complaining that an off-road car doesn't have good aerodynamic profile ;-]

  39. lloydtxw


    12 giorni fa

    The entire movie is metaphor. If you’re taking it literally, it is you who is the idiot. In this case, subtext is text and concrete thinkers who insist on reading the events as literal are going to miss the point. They will call it pretentious or boring as does anyone who cannot derive meaning from a narrative beyond what’s in front of their eyes. If you think everything in the world does or should mean exactly what it does on the surface, you are quite shallow and doomed to live in a cave staring at a wall of human shadows imagining they are real people rather than a product of light casting darkness in human form against the cave wall while the real people are elsewhere. Look up metaphor as a narrative device and expand your infinitesimal perspective.

  40. Tony Paulazzo

    Tony Paulazzo

    12 giorni fa

    I loved the movie. I don't know if it was supposed to be intellectual, poetical or cancerous, I just know I was gripped throughout the entire movie. Not many films do that for me recently. I usually agree with your reviews but not this time. Plus, I love Alex Garland's 'The Tesseract (the book - not seen the film which I've just found is a thing). He has a unique vision on the world which Annihilation perfectly encapsulates...Peace Out!

  41. Fat Black

    Fat Black

    12 giorni fa

    Without watching it, I'm getting a real "The Happening" vibe from this.

    • Randomfools


      4 giorni fa

      It's nothing like The Happening. The idea is extremely intriguing. It's just not this action thriller that many thought it would be. Drinker missed a lot of the themes.

  42. DuGStp


    12 giorni fa

    You get a lot right drinker. And this movie got a lot wrong. Annoying characters. Telling not showing. Etc. but it feels like you missed the main sci-fi premise. The source of the shimmer (shitter) is evolution in reverse. The closer you get to it the more evolution reverses. It devolves everything into more simple organisms. Once you get to the center, it’s the birth of life in reverse, which would be annihilation. Portperson’s doppelgänger represents a cell at the molecular level, but human sized. All it can do is learn and mimic from where it split from. All of the “wouldn’t it be cool if” moments as you called them, are just set pieces to mess around with the underlying premise. Maybe this movie for its flaws just made you not want to try harder to understand it. It’s doesn’t all come together perfectly, and it’s a bit of a jumbled mess, but it’s not quite as dumb as you allege.

  43. Matthew Kuehne

    Matthew Kuehne

    13 giorni fa

    I have yet to watch this... and now I definitely won't! Unless I need drinking game material 😉

  44. Johann du Toit

    Johann du Toit

    13 giorni fa

    Say what you want about the movie as a whole, but it did give me lifelong arkoudaphobia.

  45. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

    13 giorni fa

    I actually enjoyed the movie yeah it was a little pretentious times but I thought it was decent and the Gore was really good too. The ending was kind of goofy and predictable but that’s what happens when you’re smart grow older and watch a lot of movies.

  46. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

    13 giorni fa

    Lovecraft Country: There's no adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft adaptation as disgraceful as me! Annihilation: Hold my soy latte. Annihilation is just a bad retelling of Color out of Space, and thanks to Richard Stanley, nobody will remember this god awful movie in a few years.

  47. KeyboardWrecker


    14 giorni fa

    This movie has some good ideas visually but the science fiction elements and plot are inane.

  48. EXHALER Wolf

    EXHALER Wolf

    14 giorni fa

    this video is like saying the game INSIDE by PLAYDEAD is a dumb puzzle platformer with some cool 'what-if' ideas thrown together to make it look like there's some deeper meaning behind it but it's actually pretty dumb. You can say that and move on, or you can remember to be fascinated by such mind bending concepts and enjoy it like we used to as kids.

  49. Ted Zeppelin

    Ted Zeppelin

    14 giorni fa

    Thank for the hilarious review, and for saving me from wasting two hours.

  50. Legato Bluesummers

    Legato Bluesummers

    15 giorni fa

    I like The Critical Drinker and i like Annihilation. Not a perfect movie but a good one. It surprised me with the horror and since many of you already talked about the bear, I want to point another thing that rock me to my core, the music in the scene where Natalie meet the alien in that cave. I couldn't describe the feeling... Keep up the good work man.

  51. James Vani

    James Vani

    15 giorni fa

    One of them is chewed by a giant crocodile. Then walks it off. Fuck, nope.

  52. ThatsMrMoronToYou


    15 giorni fa

    Spot on, ye git.

  53. Klynx22


    15 giorni fa

    What sucks is that the novel is a masterwork of sci-fi horror written in the style of a Poe story. Why did Hollywood have to ignore the source material entirely? Why do they always do that?

  54. Praise the sun

    Praise the sun

    16 giorni fa

    The only things I liked in this movie were the scenery and the bear scene. The rest was pretty forgettable.

  55. Scott Schultz

    Scott Schultz

    16 giorni fa

    Agree totally with your view on the all-female team, but Natalie Portperson and Tessa Thompsoffspring can both smd.

  56. DiX Inc.

    DiX Inc.

    16 giorni fa

    This movie has an interesting concept but it takes it's self waay too seriously and becomes so cryptic that's it's borderline stupid. I feel like if this was more self aware it could have been much better

  57. Dave


    16 giorni fa

    Looks much like a thinny (see the dark tower)

  58. Curtis Hammer

    Curtis Hammer

    17 giorni fa

    I wonder if Natalie Portperson and Oscar "Thank fuck Star Wars is over" Isaac bonded over the shittiness of their time in the galaxy far far away.

  59. mark paterson

    mark paterson

    17 giorni fa

    You didn't find Event Horizon dumb? It had some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard, despite being enjoyable.

  60. Kevin O'Brien

    Kevin O'Brien

    17 giorni fa

    Terence Stamp: Where's Natalie? George Lucas: (Points to piece of paper taped to wall) That's Natalie.

  61. GigglesTheCat


    18 giorni fa

    this movie felt like some poeple where brainstorming ideas for a sci-fi horror movie but couldn't think of how to stretch any of the ideas into a full length film and decided to just mash em all into one. like the mutation plots with the bear as a main antagonist could be a great movie the mimicry aliens could have also been its own potentially good movie. instead this just feels like that one ride from the disney parks where you go through different scene sets from famous movies

  62. wave of vapor

    wave of vapor

    18 giorni fa

    I take offense to the title of this video. Annihilation is EXACTLY as dumb as I think it is.

  63. Purgatori Prytania

    Purgatori Prytania

    18 giorni fa

    Naw, I already thought it was pretty dumb.

  64. Samuel Pérez García

    Samuel Pérez García

    18 giorni fa

    Haven't seen this movie, but this review gives me "Stalker" vibes, if "Stalker" was Hollywoodarized.

  65. EyeMSam


    18 giorni fa

    I loved this movie



    19 giorni fa

    I dug the movie, it was a psychedelic trip. You are stuck on a need for exposition when this film has clearly decided to go with an eye of the beholder process. I dug the trip.

  67. Kshitish Nayak

    Kshitish Nayak

    19 giorni fa

    *Natalie Portpersondaughter

  68. Support von KutchcrafterLP

    Support von KutchcrafterLP

    19 giorni fa

    shit and i hoped that movie had a real plot... I need to watch movies several times to see how shitty they really are I think. Sometimes we see things, but there is nothing.

  69. Colin


    19 giorni fa

    This movie was fantastic, Alex Garland is one of the best sci-fi writer-directors working today. This movie was so far removed from the Hollywood bullshit you always complain about but you hate it because you’re blinded by your anti-SJW crusade. All the characters in the source novel were women, it’s an adaptation, chill.

  70. Kieren Ingold

    Kieren Ingold

    19 giorni fa

    i remember watching this movie. I think it would make a better game than movie

  71. HowToDoge


    19 giorni fa

    I didn't realize it until the word "shitter" was used, but the shimmtter actually looks like soapy water on a dry surface.

  72. Lucifer Ronove

    Lucifer Ronove

    19 giorni fa

    It's like a SCP log but on crack.

  73. Brandon Whitman

    Brandon Whitman

    20 giorni fa

    "That guy was a fucking idiot." 😂😂

  74. commenting is what I do

    commenting is what I do

    20 giorni fa

    Something tells me you wouldn't like a lot of Japanese pieces. Annihilation uses a lot of "soft worldbuilding" while your looking for "hard world building"

  75. Hasan Garmarudi

    Hasan Garmarudi

    20 giorni fa

    The intro speech, basically my ex girl

  76. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt

    20 giorni fa

    Natalie PortPERSON 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. Peregrination


    20 giorni fa

    A friend of mine loves the books. She assures me that the movie did a poor job of the first book, but it is true that nothing is explained in that book. The later books focus on that.

  78. Michaela Fiato

    Michaela Fiato

    20 giorni fa

    The Drinkers' hatred of Tessa Thompson is truly amusing.

  79. Shannon Riley

    Shannon Riley

    20 giorni fa

    Yep...once I saw it too, two things popped I am glad I didnt pay for this...and 2. I want those 2 hrs back.

  80. 87you87tube


    20 giorni fa

    Seriously, for a split second I thought I was wrong thinking this movie was stupid because everyone was praising it. Then I realized that they are probably even dumber than the movie. The movie lost me at a very early scene when they just entered a dangerous territory with very poor preparation. I mean, when people see something potentially dangerous, jumping into it is definitely not the first move. You throw rocks at it, poke it with long sticks, then try with your hand or foot, then you stick your head in to take a look inside. I didn't see or hear this kind of approach. Instead, they just send people in and they never returned. Then they send more people in, probably not even with more and different equipment. It wouldn't need to be a mysterious alien forcefield to kill them. They would've still died if it's just some booby traps.

    • Dr. Cool

      Dr. Cool

      17 giorni fa


  81. Pamela Haskell

    Pamela Haskell

    20 giorni fa

    Passed when I saw it was a bunch of chicks 🙄

  82. Daniel DeVito

    Daniel DeVito

    21 giorno fa

    What sucks is that this movie really had potential, there were some EXTREMELY weird, eerie and interesting parts, but the majority was just extremely boring.

  83. McKillaboy


    21 giorno fa

    You like Event Horizon? Ok, you just earned yourself a new sub.

  84. TheModer8ter


    21 giorno fa

    Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 6:40 "And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day."

  85. Timothy Bucci

    Timothy Bucci

    22 giorni fa

    I plan on watching it someday: High on Hallucinogens.

  86. iTOASTER


    22 giorni fa

    Portperson 🤣

  87. Miguel Rosado

    Miguel Rosado

    22 giorni fa

    This movie is amazing and you are all out of your mind.

  88. Iam your god

    Iam your god

    22 giorni fa

    terrible movie but it does has some fantastic visuals. Thats not enough to save it though.

  89. Finthanos


    22 giorni fa

    This guy takes no time to actually think about the movie and the meaning behind it, what’s the point of even reviewing the movie (which is very good), all your doing is just spouting garbage for views. It’s a great movie that makes you think, stop being a loser

  90. Jo Nightwing

    Jo Nightwing

    23 giorni fa

    Natalie Portperson and Discount Michelle Rodriguez 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. Jeremy Menning

    Jeremy Menning

    23 giorni fa

    Accelerated panspermia. The end.

  92. Icecream Inc

    Icecream Inc

    23 giorni fa

    annihilation was a movie where after it ended, everyone in the group, where they would all normally said "i liked this bit" or "it was good/shit" etc , we all said the same thing about the movie. "What the fuck was that? "

  93. Foxtrop13


    24 giorni fa

    1-send an alien probe to a planet. 2-let the probe mutate life form inside the shitsphere 3-release a mimic robot if someone reach the core of the probe 4- profit?

  94. munchin


    24 giorni fa

    It was boring af, I liked the idea and the books ok

  95. Capricorn


    24 giorni fa

    The Shitter!!! Laughed so hard me fukin dentures flew out!!!

  96. Anon


    24 giorni fa

    Natalie Portperson David Letterperson Hugh Jackperson

  97. Miguel Reyes

    Miguel Reyes

    25 giorni fa

    When you have to look up a movie for "ending explained".... you know it's garbage. lol.... and I used to like Portman so much...

  98. Atreus21


    25 giorni fa

    I think Natalie Portwoman is funnier.

  99. charlesvan13


    25 giorni fa

    These people are just as dumb as the crew of the Covenant. They go into a region with deadly biology with absolutely no protective gear.

  100. Allan Gildea

    Allan Gildea

    25 giorni fa

    Natalie Port-person. Thank you, Mr Drinker.

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