Batwoman Season 2 - The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Year

With the recent release of a trailer for Batwoman Season 2, I thought I'd take a look and see what's in store. How will the show go on without Ruby Rose? Nothing could have prepared me for the delights contained in that 60 second trailer...


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    2 mesi fa

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    • Jame Retief

      Jame Retief

      Mese fa

      The Critical Drinker Douglas Scott Ray was great in "Arabian Nights" and "Hitman" and would have been Wolverine except for a conflict in filming a "Mission Impossible 2". It will take some great roles to get this used toilet paper to stop clinging to his career.

    • Pavel G

      Pavel G

      Mese fa

      First episode is out, you should review it. The writing is so absolutely lazy that they had the suit just fall in her lap out of the sky.... Literally.... Within the first minute of the episode....

    • Hella Coorinna

      Hella Coorinna

      Mese fa

      8:25 .. "I don't care, I'm still free" "You can't take the sky from me"

    • Junior Fike

      Junior Fike

      Mese fa

      You hate dc comics😟

    • Morpheus


      Mese fa

      This video has more than 3 times the views as the actual network trailer for this mess lol

  2. VandaKai i

    VandaKai i

    10 minuti fa

    Even with the OG bat woman actor the show still sucked and I find it funny that hardcore SJWs and so on cancelled one of their own... Lets be honest its not like anyone ever watched the shit in the first place lol...

  3. Văn Thái Trần

    Văn Thái Trần

    48 minuti fa

    We need a wheel chair batman. Where my disabled homie at

  4. Kevin Kelley

    Kevin Kelley

    Ora fa

    Why do we have this dumpster juice in the world???

  5. Alan Loyd

    Alan Loyd

    Ora fa

    Firefly only got one season but this exists for not just one but two seasons.

  6. avery walker

    avery walker

    6 ore fa

    POV: You thought this was Moist Cr1tical

  7. Shamus Obi

    Shamus Obi

    6 ore fa

    she looks like dude. and not a handsome looking dude who would look good wearring amask.

  8. Rorington


    8 ore fa

    Why do all the green screen clips look like they were made by a 12 year old trying to make a video back when youtube first started out...

  9. Nick van Meel

    Nick van Meel

    9 ore fa


  10. Timothy Fitzgerald

    Timothy Fitzgerald

    21 ora fa

    Another amazing accomplishment of Tom Cruise: preventing Dougray Scott from being Wolverine! Only thing that redeems MI:2

  11. Timothy Fitzgerald

    Timothy Fitzgerald

    21 ora fa

    Somehow, I seriously doubt any of the "talent" involved in this would help any of the other CW shows😆

  12. KS Mongeau

    KS Mongeau

    Giorno fa

    dark and gritty ??? not even`s the C.W. they shit on everything...

  13. Dan Stevens

    Dan Stevens

    Giorno fa

    I laugh at any movie or show that tries to show women as strong physically lol.. pet alone beating up a man... Never happens in life, never will happen.

  14. Chad Schmaltz

    Chad Schmaltz

    Giorno fa

    One major thing I felt that Batwoman did wrong in both seasons is understand Batman and his approach to saving Gotham. As I understand it, Batman wanted to be someone who operated secretly in the background. The only people who were supposed to know about his presence were Commissioner Gordon and the criminals of Gotham. Batman was meant to be something that finally struck fear into the hearts of Gotham's criminal underground. He was not supposed to be recognized by the general public or be some symbol for them to rally behind. In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne wanted Harvey Dent to be the face that the public associated with putting criminals away, not Batman. Batman operated in the shadows, capturing criminals and gathering evidence so that Harvey could prosecute them and get them sentenced. Ruby Rose on the other hand tried making Batwoman into some kind of mascot with people getting the logo tattooed on their bodies. Even the constant emphasis and desire to make people realize that she is a woman speaks to how far off she is from Batman's original philosophy.

  15. Flawle5sAbs


    2 giorni fa

    funniest for you but the shittest for me lmaooo

  16. ifeanyi oji

    ifeanyi oji

    2 giorni fa

    all i wanna know is the title of that human excrement movie clip

  17. buttkciker101


    2 giorni fa


  18. Jolfer 13

    Jolfer 13

    2 giorni fa

    I couldn't get threw batwoman but I really like the flash. Arrow was good for awhile and legends is aight. The new superman show looks like it could redeem the cw though

  19. Rusty Savage

    Rusty Savage

    2 giorni fa

    But.... is she a lesbian? They really should make that more clear. Why so ambiguous?

  20. Andrew


    2 giorni fa

    As long as people buy this type of merchandise, someone will happily make it and take the money. Still, for those of us that can read it just means we can read books in our free time, instead of watching this kind of thing.

  21. NATE Justice

    NATE Justice

    2 giorni fa

    The first season of batwoman was pretty good

  22. Trevor Lamb

    Trevor Lamb

    2 giorni fa

    Once I see CW is involved I already know its garbage.

  23. John Smith

    John Smith

    3 giorni fa

    shzt show

  24. J H

    J H

    3 giorni fa

    When I saw this... I thought It was a joke and clicks on it. I'm laughing... but this is sad too.

  25. A Rome

    A Rome

    3 giorni fa


  26. dead shot

    dead shot

    3 giorni fa

    Why do they name it Batwoman It’s name Batgirl I can’t believe u Walter Hamada and u call Zack Snyder Justice league a story telling culdesac your a horrible president of company you think you running well look at Marvel

  27. jjb69321


    3 giorni fa

    Bro your fucking hilarious!! 🤣🤣

  28. GGTherapy Gaming

    GGTherapy Gaming

    3 giorni fa

    I’m BlatWoman...

  29. Steven Coates

    Steven Coates

    3 giorni fa

    When will people learn!? Art and political/social agenda don't mix...and this proves it! Is it just me, or is the entertainment industry turning into Orwell's book 1984? You have to think like everybody else and if you don't your wrong or bad? So glad I grew up in the late 80s, the world didn't take itself so seriously back then!!!

  30. Khamarul Ghazali

    Khamarul Ghazali

    3 giorni fa

    84% rating by rotten tomatoes🤣🤣

  31. Rishen


    4 giorni fa

    Guys dont hate this show, it provided us with good laughs in a dark time

  32. David Carter

    David Carter

    4 giorni fa

    I'm not gonna lie. I've watched this 4 times already.

  33. Phil Agcaoili

    Phil Agcaoili

    4 giorni fa

    Woke baloney I loved D.C.'s characters, but this era is pure unadulterated garbage

  34. Wiserhairy Bag

    Wiserhairy Bag

    4 giorni fa

    “Paid him off to keep humiliating himself” too dam funny

  35. raptorfly


    4 giorni fa

    I hope Dave is ok

  36. Josef Gordon

    Josef Gordon

    4 giorni fa

    BatWeave! 🤣

  37. Jim Y

    Jim Y

    4 giorni fa

    if they're really trying to be progressive why not call it Bat Person?

  38. Deividas Čiukšys

    Deividas Čiukšys

    4 giorni fa


  39. courrierdebois


    5 giorni fa

    I take back what I said. It's not watchable.

  40. T Brown

    T Brown

    5 giorni fa

    this is what happens when an SJW makes a show called the CW or should i see SJW

  41. T Brown

    T Brown

    5 giorni fa

    when can CW just die, like arrow and flash were kinda good for the first few seasons, then they became a massive joke with bad writing and bad acting, and don’t forget the awful CGI

  42. David Konevky

    David Konevky

    5 giorni fa

    The only thing this show has going for it is "what if batman, *but m i n o r i t y"*

  43. Moe Betta

    Moe Betta

    5 giorni fa

    Ruby Rose is super creepy.

  44. joe down

    joe down

    5 giorni fa

    we can't stop here this bat country...

  45. itzemeline


    5 giorni fa

    I didn't even know they had a bat woman 🤣😂 I've never watched any of their super hero shows looks tacky. Cw did well with orginals in the beginning then it got bad at the end.

  46. MarKBBQ


    6 giorni fa

    7:38 This crowd shot is one of the saddest crowd shots I've ever seen and it's fucking hysterical

  47. Alexis K

    Alexis K

    7 giorni fa

    Is Batwoman gay in the comics??

    • Kordell Swoffer

      Kordell Swoffer

      Giorno fa

      To my knowledge yes.



    7 giorni fa

    Damn i agree but i cant watch this video this guy has the most annoying voice ever lmao

  49. dennis mclaughlin

    dennis mclaughlin

    8 giorni fa

    Aye, ah smell shite anaw! ;)

  50. Teck Rylee

    Teck Rylee

    8 giorni fa


  51. Levi Curtis

    Levi Curtis

    9 giorni fa

    They could have done the first season a little better if her being a woman wasn't forced in. Like if she just happened upon ut during a hike, was an mma fighter, and decided to take uo the bat mantle, wearing the regular suit for an episode or two before getting it adjusted

  52. Tarron


    9 giorni fa

    It's a comedy show! Adam West's Batman can't hold a candle to it.

  53. Form of Therapy

    Form of Therapy

    9 giorni fa

    This is a core issue with a lot of U.S. television. Lot of televising what characters are thinking by saying rather than showing. It's ESPECIALLY becoming problematic in diversity driven shows. I feel like it's a slap in the face to its viewers intelligence.

  54. Tengah Main

    Tengah Main

    10 giorni fa

    DC probably threaten the executive of this Production company

  55. Larry Bowers

    Larry Bowers

    10 giorni fa

    I do so miss good writing and good shows. This ain't one of them!!

  56. Neuromance27


    10 giorni fa

    CW stop making shows. *goes back to reading comics*

  57. isaias carranza

    isaias carranza

    11 giorni fa

    Does he know that batwoman is a great female comic book character cause he kinda insinuates alot that batwoman was made up for this garbage show

  58. Red Siegfried

    Red Siegfried

    11 giorni fa

    Next up, a reboot of the 60s Adam West Batman series only with Black lesbians but since it'll be a comedy they can get away with it not being written or acted well. I'm a fucking genius.

  59. Red Siegfried

    Red Siegfried

    11 giorni fa

    You know, all my old DVDs and VHS tapes still work. And I collected them because the shows on them are actually good. No more money for this stuff, not for the rest of my life. I haven't watched live television or any streaming service other than by accident in over two years now.

  60. Red Siegfried

    Red Siegfried

    11 giorni fa

    I hope someone puts this show out of my misery forever.

  61. Arcane 777

    Arcane 777

    11 giorni fa

    Do these investors care about making a profit ? Great business model .....give in to SJW = 0 profit !

  62. Harish S

    Harish S

    11 giorni fa


  63. Andrew Griffiths

    Andrew Griffiths

    11 giorni fa

    Twice the ratings of the show. Hahahahahahaha!

  64. David


    11 giorni fa

    Does my hair look good in this ? No , ex wife and ex show.

  65. BlindXite


    12 giorni fa

    Well said. I 100% agree 👍

  66. Striker


    12 giorni fa

    "Cringing so hard that their spines practically folded themselves in half." That made my freaking week :D:D

  67. H.R. HufnStuf

    H.R. HufnStuf

    12 giorni fa

    As an artist, that paper stencil-spray paint shit triggers me. If only it was that easy to do perfectly.

  68. James Elliot

    James Elliot

    12 giorni fa

    Why does he sound constipated 🤣

  69. SoUtH MeMpHiS

    SoUtH MeMpHiS

    12 giorni fa

    Regardless of whatever they do......BAT.....MAN is the O.G❗

  70. Lapachi_428


    12 giorni fa

    I didn't know if this shit existed

  71. Routinnee


    12 giorni fa

    This video has over 1 million views.. Wow

  72. Jesse James

    Jesse James

    13 giorni fa

    She got a tactical utility weave

  73. harry dixson

    harry dixson

    13 giorni fa

    Well thank goodness she’s black.

  74. Alexandre MONBAILLY

    Alexandre MONBAILLY

    13 giorni fa

    The Path. This series about a cult was really good, cancelled by Hulu at the end, a cliffhanger, of season 3. I was so mad.

  75. Tasty


    13 giorni fa

    69K likes at the time of this comment. Nice.

  76. Heywood Jablowme

    Heywood Jablowme

    13 giorni fa

    There should definitely be more crappy lesbian-related superhero stuff. There's just not enough sheyeit in the world.

  77. Mateo Sylvester

    Mateo Sylvester

    13 giorni fa


  78. The Internet Saved My Life

    The Internet Saved My Life

    14 giorni fa

    Everybody... Literally Everyone: "Discount Morgan Freeman" 🥳😅😅

  79. David Smith

    David Smith

    14 giorni fa

    They should of used Gina Carano. She would of killed Batwoman

  80. Jay Paul

    Jay Paul

    16 giorni fa

    I miss the earlier days of Arrowverse. When there was only Arrow and Flash. Acc to CW, 75% of people are LGBTQ+. I like how Arrow was so awesome back in the days, Flash came and it was great as well. Then came Supergirl, which was okay but got REAL SHIT with some. LOT is garbage imo

  81. El Desgraciado

    El Desgraciado

    16 giorni fa

    Right, at this point this show is just political activism. Whoever the CEO of that channel is, that person has an obvious agenda and doesn't want to let go.

  82. Mat Matteo

    Mat Matteo

    16 giorni fa

    Why does every strong female character need to be a lesbian nowadays? Like that was an added quality. It defeats the whole porpouse of equality having to imply that every "diverse" character Is intrinsecally better than the average Joe or the average super hero. I mean, you can easily be a lesbian from a generic minority and still be an asshole.... Lately every character needs to have their sexuality explained, even though no one ever asked for It. Xena was obviously lesbian, but there was no need to explain It or straight out having her say It....and no one cared!

    • Ghostyweirdo


      10 giorni fa

      Because, in today's society, the reason why a woman shows masculine traits, whether it be emotional or physical, it has to be because she's gay. Nevermind the fact that it could be due to countless other less superficial reasons. It's like saying a girl is a lesbian or trans because she's a tomboy when in reality, she's straight or she identifies as female and she just likes dressing in more masculine-like clothing.

  83. Bailey Moore

    Bailey Moore

    17 giorni fa

    She let her clothes touch the floor of a public restroom. That's brave.

  84. Tshepo Tshotelo

    Tshepo Tshotelo

    17 giorni fa

    React to Crises of Infinite Earths its more funnier I promise

  85. Jacob Lynch

    Jacob Lynch

    17 giorni fa

    Yep. Definitely smelt shiet.

  86. MHatz


    17 giorni fa

    first off Ruby Rose is so scrawny she could never be a superheroe, she shoud try hitting the gym, she already has 0 percent body fat and 5 percent muscle mass

  87. MHatz


    17 giorni fa

    i remember when my phony cousin went through her gay phase, she thought everyone and everything was gay

  88. Jheron Gagatiga

    Jheron Gagatiga

    17 giorni fa

    When I saw the trailer before it was aired, I know it's gonna be sjw's and full of cringe low budget series. 😅

  89. Rodan


    18 giorni fa

    Arrow lost its awesomeness after Prometheus The Flash started to suck after Bloodshot. Just my opinion.

    • paulo joão

      paulo joão

      12 giorni fa

      He died and the series together in the fight against Ra's al ghul.

  90. Horatio Creates

    Horatio Creates

    19 giorni fa

    “Morgan freeman cried because he saw the ratings of season 1” LMFAOOO

  91. Ashish Bhatt

    Ashish Bhatt

    19 giorni fa

    Ruby rose was tall and athelatic..atleast she looked like she could fight

  92. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt

    20 giorni fa

    ROTTENTOMATOES gave this shite 88% for the critic score. Audience score was 18% I always heard rotten tomatoes was a shite website to get a legitimate review. Now I believe it.

  93. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt

    20 giorni fa

    CW cat woman 👎

  94. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt

    20 giorni fa

    Now, a black woman. When that gets old whats next? A transgender Bat-they-them or whatever they fuxk they talk like.

  95. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt

    20 giorni fa

    I like her hairstyle. Said no one.

  96. Kewlbeanse


    20 giorni fa

    We could’ve had canaries but we get more batwoman.

    • Ghostyweirdo


      10 giorni fa

      That's because Batwoman is gay. If Black Canary was gay THEN she would've gotten her own show. I'd prefer not to give these people any ideas though. I'd hate to see them change her sexuality for the sake of "representation".

  97. Simple Iowan

    Simple Iowan

    20 giorni fa

    When ur so woke it looks like you’re eyes are held open with duct tape.

  98. Eric Woody

    Eric Woody

    20 giorni fa

    Looks like one of Roger Corman's Sci fi shows from the 1990s......splashed with some gay pride and female egomaniacal man shaming. DC should stick to animation.....theyre better at that than live action movies and shows. And they're surprised DC can't keep up with the MCU.

    • Eric Woody

      Eric Woody

      12 giorni fa

      @paulo joão true....which is why i don't watch either after Avengers Endgame. Stopped watching pro sports too.....a long time ago. Pay people millions of dollars to play with their balls and pucks doesn't make sense to me.

    • paulo joão

      paulo joão

      12 giorni fa

      DC series are as bad as Marvel films. Both loaded with Left agenda.

  99. the_other_guy 2134

    the_other_guy 2134

    21 giorno fa

    I might watch this just to laugh

  100. Miles Macy

    Miles Macy

    21 giorno fa

    You know they removed the batwoman chair at the hall of justice for sure. Kate helped saved the multiverse. This chick cant save a cw show

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