Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney

The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    6 giorni fa

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    • Johnny Feralcat

      Johnny Feralcat

      3 giorni fa

      @The Critical Drinker. Tell me, did you act like you did in the video when kill Bill came out? How dare a female main character do bad things, lol. You are just as much as a sjw as the leftist sjws

    • Isekai NPC

      Isekai NPC

      3 giorni fa

      Disney raped StarWars. What more do we need to know that Disney has turned from Gold to Turd?

    • Edward Hewitt

      Edward Hewitt

      3 giorni fa

      @Hoa Nguyen I don't think that's true. From my experience, most people don't care about things like "politics" "feelings" or "logic" in something. Most of the time, people like something if they find it enjoyable or entertaining. And some of the things that people like don't have much logic in them, but they still enjoy them because they find them entertaining. You don't need to bring politics into everything, because this is actually not considered by the majority of people when they choose their entertainment. Which has always been the case. And will always be the case no matter what you or anyone else says. Whenever someone mentions "wokeness", all it shows is their detachment to reality and the world.

    • Kristopher B

      Kristopher B

      4 giorni fa

      Not a fan of a lot of the live action disney but do want to point out disney classics were already not original ideas

    • Aryaman Mehrotra

      Aryaman Mehrotra

      4 giorni fa

      Everything you said In the video is true. But, MCU and Star Wars is why Disney+ works and MCU fans and man child’s will never leave Disney.

  2. Samuel Gomes

    Samuel Gomes

    45 minuti fa

    She has nothing to do with cruella!! She looks messy and lazy!! Cruella is rich, fancy and classy! Sorry but the characterization has nothing to do with cruella

  3. Szymon Sobczak

    Szymon Sobczak

    52 minuti fa

    think this has the potential to be a glorious backfire not only in the box office but in the ideological warfare as well. Wait till the brainlets on the left put 2 and 2 together and realize the hero of the movie is someone who not only doesn't "wuv animols uwu" but goes out of her way to hurt them lol. Woman good. Hurting animals bad. Disney degenerates going to be having aneurysms left and right lol.

  4. Szymon Sobczak

    Szymon Sobczak

    57 minuti fa

    it's so weird. 10 years ago I'd never thought there will be a time when someone can say "hey, remember when Disney was a thing?"

  5. constantly confused

    constantly confused

    Ora fa

    As much as I love redemption arches, some villians should just stay villians. Even if you wanted to make her sympathetic or something, it seems like this movie is rooting for her or trying to justify her actions. This lady literally skinned puppies! Like, you can have a sympathetic villian and give them a tragic backstory, but you have to keep clear, they're still evil and you aren't rooting for them to succeed. But Disney doesn't care about good storytelling anymore 🙄

    • constantly confused

      constantly confused

      4 minuti fa

      I mean look at Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda. Tragic past, sad childhood, sympathetic story yet a completely vile, irredeemable villian. One who went too far and no one was rooting for, even with the knowledge of his past. Not once was DreamWorks like, "Root for him literally committing genocide, he's tragic!" Idk what makes Disney think that sort of thing is good storytelling.

  6. Lucas Gagliardi

    Lucas Gagliardi

    Ora fa

    You forgot to mention how Disney already milked this story out by making an origin story for Cruella in "Once Upon a Time". Oddly enough, it was adark and disruptive origin story, much more than this cringe-worthy movie will be.

  7. Sha'ul


    Ora fa

    They made a villainous, cruel, petty, greedy, animal abuser and hater, demented woman the protagonist of a feminist flavored movie. It's like they're actually admitting it.

  8. user89076


    Ora fa

    So, I agree with a lot of the video. But why does the guy narrating the vid sound constipated?

  9. Geoff English

    Geoff English

    Ora fa

    Even if you can develop a nuanced back story to a famous villain, doesn't mean you have to make the audience sympathetic to them. The best villain is the one whose motivations make sense, but whose actions are still unjustified and evil.

  10. Michael Karell Sevua

    Michael Karell Sevua

    Ora fa

    Emma Stone and Margot Robbie look kinda similar

  11. CurseCuelebre


    2 ore fa

    Tbh I love Maleficent I think Disney did a good job doing a whole new story with her, including the second one, I don't know personally Maleficent is the only good if not decent live-action spin-off.

  12. Love Bumps

    Love Bumps

    2 ore fa

    Ok, hold on, hold on...i really would wear these outfits though and so would so many people I know sksksk

  13. Luis Valdes

    Luis Valdes

    2 ore fa

    PG Joker

  14. Khushi Chaudhary

    Khushi Chaudhary

    2 ore fa

    "Cruella" could have been written well because, in the 1950's book, the 1961's animated version, and the 1996 live-action version, She has been portrayed as a strong businesswoman who is career-oriented, older, with no children, (married in the book but makes her husband keep her last name to preserve her family name) who is seen as a villain. If you were to take out the fact that she wants to skin puppies, she would be just a successful fashionista. This would honestly break down the "Girly Girl" and "Boss Girl" stereotypes IF IT WAS WRITTEN WELL. Not this Harley Quinn rip off lmao.

  15. skoopty wooop

    skoopty wooop

    3 ore fa

    You know what really sucks about birds of prey? The fight choreography was designed to make sense for women to fight. They did thing's like use full weight to break bones in order to make combat convincing and they tried alright. But also they fucked up black mask because in the script he was gay and he wanted his nudes back; because he's a mob boss and would lose respect, so he tries to kill the birds. BUT in the movie they got rid of it because the studio doesn't like "gay villian" so we got what we did. It's not even what it was supposed to be to begin with. Also Harley Quinn isn't Jack sparrow and they should've written her differently.

  16. jaydah Jay

    jaydah Jay

    3 ore fa

    I don’t know how I feel about this movie coming out 🤔

  17. skoopty wooop

    skoopty wooop

    4 ore fa

    the woman has a penchant for skinning puppies to wear them. SO yeah review a serbian film please.

  18. Ricky Rackey

    Ricky Rackey

    5 ore fa

    The Virgin Disney vs. The Chad Drinker

  19. Anubis C. Soundwave

    Anubis C. Soundwave

    6 ore fa

    This doesn't make any sense. You could argue for Maleficent. In Sleeping Beauty--an adaption of the fairy tale of the same name--Maleficent is a fairy. Fairies can be petty and cruel--consider the Enchantress in Beauty and the Beast, for example. B/c Maleficent wasn't invited to Aurora's christening (a nod to the original folk tale where the "thirteenth fairy" was also snubbed), Maleficent hit her w/a curse. In Maleficent's live-action remake/perspective flip movie, her motive becomes revenge for having her wings ripped off by Aurora's dad. Aside from shitting on Fauna, Flora, & Merryweather, the story wasn't ruined too much. But Cruella brings *nothing* to the table that makes her deserve the Elphaba treatment.

  20. TheElaelo


    6 ore fa

    I haven't really seen anything that suggests they are trying to give her a tragic backstory or make her sympathetic

  21. Damian Wootten

    Damian Wootten

    6 ore fa

    She is like 97% different from the original Cruella that they might as well make a new character. I guess they’re afraid of a character not being able to stand on their own two legs that they have to grab the name from another one of their movies. Like I never got the heist mastermind from the original. I got the unconventional fashion artist instead. This whole new spin on the character creates more questions than answers for the storyline. You know this movie is going to be a flop and I’m going to love making fun of it for a while until Disney can pull their own head out of their ass in the future.

  22. Big Shlong

    Big Shlong

    6 ore fa

    I’ve think thinking about this ever since the first remake came out. If they make a Hercules remake I’m not gonna be very happy

  23. Motl Klein

    Motl Klein

    7 ore fa

    I'm certain it will be this generation's Paradise Lost.

  24. Ed G

    Ed G

    7 ore fa

    Please do a review of the Superman and Lois Pilot, it premiered this week on the CW. Thanks.

  25. Mihai Alexandru

    Mihai Alexandru

    8 ore fa

    Disney's Hitler: The Art School days, coming 2022 on Disney+

    • Alex P.D

      Alex P.D

      3 ore fa

      Don't give them ideas ... 😂😂😂😂

  26. kaunas888


    8 ore fa

    All of these prominent destructively neurotic anti-heroines with a heavy undertone of feminist "empowerment" seem to me to be a confession/ projection of the fantasies and mental state of the female writers and producers who create these movies.

  27. Stefan Langenhoven

    Stefan Langenhoven

    8 ore fa

    You realize the movie Joker was a thing right? But I guess because feminism is wedged in we have to make a rant about it

  28. Stefan Langenhoven

    Stefan Langenhoven

    8 ore fa

    The irony is that this is a grown ass man crying about a movie about puppies

  29. Patricio


    9 ore fa

    The laugh after "hear me roar" was perfectly timed. How many of us laughed just at that very same time?

  30. Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    9 ore fa

    looks more like a joker movie to me

  31. Zimri-Lim


    9 ore fa

    Yeah that movie would be "Raging Bullshit".

  32. Yung_wise


    9 ore fa

    She goes against what her character literally is in the original movies. Shes literally all for establishment and money. Her whole reason she hates the family with Dalmations is because they wont just do what she says and take her money... also how am I supposed to feel about the family?

  33. Kantstenchon themel

    Kantstenchon themel

    9 ore fa

    In the 70s I didn't have a pocket calculator but my sister did have dress that could be set on fire...unfortunately you had to throw a jug of water to put it out (and it left her a few scars)

  34. Jessica Luna

    Jessica Luna

    10 ore fa

    Damn it, Drinker, must you always be so right? Is that a compliment to your insight or a comment on how borked the entertainment world is?

  35. Declan Kearns

    Declan Kearns

    10 ore fa

    I would rather watch the 101 Dalmatians remake from 1996 with Glenn Close.

  36. Austin Reed

    Austin Reed

    10 ore fa

    But Raya and the Last Dragon! And Encanto, Luca, etc?

  37. Ant Pho

    Ant Pho

    11 ore fa

    Only Disney can fire strong actresses and delete characters that are actually good characters and re-up an old old story and make it even more sick. Disney is brainwash.

  38. Poleaxed


    11 ore fa

    Anyone let Peta know Disney is trying to make animal cruelty acceptable?

    • LegendaryMarston


      10 ore fa

      @Poleaxed Ikr? That and insulting Steve Irwin on his anniversary after his death has made me hate them.

    • Poleaxed


      10 ore fa

      @LegendaryMarston I knew they were a pretty obnoxious bunch but I didn't know that. So much for being animal lovers.

    • LegendaryMarston


      11 ore fa

      Peta has actually killed dogs that were already owned.

  39. James Goodman

    James Goodman

    11 ore fa

    I can't wait for Disney to acquire the rights to Lord of the Rings, reboot it and portray Sauron as a misunderstood anti-hero, Mordor as the victim of Gondor's aggression and Orcs as victims of racism "fighting the unfair system" imposed on them by "privileged" Elves, Humans and Hobbits. //sarcasm off

  40. Elite Gamer

    Elite Gamer

    12 ore fa

    just trying to make a woman look good

  41. Archlord V

    Archlord V

    12 ore fa

    1.) "Empowering" a character who wanted to abduct, murder, skin, and wear puppies as a coat. 2.) Not casting Helena Bonham Carter. 3.) Glenn Close is as good a live-action Cruella as we'll ever get. 4.) "I was born brilliant." Dalmatian's are arguably one of the dumber breeds of dogs...and you were outsmarted by pups.

    • Mish375 S

      Mish375 S

      Ora fa

      Dalmatians are working dogs and are by no means unintelligent. Thst being said, there's no way you can make Ctuella misunderstood when she wants to kill innocent puppies for fur.

  42. Jon Paul

    Jon Paul

    13 ore fa

    Remember, Disney is a racist company 😂😂😂 just watch their old materials. This company has been problematic since the beginning.

  43. Lankycide


    14 ore fa

    There's a name for that, what Disney is doing, being completely incapable of learning. Not from one's mistakes or anything like that, I mean learning as a fundamental human ability. I can just imagine the Disney employees in the background, terrified for their jobs, wondering when they can go back to just wanting to make children happy.

  44. Dinna Henna

    Dinna Henna

    14 ore fa

    The list at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Marc Espinoza

    Marc Espinoza

    15 ore fa

    It's kinda like the Tim Burton Batman movies in terms of time setting. I mean, when the hell were those movies set?

  46. CineJay


    16 ore fa

    Did you slow down Leeloo's laugh from The Fifth Element and put it here? 4:36

  47. justinrill


    16 ore fa

    "bullying conservative employees"?

  48. o src

    o src

    17 ore fa

    Uhh little more diverse than the 70s. Who would want us to think it was like that all the time?

  49. Stella


    17 ore fa

    well said!!!! and they got emma stone ! the character doesnt suit her at all that would be her worst part as an actress

  50. zerothehero123


    17 ore fa

    The globalists are doing this on purpose. The left vs right divide is a false dichotomy. They want you to hate disney and the leftist agenda. The other side is their controlled opposition. It's all about social engineering the population to accept the new world order. The leftist side is scripted to lose, so the moment that you feel that the "satanic" agenda has won, it will all "magically" turn around.

  51. Punkster


    18 ore fa

    Disney will be needing Batman to help them get rid of this bomb.

  52. David Berghorn

    David Berghorn

    18 ore fa

    I agree 100%. Your accent is badass too!

  53. zenxten


    18 ore fa

    You need to watch and review “I Care a Lot” on Netflix as soon as possible and save as many people as you can from the cruel fate of watching it.

  54. SevOneSev7en


    19 ore fa

    I thought they'd stop all of these remakes once they realized that none of the newer films are better than the originals.

  55. deeku stick

    deeku stick

    19 ore fa


    • Punkster


      17 ore fa

      You're bigoted, is my guess.

  56. Lysan *

    Lysan *

    19 ore fa

    I like Malificent and since she was a witch you could understand making up a backstory because witches aren’t real and to explain why was evil. Cruella is a human that made it clear she only cared about superficial things and was willing to kill animals for fashion. No backstory needed, it’s all in the original story.

  57. S Cho

    S Cho

    20 ore fa

  58. jamoecw


    20 ore fa

    i think they do have new ideas, only they know they are shit and so are trying to mix them with nostalgia in order to make them sellable. they won't drop the ideas due to political bias of their industry and the little backroom bullshit that has blockbusters making no money officially while the companies make money hand over fist, or actors and actresses making middling amounts of money for a few short years yet living very comfortable lives.

  59. Alukard TheDeathknight

    Alukard TheDeathknight

    20 ore fa

    Don't remind Disney they still have one more cartoon to turn live action "The Sword in the stone" 🙄 man i love this lil beauty cartoon

  60. david


    20 ore fa

    But, but, ma feminism

  61. Lorenzo Riley

    Lorenzo Riley

    21 ora fa

    Do a review of The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke!

  62. Elle Aarons

    Elle Aarons

    22 ore fa

    When I was a kid on the Disney cruise, I remember watching a video as they decided who was the worst Disney villain. It was Cruella. " she wanted to skin puppies and make it into a coat it doesn't get more evil than that," followed by scar and Ursula

  63. Nox Lupa

    Nox Lupa

    22 ore fa

    Cruel + puella (Latin for girl) + devil = cruel girl devil Well that just screams unrecognized hero :D

  64. John Porteous

    John Porteous

    23 ore fa

    0:05-China? Oh fuck yes. China still whitewashes Mao "literally killed more people than Hitler" Zedong and has concentration camps. If America can go "fuck you" to its own crimes against humanity China gets three middle fingers of a "fuck you".

    • Punkster


      17 ore fa

      Whataboutism dumbarsery.

  65. candy jack

    candy jack

    23 ore fa

    It's so sad because Disney used to be the best movie studio ever, and now it is a "super edgy" college student. Kind of like that old friend you were best pals with in highschool.

  66. madisoned


    23 ore fa

    The movie turned into Hunger Games! My thought exactly!

  67. FrankieB


    23 ore fa

    We were all ok with the Joker being made out to be a sympathetic character. What makes this any different?

  68. Trinidad


    23 ore fa

    Interestingly enough the burning dress is possible to make with flash cotton or flash paper. Not sure how easy it would be to avoid affecting skin and the other clothing, or even how to make clothes out of it, but with enough time it's probably doable.

  69. Leigh Symons

    Leigh Symons

    Giorno fa

    YOU ARE WOMAN......hear me snore.

  70. lotusdragonjbh


    Giorno fa

    I'm thinking... This could have been a new propperty instead of another attempt to sympathic/antihero-efy another classic disney vilian. They could have just changed name of the main character and universe. Then refine it from there. But noooo. Live action remake. Sucks. The fashion in the trailer looked interesting.

  71. Craig Usselman

    Craig Usselman

    Giorno fa


  72. alana adornato

    alana adornato

    Giorno fa

    I love your videos but, I'm going to have to disagree with you at 4:07 because I can't stop thinking about Lady Gaga's meat dress which is honestly in my opinion, wayyyy more flamboyant.

  73. Unapologetic Vigilant

    Unapologetic Vigilant

    Giorno fa

    Wait until they release the live action little Mermaid lmao. "Triton oppressing Ariel " Jesus fuck Disney company stupid and retarded.

  74. bee


    Giorno fa

    gaslight gatekeep girlboss but no actually if they wanna expand off of a villain, why not Ursula? she has potential

  75. Your Best Friend

    Your Best Friend

    Giorno fa

    Again, the answer is incredibly simple. Instead of remaking/rebooting/re-whateverthefucking old movies that ACTUALLY WORKED, why don't we take less popular/successful movies and give them a second try where they can actually improve upon the formula?

    • Punkster


      17 ore fa

      Yes, like Ocean's Eleven did.

  76. mary elizabeth huber

    mary elizabeth huber

    Giorno fa

    well as long as there are enough wine moms subscribed to Disney plus to babysit/indoctrinate their kids, this shit'll continue to spiral into the unimaginable

    • Snowy Rabbit of Inle

      Snowy Rabbit of Inle

      20 ore fa


  77. Storm Bolt

    Storm Bolt

    Giorno fa

    When I was a kid I wanted to watch The Lion King every day all day and wished I had multiple versions of it to watch. My cousins HATED the sequel and said it ruined the first. In the 90's mind you. As I aged I slowly grew out of wanting this but why do we forget Disney is a company for kids? Kids ADORE watching the same thing over and over and over and often want to see the same crap just from a different angle or with new words. It's not a lazy cash grab, it's a genius strategy that adults have forgotten we used to beg for. Ask any parent who's sick of watching a movie for the 100th time, this is exactly what kids want. Weird that people my age have completely forgotten this and are turning into old snobs like our parents. Can't kids have anything without old folks complaining because it doesn't amuse them? Go play golf or something, quit judging kids media.

    • Punkster


      17 ore fa

      @Snowy Rabbit of Inle I second this.

    • Snowy Rabbit of Inle

      Snowy Rabbit of Inle

      20 ore fa

      Just because something is for kids, doesn't mean it's immune to criticism. Good god, WHY are people STILL using this as an excuse?! The older Disney were amazing and one of the reasons why is because they were made with EVERYONE in mind, not JUST kids. If we used the "It'S jUsT fOr KiDs" excuse back in the day and didn't bother to care about the quality, we wouldn't have the older Disney movies and other great classics like Spirit, Balto, Watership Down, Fantastic Mr. Fox, etc. You people hiding behind the kids excuse instead of acknowledging the terrible quality of modern movies is the reason why we get movies like The Emoji Movie, Despicable Me/Minions, The Last Jedi, Bayformers and of course, the Disney live action remakes. These remakes are purely lazy corporate products that exist solely to cash in on movies that were perfect the way they were and didn't need remakes to begin with. And to ignore the problems by saying it's just for kids is only adding to the problem. The more people keep using kids as a way to defend terrible media, the more we're gonna get trash like this. As C.S. Lewis said it best, "A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest."

  78. Mauricio_Ibieta


    Giorno fa

    I think they're trying to rip off Birds of Prey and Joker and the same time.

  79. Minako Hiashi

    Minako Hiashi

    Giorno fa

    Is this based on the book Evil Thing? I finished the first chapter but that's 40 pages. Out of 340 something. This is when i remember books take a long time

  80. Christian E. Y.

    Christian E. Y.

    Giorno fa

    Wait, wait! WHEN did Disney ever come up with fresh and original material? Everything good I can remember from them is based on old tales someone else wrote! What do you mean "why can't they come up with new stuff again?"? WHEN did they EVER come up with their own good stuff?

  81. Neutral Tired

    Neutral Tired

    Giorno fa

    So Disney wants us to sympathise with a woman who's only goal for 3 movies (if you count the animated and live action versions of the 1dot movie as seperate) was to SKIN AND WEAR PUPPIES Yeah, no

  82. Rusty Kinks

    Rusty Kinks

    Giorno fa

    Disney's endorsing an exotic fur trading, puppy skinning freak...let that sink in.🤢🤮

  83. WineNot


    Giorno fa

    Disney will probably pull a Comcast Cable and rebrand

  84. WineNot


    Giorno fa

    What I hate about Joker is we don't get a "descent into madness" we meet a guy who's already plenty kinds of fucked up who finally stands up for himself, it could have and should have been much more.

  85. WineNot


    Giorno fa

    1 second of animation from the original is better than anything that came after

  86. WineNot


    Giorno fa

    The one thing I'm curious about is what kind of Disney magic are they going to use to turn a woman known primarily for wanting to skin dogs into a hero?

  87. Ronald Sborz

    Ronald Sborz

    Giorno fa

    Can't you see she is the real victim? Jesus! I'm triggered.

  88. Gina


    Giorno fa

    And in the end John Wick appears, beats Cruella's ass and saves the day

  89. Gina


    Giorno fa

    Istg if the big reveal is that Cruella turned bad because of her abusive boyfriend who had a really mean dog or something so now she hates both men and dogs I'm gonna fucking lose it

  90. MrSoiSauce


    Giorno fa

    This isn't ever going 2 change tho, cuz we got a lot of Disney cock suckers who will follow them no matter wut. O, and they also have Marvel, Star Wars, Nat Geo, Pixar, and now 20th Century Fox, which r also companies that have a lot more fame than they deserve

  91. Lenira Oliveira

    Lenira Oliveira

    Giorno fa

    Just found this channel. This guy really milks whats trending. Shameless!

  92. Kevin Strade

    Kevin Strade

    Giorno fa

    God, I love this guy!!!!

  93. Joseph Papp

    Joseph Papp

    Giorno fa

    You know. They'd make a lot more money if they just had Emma Stone swim at the beach in a thong between oik rubdown from her college girlfriends. This is just ideological balderdash.

  94. LightingbladeShen


    Giorno fa

    can't wait for disney to spin 'rapey Frollo the woman beater' into a hero Oh wait

  95. DanGoodShot pewpew

    DanGoodShot pewpew

    Giorno fa

    I don't think Disney's focus right is on pumping out cheap and easy money makers. I don't think they care about the money at all. I think it's about rewriting history and changing peoples perceptions.

  96. Mark Nelson5

    Mark Nelson5

    Giorno fa

    Is this the female joker movie I've been hearing about?

  97. Bram Vivier

    Bram Vivier

    Giorno fa

    Can’t wait for the Ursula movie later this year!

  98. sky okimoto

    sky okimoto

    Giorno fa

    I argue that Disney was ALWAYS rehashing old stories and characters in their movies. Most of the classic animated movies were tales as old as time that Disney revamped. What it did well was gather the artistic talents in animation and music to make those stories shine like never before.

  99. Justin Bumpus-Barnett

    Justin Bumpus-Barnett

    Giorno fa

    Cruella is gonna join Zemo's Masters of Evil, and Bucky and Falcon are gonna have to Recruit Pongo to take them down.

  100. Bill392


    Giorno fa

    Pretty sure Disney ran out of ideas over 25 years ago. Their capacity for inventing original characters dwindled to zero years ago. Nothing shocks me anymore except how people keep paying money to watch utter crap, crap that just keeps getting worse by the minute. When Luke tossed his lightsaber away, I literally walked out of the theatre and haven't watched anything from Disney since. I have looked at some trailers and reviews of various movies that came out since and you know what? I haven't missed anything. When I saw the trailer for Cruella, my cement just got harder.

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