Drinker's Christmas Crackers - Die Hard

Tis the season of drinking and movie watching. And with that in mind, its time to share some of my favourite Christmas movies of all time - starting with the all-time action movie classic Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    2 mesi fa

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    • OG MammacitaBear

      OG MammacitaBear

      2 mesi fa

      Why a gun when you are off duty? Because criminals are always on the clock. LA has crime also. What? He should trust a baggage handler won’t take it from his bag? It’s safest on his person. It was pre9/11 it was a different time

    • Squash-Match Sasquatch

      Squash-Match Sasquatch

      2 mesi fa

      A Christmas classic that has been in my holiday movie rotation for years, great stuff! Please consider 'Gremlins' for your next seasonal installment 🎄🥃👍🏻

    • ÆON VOX

      ÆON VOX

      2 mesi fa

      Scrooged is another highly under rated Christmas classic I watch every year, Bad Santa is fun to.

    • LamiNalchor


      2 mesi fa

      Out of shape? Maybe you go more often for a run than he did. May gues is that he was more muscular, though.

    • Learning Electronics Cheaply

      Learning Electronics Cheaply

      2 mesi fa

      If you like movies like this and Alan Rickman, I highly recommend another Rickman movie also starring Tom Selick called "Quigley Down Under" . Any movie Rickman played a bad guy in, he always does a awesome job. He is missed greatly. R.I.P. Rickman.

  2. Christopher leishma

    Christopher leishma

    2 giorni fa

    Amazing ..👍

  3. James Corder Jr

    James Corder Jr

    3 giorni fa

    Arguably one of the best movies ever made period, not just action

  4. Bryan McHugh

    Bryan McHugh

    3 giorni fa

    Rickman=English Clint Eastwood. Rest in peace.

  5. LandseerNorth


    4 giorni fa

    And, "The Rock". Thanks again. Murph

  6. LandseerNorth


    4 giorni fa

    I love your work. Please review "The Magnificent Seven". My favorite western of all times. Also "Big Jake". Thanks.

  7. Hudson Handel

    Hudson Handel

    11 giorni fa

    Drinker, you rakish lothario of the silver screen! You’re an inspiring presence on the internet and as such have lead me into a debauched life pursuing writing. Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

  8. P T

    P T

    15 giorni fa

    As a 30 year old, all the 80's and 90's movies I grew up with, even the mediocre Arnie ones like True Lies and the generic forgettable ones are all miles better than the crap we are spoonfed these days. Rest in peace, Alan Rickman! I always watch this movie on Christmas Eve as a tribute, and what an amazing movie it is!



    17 giorni fa

    Bruce Willis is not slightly out of shape,thats how a natural body looks,especially at that age,and he still looks ripped.

  10. Troy Shahan

    Troy Shahan

    18 giorni fa

    Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Predator makes a great thanksgiving movie tradition as well.

  11. david ludwig

    david ludwig

    19 giorni fa

    Everytime I watch your recommendations, I have to immediately watch the movie afterwards. I love being reminded of the great classics.

  12. Googan McBoogie

    Googan McBoogie

    21 giorno fa

    Paul Blart in Mall Hard.

  13. Rob Ferguson

    Rob Ferguson

    23 giorni fa

    Superb action thriller, but it’s not a Xmas film, and never will be 😜

  14. Kristopher R

    Kristopher R

    24 giorni fa

    Truly one of the finest films ever to hit celluloid. A classic if there ever was one.

  15. Miguel Reyes

    Miguel Reyes

    25 giorni fa

    Apparently back then cops were allowed to carry around their service weapon... Of course now cops can't even carry mace lest someone accuse them of being "systemically racist", of course, AFTER the criminal has shot at aforementioned cop with a fucking stinger missile...

  16. GuanJun 1

    GuanJun 1

    27 giorni fa

    You know, after the memories this review stoked up, you really have to ask the question: what the hell HAS happened to Hollywood? Where did it all go wrong? Why does almost every action movie feel wooden and lifeless these days? Why can't they write good, memorable characters anymore? Mostly, I've forgotten the movie the moment the credits roll now. Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but really...

  17. Alpha Cat

    Alpha Cat

    Mese fa

    Best Christmas movie ever.

  18. Dazgul


    Mese fa

    I think the only slightly uneccesary element is the return of Karl after being hung. He comes back just in time to be shot by Al. A minor issue in an amazing film. It becomes even more minor in comparison to today's bullshit ridden offerings.

  19. David Goodfellow

    David Goodfellow

    Mese fa

    Astute analysis of my favourite movie! Thank you, Drinker, thank you.

  20. Don Meyer

    Don Meyer

    Mese fa

    DIE HARD is the Best Christmas movie ever. CASE CLOSED.

  21. TheMysteriousMan


    Mese fa

    Don’t fuck with Air Force one that movie was dope

  22. IamLemonz 115

    IamLemonz 115

    Mese fa

    You’re carrying because this is America

  23. Bobby Situkangpoles

    Bobby Situkangpoles

    Mese fa

    I missed this one, but funny thing is I did ended up rewatching Die Hard during the lockdown infested Christmas Eve. The movie did made my Christmas Eve feel christmas-y. Oh and, Alan Rickman is definitely one of the best action movie villain ever!

  24. abktiliam abktiliame

    abktiliam abktiliame

    Mese fa

    RIP Grand pa

  25. Nerdy Geezer

    Nerdy Geezer

    Mese fa

    Couldn't agree more

  26. M Nunez

    M Nunez

    Mese fa

    "Gruber gets bored & DROPS out of the movie" Critical Drinker you slick bastard! I saw what you did there.

  27. the convict diaries

    the convict diaries

    Mese fa


  28. Reverend TOS

    Reverend TOS

    Mese fa

    Absolutely one of the greatest action movies ever made. For me, not quite perfect though. The wayyy over-the-top and cartoonish cops and FBI guys always have me rolling my eyes a bit to this day. It's such a huge shift in tone from the harsh believability of the rest of the film that it always takes me out of the illusion for a minute. Surely a relatively minor complaint considering how great the rest of the movie is, but it still bugs me a bit and keeps it from getting a full 10 from me. Still a 9 though \m/

    • Husky Fan in Mass

      Husky Fan in Mass

      21 giorno fa

      There are incompetent police, so I could understand foolish police captain, but there seemed to be some type of anti-FBI tone that the movie didn't really explain.

  29. SheldonAdama17


    Mese fa

    “Hans Gruber gets bored and drops out” 😂😂😂

  30. Colin Klang

    Colin Klang

    Mese fa

    Until gruber gets bored and decided to drop out. Lmao 🤣 Die hard is absolutely one of the best movies ever made

  31. New2Kendo


    Mese fa

    Allot of Police Departments require Police to carry off duty

  32. Florian Laur

    Florian Laur

    Mese fa

    The Drinker should do Moonlighting. Bruce was never better in my opinion than during his Moonlighting period. He was witty, he was smart and John McClane is basically David Adison with a gun. He also improvised a lot of lines like he did on Moonlighting.

  33. Rob


    Mese fa

    John Mctiernan probably had Holly use her maiden name so Hans wouldn't find out her and Ole Blue Eyes were married

  34. Hayden Lane

    Hayden Lane

    Mese fa

    My favorite part will always be the henchman exchanging money in the background like they had a bet on if Holly’s boss would crack or if they’d kill him

  35. Thomas P

    Thomas P

    Mese fa

    Always like to think that Karl is the same character from Money Pit who turned to crime after a nervous breakdown from the pressures of symphony

  36. daviyo5


    Mese fa

    the most hilarious thing is that in one of my country's TV channels they actually shown die hard 1-2 and 3 during the 24-25 and 26 and called it "Die Hard Christmas"

  37. Stephen Rondinelli

    Stephen Rondinelli

    Mese fa

    Tho 3 was pretty good the rest of the 12 sequels are just terrible?!

  38. Oliver H

    Oliver H

    Mese fa

    Ah the movie who taught me that marlboro was cool

  39. Yetti


    Mese fa

    sweet movie, hippy kia

  40. Carlos Iván Sánchez

    Carlos Iván Sánchez

    Mese fa

    I love the 80s movies too. All novelties are shit

  41. kevin buja

    kevin buja

    Mese fa

    Rickman, Paul Gleason, James Shigeta, and Goddunov are all dead; with the exception of Shigeta, all before their time.

    • Husky Fan in Mass

      Husky Fan in Mass

      21 giorno fa

      Roy Rogers is gone too, Yippee Ki Yay.

  42. RachelPops


    Mese fa

    Right now feeling like we are living this movie. Trump is Mcclean and most of the Democrats are Gruber and his henchman. Most Americans and viewing audience are like the cops and tv viewers only knowing close to nothing but seeing the crazy s***storm of explosions.

  43. RLP1989


    Mese fa

    this and the second one - two of my favourites

  44. Mcheetah


    Mese fa

    I once caught a Pidgey in Pokemon Platinum and named him "HansGruber."

  45. Master _E

    Master _E

    Mese fa

    I watched this on Christmas day alone with no recommendation.



    Mese fa

    Brilliant!!! Spot on and as entertaining as THE MOVIE itself!! THANK YOU

  47. Mike Fu

    Mike Fu

    Mese fa

    The craziest part...Bruce Willis was NOT an action star at the time!!! He was a fucking comedian, and literally the LAST guy on the list!(and got laughed at for taking this role).... Perhaps that's what made it so good....just throwing someone weird into an action movie, made it very Real and good.

  48. Minotaur1776


    Mese fa

    If it was 2020, the building would be owned by the CCP.

  49. Kellee Hicks

    Kellee Hicks

    Mese fa

    He's American... That's why he carries his gun everywhere. 🇺🇸

  50. Kevin J

    Kevin J

    Mese fa

    Dude, stop thinking everything I think! Well done sir

  51. Chris Eash

    Chris Eash

    Mese fa

    One of the things I noticed in the movie, was how you believed why Holly and John McClane would have gotten married in the first place in scenes where they weren't together. You could tell that they both saw how the other was intelligent.

  52. Alicia Arden

    Alicia Arden

    Mese fa

    I watch the movie only to see sheriff of Nottingham, Colonel Brandon, and professor Snape perform.

  53. J Ep

    J Ep

    Mese fa

    Why did they keep so much money in a vault? What happened to banks.

    • Husky Fan in Mass

      Husky Fan in Mass

      21 giorno fa

      Maybe because of the Bearer Bonds.

  54. Joel Joseph

    Joel Joseph

    Mese fa

    No two ways about it, Die Hard along with Predator, Ghostbusters and a couple others, are the quintessential 80's action movies which despite their flaws (already covered on channels like Cinema Sins or How It Should Have Ended) are classics in their own right that have outshone all the sequels and rehashed rip-offs from the 90's and one remake from 2016 which will remain nameless. I've watched each of those movies a half dozen times already and even memorized the whole script at one point. Thanks to ITput, I can watch clips of my favorite parts on demand.

  55. Jevon Dismuke

    Jevon Dismuke

    Mese fa

    Rybecks' ON that TRAIN!!!?

  56. Todd korson

    Todd korson

    Mese fa

    Brother, Love your stuff, but if your a cop, you take your gun. AT least in the US you do.

  57. Raif Nation

    Raif Nation

    Mese fa

    Just for clarity, it’s not an elevator shaft. It’s the buildings air conditioning system.

  58. The PDX Skeptic - Never Stop Learning

    The PDX Skeptic - Never Stop Learning

    Mese fa

    Absolutely agree with everything you said! The era this movie was made in wasn't weighed down by agendas and political dogma like so many movies today! An era where writers wrote to entertain not push current events further down the collective throat! I fully believe current movie writers could achieve the same, if they wrote the film themselves and didn't cave to the loudest voice in the room!

  59. Richard Hunter

    Richard Hunter

    Mese fa

    I felt like I was the only person who remembered Bruce Willis from Moonlighting.

  60. Aaron Gonzales

    Aaron Gonzales

    Mese fa

    I don't know why but every time that guy says "Hans booby. I'm your white knight" shit makes me laugh so hard

  61. Money Over Everything

    Money Over Everything

    Mese fa

    One of the best movies EVER.

  62. Orlando


    Mese fa

    I looked up the writers for this movie and they've done some howlers. This would have to be their best film.

  63. Stuart Higginbottom

    Stuart Higginbottom

    Mese fa

    Been in the Falklands a while catching up on the vids, for me it's the pure profanity he shouts at Karl while he's putting the beat down, like a real man would, which compounds how good this film is.

  64. beardedshadow


    Mese fa

    Just watched it again a couple of weeks ago. It's a masterpiece. There were so many times where I was laughing almost hysterically, especially the whole 'throw the C4 down the shaft' extended scene. "They're using artillery on us!" lol. Or the lunatic from the FBI: "Just like fucking Saigon!"

  65. Willy Wonkas Creepy smile Wonka

    Willy Wonkas Creepy smile Wonka

    Mese fa

    Hans Gruber is a fantastic villain but he ain't no Jeremy irons as Simon Gruber

  66. Kyle


    Mese fa

    I wouldn't say John McClane is slightly out of shape, its actually quite fit. He's just no jacked like a freak

  67. dscharlesworth1


    Mese fa

    We're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess.

  68. J G

    J G

    Mese fa

    2:09! Fuck yeah!

  69. google must_die

    google must_die

    Mese fa

    Die Hard is great. It’s just not a Christmas movie.

  70. Draconic Duelist

    Draconic Duelist

    Mese fa

    Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are my favorite Christmas Movies!

  71. Sky long Skylong

    Sky long Skylong

    Mese fa

    Could you imagine the head of the Met Police doing this in the U.K. When one of her deputies locked himself in his car than do his job.

  72. james McDonald

    james McDonald

    Mese fa

    Man I hated this film, because my father watched it every time he got his hands on TV and he stored it in 120 different qualities and languages 🤣😛 But your narration of it made me understand now, why so much appreciation, thanks!

  73. BeatchBall


    Mese fa

    Has anybody ever noticed that the first Lethal Weapon movie also took place in the Christmas season, but nobody seems to mention it? If Die Hard can be number 1, Lethal Weapon should at least be a contender.

  74. T.G.E


    Mese fa

    Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are my go to holiday movies.

  75. platinum1111


    Mese fa

    Agree completely

  76. ambientoccluser


    Mese fa

    When you see what pile of maneuver is bruce willis, die hard franchise or any movie he's in lately.

    • Just Time

      Just Time

      Mese fa

      Fix your syntax you drunk.

  77. yataro okayama

    yataro okayama

    2 mesi fa

    1:53 oh come speed was a good one and most other were good enough movies

  78. Xander Underwood's

    Xander Underwood's

    2 mesi fa

    Merry Fucking Christmas, great fucking review, cheers

  79. Cecília Nagy

    Cecília Nagy

    2 mesi fa

    Asian Dawn..? - covers phone - I read about them in Time magazine

  80. Dinglebert Dongledang

    Dinglebert Dongledang

    2 mesi fa

    'Now I haff a machine gun....ho ho ho'

  81. Dave Robson

    Dave Robson

    2 mesi fa

    I don't think that Ellis was trying to " sell out" Mclane. I think he was trying to be the business suit hero, cranking out a deal that was ( at least by appearances) beneficial to all those involved. He was arrogant and utterly misread both Gruber and the situation, but I think he was at least trying to keep everyone alive.

    • Just Time

      Just Time

      Mese fa

      Tried to fly too close to the sun

  82. wamu lume

    wamu lume

    2 mesi fa

    hell yeah... Did you mention that Die Hard has a near perfect and almost iconic score? It really makes the action and suspense scenes much more captivating. Another thing I come across during descriptions by of McClane is that of a "cowboy cop" but in the first movie he is the exact opposite... he is remarkably competent, values human lives, is committed to his duty as a cop and tried HARD to inform the National Guard using their emergency channel and also the police patrolman whom both didnt believe his reports that the building has been taken by armed men. And even when law enforcement gathered outside the building he carried on CAREFULLY conducting recoinassance and trying to relay information and was only forced to engage the bad guys when it was to prevent the SWAT team from entering the building and walking into an ambush OR when he realised that Gruber would blow up the roofand kill all the hostages and cover his escape OR he is discovered or cornered by bad guys.. there was carefully thought out logical expalantions for his actions except when he would be ambushed or caught off guard. The one liners and cocky attitude were fun and probably a defence mechanism or something. I also can't stop gushing about THE FIRST Die Hard movie and just how amazing it is.. and yeah it is definetely counts as a CHRISTMAS MOVIE in my book.

  83. ben raddatz

    ben raddatz

    2 mesi fa

    They screened this at the cinema last week. Best movie ive seen at the cinema in years.

  84. T M

    T M

    2 mesi fa

    Also: Toy Soldiers (1991) - Die Hard at a school Passenger 57 (1992) - Die Hard on a plane High Risk (1995) - Die Hard in Hong Kong No Contest (1995) - Die Hard at a beauty contest Con Air (1997) - Die Hard on a plane again 3 Ninjas (1998) - Die Hard at a theme park White House Down (2013) - Die Hard in DC Olympus Has Fallen (2013) - Another Die Hard in DC

  85. NordicWarrior


    2 mesi fa

    Great movie, God Bless.

  86. Philip Taylor

    Philip Taylor

    2 mesi fa

    As this is the "is it a Xmas movie or not" film (obvs is) I'll suggest another... Filth (2013) if you haven't watched it yet Mr Drinker, I think you should before the end of the holidays... and would defo love to see your view on it. I love it, even though it got such mixed reviews when it came out; I, like you, make my own opinions on films..

  87. Ernani Savaris

    Ernani Savaris

    2 mesi fa

    "you don't have to carry everywhere you go" beg to digress

  88. Ernani Savaris

    Ernani Savaris

    2 mesi fa

    About the copycats, you forgot "Ice hockey arena"

  89. A Freeman

    A Freeman

    2 mesi fa

    The only problem I have with Die Hard is, McClane would have hid the detanotors as soon as he knew Hans wanted them. There was no reason to carry them on his person, after knowing Hans wanted them. Other than that excellent movie.

  90. Ivan Strydom

    Ivan Strydom

    2 mesi fa

    Snape, high af using guns and shit. Unrelated topic: Favorite Christmas film; Nightmare Before Christmas .

  91. Tomn8er


    2 mesi fa

    All valid points but come on, it's easy to pick apart this film. The sappy and emotional radio chats with his cop buddy while he's in a battle for his life don't really work. The complete incompetence of the police, especially at the start when they don't even take the terrorist threat seriously, is a little contrived and hard to believe. And the dumbest part of all is how the blonde bad guy at the end somehow comes back to life after being hanged, only to immediately get killed off for good. Talk about pointless. It was a solidly entertaining movie don't get me wrong, but certainly shows its age at times with lame scenes like this.

  92. Igor Botur

    Igor Botur

    2 mesi fa

    it is and always will be my 24.12. christmas tradition!!!

  93. Rob Tierney

    Rob Tierney

    2 mesi fa

    Did Family Guy ever do Peter in Die Hard?

  94. Daniel Cowen

    Daniel Cowen

    2 mesi fa

    “Like the planks of wood we get for protagonists these days” - I agree completely but with one exception - Rey Skywalker - her character was so well written, believable and amazing

    • Just Time

      Just Time

      Mese fa


  95. Sheep Last Name

    Sheep Last Name

    2 mesi fa

    9:35 Man, I hate this scene it's just so random and dumb. The rest of the movie is awesome though.

  96. Ross Egan

    Ross Egan

    2 mesi fa

    Drinker i really hope Total Recall 1990 is on your list for 2021.

  97. Ventura the Ace

    Ventura the Ace

    2 mesi fa

    You should review The Rock. It's Michael Bay's best movie.

  98. Briar Rabbit

    Briar Rabbit

    2 mesi fa

    Beverly Hills Cop was made before Die Hard and also had the suave/upper class criminal against the rough-around-the-edges cop from the inner city. I wouldn’t say Die Hard broke new ground in that aspect. But it is still very good. Although between the two I like Beverly Hills cop better (too bad it isn’t a Christmas movie, but I watched it for Christmas anyways along with Die Hard).

  99. Jen C.

    Jen C.

    2 mesi fa

    Drinker. Have you seen the movie True Lies??? I honestly cant choose between Die Hard and True Lies as my all time favorite action movie! Please review it if you haven't already!

  100. Satan Official

    Satan Official

    2 mesi fa

    There's no fireplace screen. And there's a highly volatile pine tree far too close to the hearth. What could possibly go wrong?

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