Drinker's Christmas Crackers - It's a Wonderful Life

Join me as I review what may be the ultimate Christmas movie - the 1946 classic starring James Stewart and Donna Reed... It's a Wonderful Life.


  1. Daniel Cordero

    Daniel Cordero

    2 giorni fa

    I fuckin cried after this video man literally enough to make a grown man cry i relate to this film so much

  2. Anti Serjanus

    Anti Serjanus

    5 giorni fa

    We are living in Pottersville. You may also enjoy 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn', made a year before this one.

  3. Logan Douglas

    Logan Douglas

    5 giorni fa

    One of my favorite Christmas movies.

  4. Old School

    Old School

    6 giorni fa

    NOPE. This movie is stupid. Why didn't the angel just go and tell Potter to give the money back?

  5. memymomalex


    6 giorni fa

    I started crying just watching this review lololol this movie gets me every time. Seriously one of the most beautiful movies ever made.

  6. milcoll73


    10 giorni fa

    but, but how can this movie resonate with everyone when it doesnt have and lesbian pocs in it????

  7. Eroxi3


    12 giorni fa

    My husband made me watch this for the first time this past Christmas and god damn do I regret not seeing it sooner. Although seeing it for the first time with my husband and our first daughter sitting together, really made it an extra special experience.

  8. Paul Campbell

    Paul Campbell

    19 giorni fa

    Well done drinker, well done sir!

  9. Nick Schneider

    Nick Schneider

    20 giorni fa

    It's a Wonderful Review.

  10. FM Tianjin

    FM Tianjin

    22 giorni fa

    One of the weakest movies Frank Capra ever did. It does seem like an absolute masterpiece compared to most of the movies made today, but if you watch "You can't take it with you", "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", " Mr. Deeds Goes to Town ", "Meet John Doe", etc. and right afterwards - "It's a wonderful life", you'd inevitably notice how Capra's talent deteriorated over the years. Most of the people who praise "It's a wonderful life" haven't seen Capra's earlier films, a sad but true fact... To anyone interested in checking out what the movies were like in the good old days, I'd highly recommend "You can't take it with you" - my personal favourite.

  11. James Schrumpf

    James Schrumpf

    22 giorni fa

    One nit to pick. It was a bank examiner, not the tax man, that showed up to do the books just as the money was lost. The shot where George runs out of the broken-down house, and the camera zooms into close-up on his face as he realizes the horror of what's going on, is bone-chilling. I read that Stewart suffered PTSD from his 25 bomber missions over Germany in WW2 (go look it up; he ended up a brigadier general), and in that moment when he looks directly into the camera, he let all that emotion come out. If you freeze that frame when he's looking right at you, it is truly terrifying. But it all ended up as Potterville anyway.

  12. Basil Elkhuri

    Basil Elkhuri

    24 giorni fa

    I do not grow attachment for things. Nor do I possess anything resembling a human soul. But the end of this movie brings a tear to my eye every single time. You’re doing gods work drinker thank you

  13. artemus ward

    artemus ward

    27 giorni fa

    Potterville looked pretty damn interesting to me

  14. Chris Warzenski

    Chris Warzenski

    29 giorni fa

    But Drinker, you overly pickled and underly pretentious film critic, Bedford Falls is in New York State (north eastern U.S.) , not the mid west. I almost didn't want to watch your review on this one. Glad I did, as you perfectly nailed why it's a great film.

  15. Meckle von Heinsburgh

    Meckle von Heinsburgh

    Mese fa

    God I love this movie. Thanks, Drinker.

  16. Mr. Surly

    Mr. Surly

    Mese fa

    I just heard the Mike Rowe Podcast (The Way I heard it) about this movie. If you get a chance and have Spotify, give it a listen. Episode 86: Francisco's Flakes.

  17. Dan


    Mese fa

    It's a wonderful life, makes me remember when movies were good.

  18. VCR Time Machine

    VCR Time Machine

    Mese fa

    Agreed....I didn't really like it that much 20 years ago, but when we watched it this year I nearly burst into tears at the end.

  19. Trichocereus1


    Mese fa

    Al bundy is king of all!

    • Trichocereus1


      Mese fa

  20. Donald Smith

    Donald Smith

    Mese fa

    Congratulations. I've never watched it, but you've given a review that makes me wonder why not.

  21. Don Meyer

    Don Meyer

    Mese fa

    Great but still comes in at #2 behind the ultimate Christmas movie DIE HARD !!! George Bailey should have gone all John McLane on Potter with Tommy Guns and Dynamite....

  22. Jaded One

    Jaded One

    Mese fa

    Jimmy Stewart was the most charismatic actor ever.

  23. lovelessissimo


    Mese fa

    What a great movie.

  24. Jamie Dyer

    Jamie Dyer

    Mese fa

    "If it doesn't bring a tear to your eye, then I suspect movies really aren't your thing" I've been sobbing for the last five minutes!

  25. Gator Head

    Gator Head

    Mese fa

    Timeless story with the same problems people face no matter when they live...

  26. Makaan


    Mese fa


  27. Rien Jen

    Rien Jen

    Mese fa

    Brilliant. Great review--there's something about hearing the phrase "a bunch of dicks" in the same context of a movie review for "It's a Wonderful Life" that had me rolling. But beyond that, I JUST watched this movie for the first time in 2020. My mom is dying, we're dealing with this effing pandemic, I haven't been able to see my friends or even relatives for a year. This movie came on and I watched it, and even with all this shit in the world, it made me appreciate what I do have. On Christmas, it came on again, and I watched it again, and enjoyed it even more. Favorite Jimmy Stuart movie, and everything you said in this review is true; the ending is earned and Stuart is fantastic. Thanks.

  28. Dane Graham

    Dane Graham

    Mese fa

    Love it! Love this movie

  29. Fulgrim2


    Mese fa

    This always puts a smile on my face, just a good pure movie.

  30. james McDonald

    james McDonald

    Mese fa

    Spasibo tovarisch, just raise your shot of Vodka and bask in the glory and joy of being, it is really wonderful to be 🍺🍻🥂🍷

  31. Ali Lo

    Ali Lo

    Mese fa

    Gee I sure wish an angel would come down and give me my hearing back in my left ear too!

  32. Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Mese fa

    I'm not much of a fan of the if you didn't do it it wouldn't get done mentality. I once saved a boy's life from a very sudden river swell by going and picking him up and bringing him across the river because he was paralysed with fear I think but if I had not done that someone else would have done that and if I didn't exist it's possible he wouldn't have even been there. If George didn't exist his parents wouldn't have sent him off to ice skate by himself would they? There would have been someone with him and they would likely have saved him instead or maybe it just wouldn't happen at all because he wouldn't go at the exact same time he did last time or travel the exact same route on the ice that led him to fall into the water. I suppose the world would be worse off without someone who turns out to be an above average good person so it would have been better for sure but I guess that would be hard to show so I guess I understand the need to present it this way.

  33. The Cult of the Jim

    The Cult of the Jim

    Mese fa

    I'd love to hear your take on The Grapes of Wrath

  34. Christopher


    Mese fa

    This review made me bawl

  35. Suzanne Chavis

    Suzanne Chavis

    Mese fa

    That was nice

  36. Jason S

    Jason S

    Mese fa

    Another absolute video-essay home run. 🙌 Thank you!

  37. Michael Long

    Michael Long

    Mese fa

    Another great old movie with psychological undertones is 12 O'clock High.

  38. Alcohol and Fun

    Alcohol and Fun

    Mese fa

    Just showed this to my partner. She'd never seen it before. She burst into tears at the end when all his friends come in to save him from the law. Then asked if we can watch it every Christmas 😁 One of the best films ever made, hands done!

  39. Sketchstuffs


    Mese fa

    Why did I have to watch this at work :( Such a perfect movie.

  40. Jonathan Quatro

    Jonathan Quatro

    Mese fa

    The Greatest Film Of All-Time.

  41. DAB42 bridges

    DAB42 bridges

    Mese fa

    That ending still gets to me...

  42. kevin buja

    kevin buja

    Mese fa

    No matter how many times I’ve watched this, I still can’t help but cry at the end.

  43. kevin buja

    kevin buja

    Mese fa

    “No man is truly poor, if he has friends.” Clarence

  44. Biden BlowsGoats

    Biden BlowsGoats

    Mese fa

    Based on this recommendation, I bought a copy of this movie on DVD. It's the best money I've spent in many a year.

  45. Lee Walter

    Lee Walter

    Mese fa

    Terrible movie.....Where was the diversity? Oh wait. Back then diversity was different. Immigration back then came from similar but diverse cultures. We had Polish, French, Spanish, Germans, English, Swedish, Irish, Italians, etc..... That was until Kennedy changed it all. This was done behind close doors without the people voting on it. Those cultures today are just known as white people.

  46. Taj Klair

    Taj Klair

    Mese fa

    It did not expect the beginning to be so bleak

  47. Rick Trezise

    Rick Trezise

    Mese fa

    That ending though... The friends thing... 2020 saw me alienate all but two of my most trusted friends because of politics. They were willing to sacrifice freedom for perceived protection, and I was willing to sacrifice them because of their weakness. Now I've got two friends that I hardly ever get to see because of family commitments and I wonder what my unwillingness to bend has cost me.

  48. Joe Malone

    Joe Malone

    Mese fa

    This classic movie is in my top 5 best movies of all time, and I usually watch it every Xmas, with each viewing being as enjoyable as the first time I saw it. Interestingly, I had an ex-girlfriend who was named after Donna Reed. I've recently watched two other movies recommended by the Drinker, Dredd, which I'd avoided due to the one before being rubbish, it was great, and last night I watched Dog Soldiers; how did this one pass me by?? It's an awesome movie!

  49. 30noir


    Mese fa

    So to stop George jumping in to the perilous freezing waters, Clarence fakes an accident, forcing George to... jump in to the perilous freezing waters to save him. Huh.

  50. Rdub


    Mese fa

    Your synopsis made me year up a little, not as much as the movie does everytime I watch it, but enough to say thank you for reminding me of the feeling this movie gives me. Everyone watch have faith.

  51. 1dantown


    Mese fa

    This movie saved my life.

  52. Hold The line boys

    Hold The line boys

    Mese fa

    But Drinker you stunning stallion you, Can we get a movie about a world without Kathleen Kennedy?

  53. meg grotte

    meg grotte

    Mese fa

    This is one of the best movies I've ever seen I've watched it since I was 12. I'm now 41 and I've been in situations like that where I wasn't sure if I'd make it literally

  54. AQuietNight


    Mese fa

    The irony is, It's A Wonderful life wasn't intended to be a Christmas movie. It was released in July of 1947. How is that for bad marketing?

    • Attie Pollard

      Attie Pollard

      27 giorni fa

      Someone must didn't really give a damn or think that this movie was going to be successful or icon

  55. Jeff Grey

    Jeff Grey

    Mese fa

    From what I’ve learned this movie was a box office failure, they start showing it at Christmas time because television was really new at that time and they didn’t really have many things Christmas themed to put on the air.

  56. RachelPops


    Mese fa

    This is my favorite movie! Goodness, beauty, and truth.

  57. Nathan0324


    Mese fa

    This movie was so meaningful to me it made me cry

  58. Mark Basnight

    Mark Basnight

    Mese fa

    Sentimental Scot...

  59. robert gatehouse

    robert gatehouse

    Mese fa

    A wonderful movie ....Dave Listers favourite :)

  60. Tyler Henderson

    Tyler Henderson

    Mese fa

    Dude your words move me to tears. I can’t wait to read your books.

  61. Motion Pictures

    Motion Pictures

    Mese fa

    how about "Mr Smith goes to Washington", "12 angry men", "The Lifeboot", "City Lights", "" and "Casablanca" as movies that aged well. The list of old movies that are better than new movies is long:

  62. Rebecca Stayman

    Rebecca Stayman

    Mese fa

    Aw Jeez, thanks Drinker. I needed that :-)

  63. World of AMEISO

    World of AMEISO

    Mese fa

    I cannot agree more me old pudding...

  64. JennaTollz


    Mese fa

    Even just talking about this movie tears me up.

  65. Bud Lehn

    Bud Lehn

    Mese fa

    I just created a group page for one of the iconic characters in the film and it's living actress. It is It's A Wonderful Life ~ The Karolyn Zuzu Grimes Fan Group. She's 80 and she's not very gray now. She's a member there and a real sweetheart. The page is full of the great scenes from the film and lots more. Check it out.

  66. Noah Gooder

    Noah Gooder

    Mese fa

    the only thing id like to see is possibly a remaster in color i mean keep everything the same just add some color like into the backgrounds.

  67. piludo36


    Mese fa

    Capper and Stewart, along with a fantastic cast made this movie iconic and timeless. Many people don't know that Stuart actually fought in the War, not as a celebrity but had flown missions that were dangerous. When Capra approached him about the film Jimmy Stewart said he didn't know if he wanted to be an actor anymore, especially leading man. Thank God Capper talked him into it. A lot of people speculate that scenes in the bar, the tears and the hopelessness that he displayed on screen came from his experience in World War II. Maybe it was cathartic for him? Frank Capra along with three other directors I tried to create their own Studio, Liberty films. I think they only made for movies before it went bankrupt. But the spirit of wanted to break away and not be controlled by the big studios of the time is to be admired. And it was under that attempt 2 do movies the way the artist wanted to rather than the studio, that it's wonderful life was born. I think a lot of the success of the movie that came later was due to it going into public domain for 10 to 20 years starting in the 1970s. It's a shame now that NBC owns it because it's full of commercials. When I was a little kid any local channel could show the movie at any time. On the other hand Universal NBC has restored the film so that's a good thing. I agree with the Drinker that if this movie doesn't move you then maybe you're not a movie person. I only watch it once a year because it's special. It makes me cry like a little girl and it makes me laugh and it makes me pull for the protagonist. One thing I think was overlooked in the review is the first half of the movie is actually really good. We see what a good person George Bailey is. Yes he has to put away and give up a lot. But he sticks up for what he thinks is right. He stands up to Potter. When his father dies he does it again. As a boy, working for a pharmacist his actions lead to saving a life. How can you not like George Bailey? And then the date with Donna Reed's character. Perfect. I never seen a quatre movie I didn't like. I wish that you talk more about Capra as well as Stewart in the movie but that's okay he gave the movie props and that's what's important!

  68. DownUnder


    Mese fa

    One of the best films of all time.



    Mese fa

    This movie is wacist

  70. JimboJoeAH


    Mese fa

    I'm 33 and grew up off these old movies. Jimmy Stewart is an all time favorite actor. Shenandoah was a great film as well.

  71. Highway Hobo

    Highway Hobo

    Mese fa

    I fucking love this film. Try to watch it at least once every holiday season

  72. Master Chief

    Master Chief

    Mese fa

    I hate to think what they would do to this movie if it was remade today. Man trying to provide for his family White male lead Supportive wife and mother Christian theme. 4 massive No’s right there at least.

    • Attie Pollard

      Attie Pollard

      27 giorni fa

      It will probably go to DVD to the $2 section.

  73. total combustion

    total combustion

    Mese fa

    Amen drinker, amen

  74. dizzitoast


    Mese fa

    Another masterpiece by the Drinker. I finally got around to watching this per your recommendation, and it really did not disappoint. Thank you!

  75. Xell52


    Mese fa

    It's A Wonderful review, great job

  76. Helder Braz

    Helder Braz

    Mese fa

    James Stewart has A LOT of great movies. One of my favourite actors! He did put the best of him on every role.

  77. Connor Baz

    Connor Baz

    Mese fa

    DUDE, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Seriously, this is a classic that we've watched almost every single Christmas I can remember. Excellent characters, excellent story, excellent writing, and delivers a lesson that we can ALL learn from. And to think some people believe a movie where the majority of the characters are "white" is automatically bad... They are just as awful as Mr Potter, if not more so.

  78. talatson surong

    talatson surong

    Mese fa

    Im going to rent it

  79. deatheven13


    Mese fa

    Imagine 64 ish years from now someone looking back retrospectively and fondly with a sense of gentle wonder at the American movie classic... Birds of Prey

  80. abs olutman

    abs olutman

    Mese fa

    This movie should be called on stage and presented a medal. Stewart was at the top of his acting game and Reed was more beautiful than what was legally permissible of that time. It's a Wonderful Life takes you through it all and leaves you better than it found you.

  81. dscharlesworth1


    Mese fa

    Donna Reed is smoking hot. Also It's A Wonderful Life is a good movie.

  82. google must_die

    google must_die

    Mese fa

    As a film reviewer myself, there’s never a time when optimism and patriotism are out of style.

  83. Martin


    Mese fa

    "Bunch of pretentious Ds..." Amen :D

  84. Jennifer Schmitzer

    Jennifer Schmitzer

    Mese fa

    im a blubbering mess now.

  85. Burt Knighten

    Burt Knighten

    Mese fa

    It wasn't made more than 3/4 of a century ago its only 74 y.o. Sorry I had to

  86. nanasshi 07

    nanasshi 07

    Mese fa

    the importance of community

  87. rdgr


    Mese fa

    Pity that today's movies cannot come close to the classics. The scriptwriters were great. The actors were legendary and the studios put out great movies. Movies of the 1930's through the 50's were an escape from what was going on at the time. Movie goers forgot the Great Depression or WWII. Speaking of WWII, if you went to those movies during the War and Post War, they showed great triumph of our fighting men. Always the positive with beloved characters.

  88. Draven's Crypt

    Draven's Crypt

    Mese fa

    Well said, happy new year drinker ! 🥂

  89. The Great Satan

    The Great Satan

    Mese fa

    I have no desire to see this movie and now that I've seen your review I really don't need to see it. I hate Christmas and everything to do with it

  90. Charles Richardson

    Charles Richardson

    Mese fa

    Great review of a great movie and a great American .

  91. dave John

    dave John

    Mese fa

    yep agree with every word.

  92. Stella Svartur

    Stella Svartur

    Mese fa

    Thanks for doing this. I love this movie. Hopefully it will encourage people to give it a try.

  93. FortAwesome1974


    Mese fa

    I shamefully have to admit in all my long years I've never watched this but will definitely now as well as making it a family movie staple every Christmas instead of "ELF" (not my pick)!! But I do like Will Ferral especially his early work in SNL!!

  94. quito787


    Mese fa

    Ah this is one of my most favorite movies of all time... and I never grow tired of re-watching it!

  95. John Massari

    John Massari

    Mese fa

    Your review of this movie is almost as good as the movie itself. Merry Christmas! Oh... Happy New Year 👍🎶👍

  96. who am I

    who am I

    Mese fa

    this story is so god damned beautiful you just talking about it makes me cry



    2 mesi fa

    One of the best movies. Love it and yes, i tear up at the end.

  98. Carl Stawicki

    Carl Stawicki

    2 mesi fa

    It has a big Twilight Zone feel to it once George gets unborn.

  99. Tank Historian

    Tank Historian

    2 mesi fa

    I'd like to see the drinker review "The Midnight Sky" starring george clooney

  100. Sir Quaffler

    Sir Quaffler

    2 mesi fa

    I also was a stupid arsehole who played on the ice as a kid and fell in. I felt that comment Drinker :(

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