Horrifyingly Average - The Haunting of Bly Manor

So I watched The Haunting of Bly Manor and... it wasn't what I'd hoped for. Join me as I break down the spiritual sequel to The Haunting of Hill House.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    4 mesi fa

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    • Kris Brownbill

      Kris Brownbill

      Mese fa

      You are by far the funniest scotsman I have ever heard and your reviews are genuinely the best 🤣 We need a pint and a pie!

    • Richard Bechtold

      Richard Bechtold

      3 mesi fa

      Honestly I still thoroughly enjoyed this show, despite all of the faults you pointed out.

    • Consequential Man

      Consequential Man

      3 mesi fa

      Drinker make sure you apologize to Rags because apparently this show is amazing and perfect and makes him feel great. You’re watching tv wrong!!

    • Omni Is_Chillin

      Omni Is_Chillin

      4 mesi fa

      Do sicario drinker

    • Joseph Barney

      Joseph Barney

      4 mesi fa

      Could you take a look at 'Deepwater Horizon'? It's about the blowout the BP company had on an oil rig. It's a really impactful show of people dealing with shit caused by higher-up incompatince, and I think it should have more coverage than it's been given in it's lifetime

  2. JackoBanon1


    15 ore fa

    The first 4 episodes were great! Really creepy and scary. Exactly what I expected. Starting with episode 5 the show took a big turn and switched into a romantic drama with some horror elements while explaining the backstory of the manor instead. And then the whole build up basically fell apart and the tension was gone because everything that happened was explained and explained again and again until the mystery was gone.

  3. Spooky


    2 giorni fa

    Yes yes yes yes! I remember thinking “am I watching a soap opera or a horror story?” And just mentioning that in its subreddit got me downvoted into oblivion.

  4. Miah Thorpatrick

    Miah Thorpatrick

    4 giorni fa

    I don't know, Drinker. I actually really enjoyed Bly Manor. But to each his or her own! Still love your content! Cheers, mate!

  5. Sassy Saddles

    Sassy Saddles

    5 giorni fa

    ugh i guess i ll just start ignoring these movies if they have lgbtbbq360 people in it

  6. dorin egyed

    dorin egyed

    6 giorni fa

    I subscribe your channel, you crazy fack , az always werry good review !!!

  7. LandInbetween


    6 giorni fa

    Bly tried to be like fine wine. I prefer whisk(e)y.

  8. Patrick Mulligan

    Patrick Mulligan

    6 giorni fa

    Oh no Drinker. It is Spiderman Homecoming all over again!

  9. Talia Maselli

    Talia Maselli

    9 giorni fa

    So I’m a big fan of your content, even if it’s stuff I haven’t watched, or stuff I liked even when the title of vids says you didn’t. My boyfriend and I still text each other when we see a new video up and love watching them together at night. Even if our opinions differ, they’re thoughtful and funny and I typically really enjoy them. I loved Bly Manor and even tho the title of the vid made it clear you didn’t like it, I was still looking forward to watching it when I finished the season. Like I said, we enjoy the thoughtfulness and the humor of your reviews. So I was bummed that so much of this video was just harping on “diverse” characters for seemingly no real reason. I mean yeah, the love story epilogue was a bit drawn out, I can understand that. But did it constantly needed to be pointed out that someone was a female, or a lesbian, or a POC, etc.? There were zero times in this video when that added anything of value, and it was kind of a bummer to have it beaten to death. I was bummed to see it in your video abo the last of us, too. Did we need to know for no good reason at no point of importance that the character was a lesbian? Repeatedly? Yeah, some franchises (Star Wars, Rey is a joke ffs) beat to death their political views and do the “look how diverse we are!” party. I just didn’t think Bly was like that and I don’t see why when gender/sexual orientation/ethnicity are obviously part of a character it has to be constantly mentioned even though it has no impact on the actual story arc. I mean I’m pretty sure they didn’t cast Hannah just bc she was black but even if they did, every show bases some aspect of casting on appearance so whatever. Diverse casting is finally becoming normalized, and we (society in general) quite honestly probably haven’t seen it much up to this point, so I can see why it might seem like Hollywood is sometimes beating us over the head with it...I just really didn’t feel like Bly was and every time we were beat over the head with it in this video, I missed hearing your actually good and thoughtful content. Like I said we really enjoy your stuff, just been thinking about that a lot since I watched this last night. No hate. Stay safe 😷

    • LDT Productions

      LDT Productions

      6 giorni fa

      Well said

  10. raythackston1960


    9 giorni fa

    I have got to the point that if it has a bunch of diversity in it...I just don't watch it. I can smell the shit before I get to it. And most things today are just shit. No originality and just weak actors who are there just because of their color or sex. Crap is and will always be just crap.

  11. Stone


    13 giorni fa

    Alien Covenant is another movie with a female protagonist named Dani.

  12. Jordan Kane

    Jordan Kane

    16 giorni fa

    As soon as I saw Laurie Penny’s name in the intro credits I though “ohhhh nooo” if you don’t know who that is Sargon has about three videos on her, she is Riley Dennis level of insane

  13. First name Last name

    First name Last name

    18 giorni fa

    I fell asleep numerous times watching this show. Different days, different episodes, same sleep effect. I never fall asleep to film... shit I don’t even nap. So that’s my review of bly manor.

  14. WillyoDee


    18 giorni fa

    At last someone else who thought it was a bit naff and bloated as hell. I couldn't believe it when I read the IMDb reviews and ppl loved it. Imagine my further shock when it turns out the guys from Red Letter Media ALSO loved it. Wtf.

  15. Nelson The Gentleman

    Nelson The Gentleman

    18 giorni fa

    Yeah it definitely wasn't up to the same quality as a horror genre as Hill House. Also they never explained why E;R's ghost stopped following her after she finally acknowledged him at the campfire scene.

  16. John Poo

    John Poo

    19 giorni fa

    1:30 comedy gold right there :p

  17. Jonah McD

    Jonah McD

    19 giorni fa

    most people don’t realize that this show is based off of an old movie called “the innocents.” it’s so much more interesting when you connect the two.

  18. mary


    20 giorni fa

    I wanted to like this but thought it sucked...I had way too many questions at the end of it. Why did Peter say he couldn't leave the grounds but he did possess the kid while he was in school & did some weird shit so he could go back home. How did the narrator know all the details of TB lady of the lake's story? She woke, she walked...whatever the hell it was...dragged on and was painful. The actress who played Dani was so great in Hill House but she was awful in this. Hannah & the chef had an interesting relationship but the episode where Hannah realizes she's dead seems like it was supposed to be as heartbreaking as Nell realizing she was her own ghost. It wasn't anywhere near that. ugh...just trash all around.

  19. Paul-talk


    21 giorno fa

    ... How can you sit in front of a TV while they spoon feed lesbian love puffery into your mind without screeming and running away or going brain-dead?

  20. Karl Hutchins

    Karl Hutchins

    23 giorni fa

    I actually really enjoyed the first few episodes of this... and then the explaining happened and too much was seen, and things that I thought were being built up turned out to not be much at all. However as a note, the housekeeper lady ghost never ate anything or drank anything at any stage. It was what I noticed quite early on and assumed there was a reason for it.

  21. Mike Emmons

    Mike Emmons

    25 giorni fa

    Goota have darkness or light means nothing. If not for bad movies we cant have good movies.

  22. Queazy


    26 giorni fa

    Identity politics kills another show

  23. B. M.

    B. M.

    27 giorni fa

    Episode 5 was great, rest meh - would watch again tho.

  24. Terry McDowall

    Terry McDowall

    28 giorni fa

    Yeah, because lesbians always find themselves thrown together in country mansions. It's so blasé.

  25. Tywin Lannister

    Tywin Lannister

    Mese fa

    Idk drinker I love your videos but this one was...wince worthy. The fact that a character who isnt straight nor white is automatically seen as simply a "diversity hire" is questionable. especially considering the actors were all phenomenal and if Hannah was white and Owen was white, nothing about their writing would change. Which is how you do a good story. I think your points of forced diversity are very well spoken in other videos like stranger things or last jedi. But you have no actual evidence it's a forced diversity. Talent matters more then skin color or gender. And their talent excels above all else in this show

  26. Crane _

    Crane _

    Mese fa

    This show was so incredibly average and predictable that predicted that: -The black house maid was actually dead, and that’s why she was staring at the well -The ghost with the glasses was Danny’s old boyfriend -The kids were being possessed by the ghosts of the old babysitter and rich douchefuck -At some point lesbians were going to show up

  27. Mr Elkatook

    Mr Elkatook

    Mese fa

    the first season was so good, even on a second watch, you could catch 'ghosts' off-shot or just out of frame it absolutely reminds me of Rose Red , by Stephen King, a TV movie from the 90's that had a very similar plot please watch Rose Red for the nostalgia if you haven't seen it. it obviously has cheesy 90's TV movie tropes, but, its a classic to be appreciated in the likes of the original IT and The Stand

  28. Eugene Pomeroy

    Eugene Pomeroy

    Mese fa

    Dang, I missed it!

  29. loyalopposition


    Mese fa

    Considering the mindless drek Hollywood is churning out these days, "horrifyingly average" is a glowing review.

  30. Willy Beamish

    Willy Beamish

    Mese fa

    Danny is a man's name.

  31. Todd Lee

    Todd Lee

    Mese fa

    It was a ghost story (not a scary ghost story) for people who don't really like feeling scared. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle because you hoped for a sense of accomplishment or epiphany, and then realized why you don't like putting together jigsaw puzzles.

  32. Lincoln Orcutt

    Lincoln Orcutt

    Mese fa

    What clip does he play where the kid farts?

  33. robert gatehouse

    robert gatehouse

    Mese fa

    I remember watching the Haunting as a kid...perfect...scary and tense and you see nothing ...thats how to do it.

  34. Darrell Covello

    Darrell Covello

    Mese fa

    "The first season was okay, but there were too many white people." -- Every critic, probably

    • Willy Beamish

      Willy Beamish

      Mese fa

      "and most or them were men"

  35. Jean Vieira

    Jean Vieira

    Mese fa

    I stopped watching around the 3rd or 4th episode. That’s when I realized this season wasn’t meant for viewers like me. It was definitely catering to the female- LG crowd

  36. Josh Lynch

    Josh Lynch

    Mese fa

    The Haunting of Hill House was great. The Haunting of Bly Manor felt like a chore to watch. They tried way too hard to make it an art piece or something.

  37. H. A. Harris

    H. A. Harris

    Mese fa

    Thanks for the review, CD. I had considered watching this, but now that I see what it is, I'll give it a miss, because this looks like some really stupid shit.

  38. Felicity


    Mese fa

    kinda hate how when a woman of color is on the screen you just jump to "forced diversity" (in this case, you saying "diverse lady no. 1") and not just "oh okay they used actresses that happened to be black" could just be me tho idk

  39. Isaiah Tonge

    Isaiah Tonge

    Mese fa

    I liked this series alot 🤷🏾‍♂️

  40. oneof Yus

    oneof Yus

    Mese fa

    Rags and mauler can eat shit on Bly manor discussion. Great job. Long man bad

  41. Kurt Zownick

    Kurt Zownick

    Mese fa

    1:30 killed it

  42. Facts Over Feels

    Facts Over Feels

    Mese fa

    Peter Quint? Ok even before that, from your description I thought this sounded like Henry James’ Turn of the Screw. Quint confirms it. Great review mate. I’m goin awae noe!

  43. Jonah McD

    Jonah McD

    Mese fa

    after seeing the first few episodes, i’m intrigued because of the mystery and uniqueness of it all. haven’t gotten into the romance yet, but so far, i’m liking it. the portrayal of the creepy children is executed greatly.

  44. Tom


    Mese fa

    The writers basically said “what if we take The Turn of the Screw and make it a lesbian love story?”

  45. H J

    H J

    Mese fa

    It wasn’t nearly as good as the first season but it was acceptable. The only thing I can disagree with hard is the child actors. The girl was just ok, but the boy was fucking phenomenal. His monologue at some point was absolutely riveting, and he did a terrific job acting like someone else was controlling him.

  46. Matthew Oglesby

    Matthew Oglesby

    Mese fa

    I had to come back to this one because it took me a while to get through the series (like you, I forgot to care about any of the characters for a while in the middle). Something you didn't mention (though you must have realised) was that this was a reimagining of A Turn of the Screw. That's the reason I started watching it. Honestly, if you take out all of the Screw elements and just concentrate on the Lady of the Lake and the two love-birds, the story probably has greater potential. TotS is one of the creepiest stories ever written and, while there are some unique and innovative story beats that made me go "hmm!", for the most part it completely fails to understand what makes the original so frightening. Like... Britten and Piper got it when they included that line from Yeats's The Second Coming - "the ceremony of innocence is drowned." Concisely on-topic. The Haunting of Bly Manor? Not so much.

  47. Michael Dack

    Michael Dack

    Mese fa

    This sounds like yet another adaptation of Henry James's Turn of the Screw. Never a good idea.

  48. eder monsalves

    eder monsalves

    Mese fa

    Rory breaker❤️

  49. Megan Lockhart

    Megan Lockhart

    Mese fa

    0:35 I'm not sure why but for some reason that, to me, is a disturbing scene. (Shrug) Go figure. Oh and thank you for this review and others. I find them very helpful.

  50. TheAyeAye1


    Mese fa

    I hate ghost stories generally, but you managed to make hearing about one entertaining. Netflix has the leadership of a US political party helping develop it's programing, so I never watch anything on it anyway.

  51. Bob Tepedino

    Bob Tepedino

    Mese fa

    Considering James wrote "The Turn Of The Screw" over 100 years ago, the producers of "Bly House" should be expected to have a competent grip on the plot...

  52. 888lola


    Mese fa

    Turned off by the repetitive use of diverse to describe any person of color. Also you made no mention of how the narrator as the Gardener could possibly know the experience of Viola, the lady of the lake. Also you asked how the dead housekeeper could eat. So you didn’t catch that she avoided eating in the show. She had an excuse each time like she just ate or something like that. I liked your other reviews but not this one. However you made many good points.

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa

      @888lola Then why do black people and brown people and women keep saying it?

    • 888lola


      Mese fa

      @BWMagus it is only diverse to you if you are white

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa

      But that's what "diverse" means; they look different. It doesn't mean, like, different perspectives or thoughts or paradigms, it just means a different physical appearance. So why are you annoyed by him using a modern term correctly? If you don't like the term, you should appreciate the sarcasm, and if you do like the term, you should be annoyed at the sarcasm, not annoyed at him using a thing you like.

    • Lunch


      Mese fa

      Different cultures. Different part of the world. Plus we spell colour like this. I'd stick to yanks if you don't like different cultures.

  53. beard gawd

    beard gawd

    Mese fa

    I just couldn’t get into this show. It was pretty boring

  54. Ryne Sandler

    Ryne Sandler

    Mese fa

    I didn’t even finish it. Nothing happened literally ever.

  55. Jack Acid

    Jack Acid

    Mese fa

    Bang on. I am a huge fan of the black and white "The Innocents", which they tried to pay homage to in certain scenes, almost shot for shot. But it failed miserably after episode 1 and just got increasingly tedious. That last episode was dire. Shame.

  56. Jeff


    2 mesi fa

    Rags has left the chat

  57. Louis Rangel

    Louis Rangel

    2 mesi fa

    Watching this .75 playback speed makes it the critical drunk.

  58. spiderextremegamer


    2 mesi fa

    Wow, this video was terrible

  59. E. Humperdinck

    E. Humperdinck

    2 mesi fa

    Rahul sucks. Adam was a national treasure.

  60. Adam West

    Adam West

    2 mesi fa

    Yeah...I really was underwhelmed by this. Made worse by my high expectations after the much, much better hill house.

  61. Efe Aydal

    Efe Aydal

    2 mesi fa

    U forgot Dani from Terminator Dark Fate. Must be the name of an important person in the secret feminist cult.

    • Kel Castle

      Kel Castle

      21 giorno fa

      I came here to say the same!! They like the name Dani because: -" They stand and FIGHT!!!!!" And don't miss a watermelon!

  62. Citizen 645

    Citizen 645

    2 mesi fa

    It's unfortunate that the show is kind of hard to categorize because no matter how you do it you will be going into it expecting something you won't be getting fully. Although there are a lot of good criticisms I think objectively it's a good series, despite the forced diversity and at times poor plot narratives

  63. Frankenoise


    2 mesi fa

    Every bloody Netflix season is 3 episodes too long.

  64. Brazen Hammer

    Brazen Hammer

    2 mesi fa

    It look sooooooooo booooooring

  65. Thomas Kelly

    Thomas Kelly

    2 mesi fa

    Can you review the new alex rider tv series. It is amazing and I think it could make the drinker recommends.

  66. Hape Mokenela

    Hape Mokenela

    2 mesi fa

    Diverse female!! 😂😂

  67. SyM


    2 mesi fa

    What’s with all the same recognizable actors from a more recognizable and similar show?

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa

      That's intentional. There's actually a name for it, where you keep reusing the same cast in similar stories with similar themes, but I can't remember it.

  68. Erin Garcia

    Erin Garcia

    2 mesi fa

    Gonna have to unsubscribe. I was having a good time watching your vids until I noticed you like to make a huge fuss whenever you see someone with skin a tad darker than yours. There's worse shit wrong with these shows and movies.

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa

      He's making a fuss over the endless moaning about "muh diversity", which is fair, considering it's ruined entire movies. He doesn't have a problem with someone dark skinned. The fact that you just jump to that conclusion in direct contravention of the facts reveals the problem is you.

  69. Damian Legion

    Damian Legion

    2 mesi fa

    2:05 You forgot The Terminator: Dark Fate's Danny! 🤣

  70. james McDonald

    james McDonald

    2 mesi fa

    I luuuveeee Regular Show, it's amazing. Pops is the king, literally!

  71. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia

    2 mesi fa

    1:42 Hello there!

  72. TheModer8ter


    2 mesi fa

    Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 3:14 "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: 15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life."

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa

      Nah, nah, nah, you didn't read God's correction to that story in the Quran, stop using the old, outdated version.

    • Bronze Spectre

      Bronze Spectre

      2 mesi fa

      Stop commenting this you’ll just annoy more people than convert them

  73. Zikari SG

    Zikari SG

    2 mesi fa

    Luckily I saw Chris Stuckmann's review before watching, so I knew it was primarily a love story. Ultimately I think it was good, not nearly as good as Hill House, but worth a watch none the less. I had no beef with the child actors besides the fact than whenever Flora was speaking I closed my eyes and imagine I was watching Peppa Pig with my little girl. Also they made a deal of diverse female house keeper never eating or drinking anything.

  74. robert gatehouse

    robert gatehouse

    2 mesi fa

    Love to see you do the haunting...

  75. Ron Charles

    Ron Charles

    2 mesi fa

    Whenever I see a movie with the word haunting in the title, I immediately think of the 1963 film "The Haunting" with Claire Bloom and Julie Harris based on Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House." It was--and still is--excellent and far better than any other movie with haunting in its title.

  76. fatsharks


    2 mesi fa

    This show looked OK, so I tried to watch it, but, alas, couldn't make it past episode 5. Music, music, music, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, darkness, darkness, darkness, yawn yawn, yawn... Literally nothing interesting or scary happens in this show. So meaningless and empty like 99% of the content on Netflix. It's not just this show though, almost all these Netflix shows are downright unwatchable.

  77. Hayden G3

    Hayden G3

    3 mesi fa

    @3:08 I have to disagree here. The actor that played Miles was fantastic. He did an incredible job when possessed by Peter Quint

  78. Scowl Czumly

    Scowl Czumly

    3 mesi fa

    This is really shallow criticism, Drinker. Yes, it was marketed as a horror show and it does have Haunting in the title but that's ultimately just a marketing issue. The show itself is remarkably well made.

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa

      No, this is shallow criticism; he listed a number of other issues he had, but you cherry-picked one to attack him over.

  79. Stephanie Snitily

    Stephanie Snitily

    3 mesi fa

    The absolute worst were the costumes they used for the flash back episode to the original owner of the house. GAD! They were horrible. Couldn't decide on what time period or country they were supposed to be in.

  80. crazydogaudio


    3 mesi fa

    Creative Film-maker: What do you think of my script for 110 minute adventure? Netflik Commissioners: Brilliant, so brilliant in fact, that we'll make it 9, one-hour episodes. Result: Shit.

  81. OllieG Hamster

    OllieG Hamster

    3 mesi fa

    I couldn’t get pass the the second episode.

  82. drlee2


    3 mesi fa

    Where I most disagree on is the child actors. They didn't annoy me at all. I thought that Miles and Flora were 2 of the best things about the season. In particular, the young actor playing Miles was superb, arguably the best acting performance of the season. I also think the general narrative pacing was good. I also think I liked this collective group of characters in Bly better than the ones in Hill House. The Bly characters were just a much nicer and less drama-filled group. Bly characters each had their own baggage, but neither the writers nor the characters beat the viewer over the head with their personal problems and trauma. And I kind of think Hill House is a bit overrated, too. My main gripe is with the Dani character because I thought Victoria Pedretti's acting was terrible with her weird accent, heavy breathing, and odd acting choices. Also, I thought her ghost subplot was annoying with the guy in the mirror. Otherwise, I liked the main cast and their respective subplots. Where I really agree on is the ending in particular the last 2 episodes. I really disliked how the story came to a halt with Episode 8 and that full on flashback episode. It felt like that Chicago episode in Season 2 of Stranger Things, awkwardly shoved in to pad out the season. Then in the finale, it's all resolved so fast and spends the bulk of the time on Dani-Jamie, which is another issue that I had and that is that their romance felt like it got way too much gravity and they just dropped all the other characters in the finale and focused on them. I felt like characters like Hannah, Miles, Peter and Flora carried the story as much if not more than Dani, who frankly always felt like an outsider to everything to the point that I didn't need a final hour dedicated to her rather weak character. The main thing that still made me like Bly is overall cast and it was a simple mystery that unfolded exceptionally well over the course of 7 episodes, only to fall a bit flat at the end.

  83. Nothing Cheeseburger

    Nothing Cheeseburger

    3 mesi fa

    It was boring. I even forgot the ghost.

  84. Fuck off Google

    Fuck off Google

    3 mesi fa

    I am so sad that is "average"

  85. Hawk Hunter

    Hawk Hunter

    3 mesi fa

    Maybe you are doing a review of the queens gambit?

  86. Loki


    3 mesi fa


  87. Nurse08


    3 mesi fa

    As a Dani (Danielle) its been weird having my name actually show up in movies. My whole life Danielle only showed up to cause problems for the protagonists. That was literally it. Show up, ruin the main characters day, and then be on your way. When every character in a book or movie with your name is an unpleasant person it really makes you question yourself. And unfortunately all these new Dani's out there aren't helping. 🤣🤣

  88. Elijah Tarin

    Elijah Tarin

    3 mesi fa

    Was just considering watching this with my gf, time to ruin it haha

  89. Artie Rupinen

    Artie Rupinen

    3 mesi fa

    Must you call them Diversity Hires? They have fucking names dude.

  90. Nin Nolose

    Nin Nolose

    3 mesi fa

    I have a silly question. Who has it easy in the 1700's?

    • BWMagus


      Mese fa


  91. Anthony Morales

    Anthony Morales

    3 mesi fa

    This show was the equivalent of a roller coaster that climbs up the hill, plummets down the hill only to ride on a flat track, and then suddenly turns into a rocket car that explodes into rainbow fire 😂

  92. noodleking 92

    noodleking 92

    3 mesi fa

    It's amazing that after 2 years, I remember the name of every character, their traits and their story arc in Hill House, but a month after watching Bly Manor, I can't remember a single thing about any character

  93. Saloz94


    3 mesi fa

    I didn't care much for the first show so I guess its best to stay away from this one if its pretty boring.

  94. thorin palladino

    thorin palladino

    3 mesi fa

    I am hardly surprised that it sucked considering the work it is based on: Turn of the Screw. That story was painful to read.

  95. Game Over Movie Reviews

    Game Over Movie Reviews

    3 mesi fa

    Can't believe you didn't mention the incredibly shoddy accents. Henry Thomas doing an impression of Prince Charles and Oliver Jackson-Cohen doing his best attempt at Gerard Butler's accent. The icing on the cake definitely being Carla Gugino's "northern" attempt.

    • LandInbetween


      6 giorni fa

      This is the issue when directors reuse actors who aren't really fit for the role they play. It's just fucking lazy casting. For a cut throat business it sure ain't cut throat for others.

  96. Alex Weir

    Alex Weir

    3 mesi fa

    i'm still haunted by the upper middle class therapy circle vibes. conclusion: tolerable but largely gay (and not in the fun redecorating way)

  97. Sergiu Salcau

    Sergiu Salcau

    3 mesi fa

    spot on.

  98. Erwin Ekkel

    Erwin Ekkel

    3 mesi fa

    Episode 8 is like that episode on stranger things in season 2.. Skipable. Unless you like boring unnecessary origin story's.

  99. L.L. Craft

    L.L. Craft

    3 mesi fa

    The kids didn't remember any of the bad shit that happened at the straight talking northern lass decides to tell them they're own story on the night before Flora's wedding...dick move there

  100. Kaitlyn Tomlinson

    Kaitlyn Tomlinson

    3 mesi fa

    god this comment section is filled with incels

    • Jordan Carreira

      Jordan Carreira

      2 mesi fa


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