The Drinker Reviews 2020

With 2020 almost at an end (thank God), kick back with a glass of something strong, and join me as I look back on the highs and lows of the year that was.


  1. Bhay Chakra

    Bhay Chakra

    Giorno fa

    Westworld was shit from the beginning their image of consciousness was outrageous

  2. Uncuckable


    3 giorni fa

    Where's the thumbnail pic from?

  3. Matthew Tomasone

    Matthew Tomasone

    3 giorni fa

    Good for you man! I love your channel.

  4. Kamau Kokayi-Taylor

    Kamau Kokayi-Taylor

    6 giorni fa

    1:30 Well that didn’t last too long 💀

  5. Benjamin Corcoran

    Benjamin Corcoran

    6 giorni fa

    Thanks man for making this video! I know it’s 2021, but I had to watch it since I haven’t yet and I’m one of your new watchers. It makes me and so many people feel like they’re not alone in this thing and what’s going on with the entertainment industry as well as the world in general. You’re so funny and charismatic, and give some of the most amazing breakdowns of movies and tv shows that I’ve ever seen. You also have a deep love and respect for the history of pop culture; which is becoming a greatly rare trait as the years head on. Keep making your videos, and I’ll always watch them. Don’t give up. Your one of the only sources of news that I can truly depend on now. By the way, you should make a video review of the tv show cowboy bebop. Even If you don’t like anime, I still think you’ll really like it. It’s like watchmen where you don’t necessarily have to like or know anything about superheroes to enjoy it. It has fun, deep, flawed, and interesting characters that are super bad ass. The action is amazing, the universe it resides in is beautiful and unique, it takes on the western, martial arts, horror, noir, and sci-fi genre, it has everything a person could enjoy; even a couple of good shots of whisky. Check it out if you will. Thanks man!

  6. johnpbh


    9 giorni fa

    Thank you so much for all the fun you have given me since I discovered your channel. And as a side note.... Book number 1 finished, onto number 2. (I also have number 3 waiting in the wings like a greyhound in the slips)

  7. Allen Gorecki

    Allen Gorecki

    11 giorni fa

    Thank you critical drinker I love your Reviews on different films can't wait to see a hell of a lot more of them Keep up the great work

  8. Jason Kesser

    Jason Kesser

    11 giorni fa

    I’m a month n half late to this one, rant on you Gandalfian guzzler... You were a patch kit to 2020’s dime store life raft.

  9. Iron Bar

    Iron Bar

    12 giorni fa

    I love this channel!!! Keep it coming and never stop!!! Thank you from an "unknown fan" from an "unspecified region".😂😂

  10. yoğum ben

    yoğum ben

    12 giorni fa

    Abi çok tatlısınız eşinle umarım ben de ileride hayatımı birlikte geçirebileceğim biriyle olurum

  11. TheSporehacker


    12 giorni fa

    Oh man

  12. MrJaydizzle1979


    17 giorni fa

    Glad I found this channel, love your content

  13. Oscar Wind

    Oscar Wind

    17 giorni fa

    Eh, it was a trainwreak of a film with a few good moments

  14. Dave Newman

    Dave Newman

    18 giorni fa

    I can't imagine you'll ever read this Mr Drinker, but I thought I'd just leave this here anyway. I only found your Channel a few months ago from a very random Twitter thread that I stumbled across and have since been slowly working my way forward up to this video right here, right now. With your sentiments at the end of this video it kind of feels appropriate to reflect you feelings and say thank you very much too. You've made me laugh loud and smile at least once a day since I found your little space on the net. I've learnt lot about character development and plots holes and generally had a right good time going through your back thanks heaps Drinker. I'll raise a glass to your health in my favourite waterhole in Thailand tonight!

  15. Boris Dorofeev

    Boris Dorofeev

    18 giorni fa

    Several people dead, dozens of stores looted, millions in property damage and National Guard called in during _mostly_ peaceful protests. Ah the news media, they really know how to soften the impact of bad news. In fact if I die before Don Lemon, I want him to be the one to tell my family that I'm _mostly_ alive.

  16. Uni James

    Uni James

    22 giorni fa

    What old films did they remove stuff from? I can only think of the warnings at the start of films telling people that they contained outdated views.

  17. Honk Honk

    Honk Honk

    23 giorni fa

    Witcher series is trash

  18. William Richardson

    William Richardson

    26 giorni fa

    I guess you forgot to mention all of us who support your only fans

  19. Slayer Sigma-Zeta

    Slayer Sigma-Zeta

    27 giorni fa

    Yup this guy's definitely a Conservative, love it!

  20. daviru02


    Mese fa

    an Thank You CD!

  21. Adam Holt

    Adam Holt

    Mese fa

    Ya done good, Drinker. This has become one of my favorite channels since everyone lost their damn minds. Well done.

  22. cristian verzelloni

    cristian verzelloni

    Mese fa

    I would like to thanks you, because you even made me laugh when I was at home with the virus from unknown origin. thanks.. I go away now!

  23. John Green

    John Green

    Mese fa

    Awww, is someone still salty over Biden winning the election

  24. Hentai Surprise

    Hentai Surprise

    Mese fa

    Surviving isn't enough. You have to have something to live for.

  25. jay Kay

    jay Kay

    Mese fa


  26. New2Kendo


    Mese fa

    If you haven't played Ghost of Tsushima, you should it is was the best came to be released in 2020

  27. Axel Jeremy

    Axel Jeremy

    Mese fa

    I did not see identity politics in westworld but I will say the shift was completely, to a more sci fy tech with more emphasis on free will.

  28. curtis newton

    curtis newton

    Mese fa

    love the way you write...and I am french

  29. curtis newton

    curtis newton

    Mese fa's talk about 2021 shall we

  30. Sam Sung

    Sam Sung

    Mese fa

    Thanks for thank you. You certainly deserved your success. You are a very talented writer and performer, mate!

  31. CryptoLinks Investing

    CryptoLinks Investing

    Mese fa

    This man will go down as a philosopher, as a great voice of reason in our time. Its more then just movie/show reviews, and I appreciate the intellectual humor that has so much wisdom woven into it.

  32. Will King

    Will King

    Mese fa

    I hate it when ITputrs thank their subscribers. Nobody is doing anything but hitting a button because they think you’re a funny fucker. You are right you are lucky to be paying your bills through doing a few vids here and there on ITput and that’s honestly great. Wish you the best of luck for the future 👍🏻

  33. Nienormalny


    Mese fa

    CD, what is your second channel? And the books? Man, where are the links that should be in description? It'll be fine? :]

  34. Douglas Williamson

    Douglas Williamson

    Mese fa

    Drink and check out 7 Days in May....awesome movie.

  35. Buster Morley

    Buster Morley

    Mese fa

    2020 worst year ever. 2021 ... hold my beer.

  36. Dyadica


    Mese fa

    2021: "Hold my beer"

  37. cabuscus


    Mese fa

    The comment he makes about sneaky little edits here and there is so accurate. Shows like little britain removed entirely, episodes of the it crowd removed all because special snowflakes in todays society cant take a few light hearted digs here and there

  38. Nerdy Geezer

    Nerdy Geezer

    Mese fa

    Well done deserve your success

  39. Travis Fontenot

    Travis Fontenot

    Mese fa

    Thank you to I surely enjoyed all the videos that you superbly recorded, here's a 2021 May the alcohol still flow take a shot for me 🍻🍻🍻

  40. Liquify On R6

    Liquify On R6

    Mese fa

    666 k nice

  41. James Barker

    James Barker

    Mese fa

    Subbed! Stay healthy my man

  42. Ethala


    Mese fa

    _[The Best Is Yet To Come_ plays ominously in the distance]

  43. Gazz3447


    Mese fa

    Keep 'er lit, TCD. We ..... thank you, now fuck off.

  44. A. person

    A. person

    Mese fa

    fukin aye!

  45. glorst


    Mese fa

    moar gaming from time to time. not much can mix quite as well as a neat glass of gentlemen jack and a spot of honest game review.

  46. Ethan Henrichs

    Ethan Henrichs

    Mese fa

    Now 2021 seems to be crazy.😕

  47. Payudas


    Mese fa

    Did you just say "The Witcher" and "excellent casting" in the same sentence?

  48. Michael


    Mese fa

    You should review Run Hide Fight.

  49. Bryce Elischer

    Bryce Elischer

    Mese fa

    Hey Drinker, would you ever consider writing a Star Wars novel? I know that’s not your genre really

  50. John Kramer

    John Kramer

    Mese fa

    Genius work. Thank you.

  51. RED


    Mese fa

    Spoiler, it doesn't get better

  52. Disabled Prepper

    Disabled Prepper

    Mese fa

    Honestly Mr. Drinker, YOU are one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. I would not have made it without you. Thank you.

  53. William B

    William B

    Mese fa

    Give Tenet another chance or two. I'm very critical of media (and educated and experienced in it) and no schlepp or sucker when it comes to film, and I loved it, and loved it better when I bought the DVD with the sound "problem" fixed. Then I loved it even more on the third viewing. I expect to be proposing marriage to it soon.

  54. John Sabin

    John Sabin

    Mese fa

    Thank you drinker.. you rock

  55. Heelraiser 1

    Heelraiser 1

    Mese fa

    Ehh Drinker, it's only the new generation and it's relentless drive to turn Jack Daniels into White Claw.

  56. Sasquatch


    Mese fa

    Please sweet baby Jesus I want you to review my favorite movie of all time "Dora the explorer" ummm wait------- I meant "There will be Blood". Pretty please my drunken youtube friend. Let's hope 2021 doesn't say to 2020 "hold my beer"

  57. Obie Da Shinobi

    Obie Da Shinobi

    Mese fa

    Stay powerful

  58. Ojthemighty


    Mese fa

    Spring of 21 is fast approaching and i see no end in sight of these useless immoral lockdowns

    • Ojthemighty


      Mese fa

      Oh and look. Here in uk, another lockdown all through summer 2021. Been nice knowing you chaps. Looks like im gonna die alone in my room.

  59. Sean


    Mese fa

    i rewatched Tenat at home with headphones thinking that I might actually enjoy it and find the story...I didn't.

  60. Robs OnBass

    Robs OnBass

    Mese fa

    I just listened to your unhappy hour from December of 2019. You guys nailed it way back then. I moved to a Kentucky "hobby farm" from Seattle back in 2011 because of what I saw coming, and then this silly lockdown put it on steroids. We are in for interesting times. 2021 will make us pine for the salad days of 2020. And I'm talking internationally. And if Biden is actually sworn in in a few days, the turbo kicks in. (sorry about the mixed metaphores) One funny thing about the property is that when my son first saw it, with the knobs and hollers and streams, he said, "This place could be a post holocaust family compound." We have seven kids and five grandkids (so far), and yes they could all live here comfortably. The climate is absolutely ideal. I'm not a survivalist in the least, but at least I know this place could be "repurposed" in a heartbeat.

  61. War Peace

    War Peace

    Mese fa

    The idea that things will get better is about the only idea left when everything else has been destroyed. A banal and simple mistake. Never forget that things can always get worse. 2021 proves it again.

  62. Project Renaissance Man

    Project Renaissance Man

    Mese fa


  63. andrenyheim123


    Mese fa

    Best youtuber I have found in years. Cheers to you mate, looking forward to more content.

  64. Gene Valle

    Gene Valle

    Mese fa

    Great message about you feeling fortunate with the success of your channel. LOVE your critiques, keep it up.

  65. OmNominus Rex

    OmNominus Rex

    Mese fa

    You've been a breath of fresh truth and honesty in a peak time of whiney, "accept what you're handed or you're wrong" bullshit plagues this gods forsaken land of imitation humanity. I've enjoyed your content fine sir! Go away now! ... until your next video.

  66. Lady Stag

    Lady Stag

    Mese fa

    Can u review witches 2020

  67. Raevn One

    Raevn One

    Mese fa

    You’re welcome. Thank you for being courageous and starting this channel. “God knows: I’ve dreamed of it.” *Drops knife and walks into an fiery inferno. Can we get a Riddick quadrilogy watch-party/review 🤙🏽

  68. Mac Syn

    Mac Syn

    Mese fa

    I'd love for you to watch GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka, and review it. Everyone who lived through 2020 needs to watch Ep. 6 imho

  69. K1 M1

    K1 M1

    Mese fa

    New films suck anyways, Drinker! Stick to the classics!

  70. E Kennedy

    E Kennedy

    Mese fa


  71. Ostrog


    Mese fa

    That was beautiful Drinker. You have inspired me to start my channel. It will be called “The Discerning Crapper”, held on a Sunday morning from the smallest room in my house. Sitting on my ceramic throne, I will rate the latest films using different signals from my culturally attuned derrière.

  72. J Carr

    J Carr

    Mese fa


  73. TheAnanaki


    Mese fa

    I think The Mandolorian was released in November of 2019 and The Witcher in December. Don't drag them into the nightmare that was 2020.

  74. PrimzyKovac


    Mese fa

    @ The Critical Drinker I'm really happy for you. Keep it up my man and cheers. :)

  75. RNDM Thoughts

    RNDM Thoughts

    Mese fa

    Your the best. Keep it up!

  76. Stephen McCoy

    Stephen McCoy

    Mese fa

    It’s hard tell even after watching so many of your videos, just what exactly inspires you to choose the ones you do . But I seriously hope before I kill myself from being the drunken fool that I am ( for clarity, I’m NOT suicidal ) , you might consider reviewing Martyrs, and I mean the 2008 version done by Pascal Laugier. If you’re not interested , God Bless anyway and remember one of the worlds greatest poets words , and Jean Redpath singing them , “ We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet ... “

    • Stephen McCoy

      Stephen McCoy

      Mese fa

      @SicParvisMagna123 are you Will Jordan ? Because otherwise, I don’t care to hear from you . My query was only meant for him ...So your brilliant insight means nothing to me . If he doesn’t choose to respond, that’s ok , but you are not him ...

    • SicParvisMagna123


      Mese fa

      Here's a clue. If he doesn't like it and it has politics in it he disagrees with: he talks about it. If he likes it and it doesn't have politics in it he disagrees with: he talks about it.

  77. Cain McKenzie

    Cain McKenzie

    Mese fa

    Hahaha loved it. Ya fkn dancer. Great to hear another Scot happy to have a rant and a dig. Happy new year fella.

  78. Ross Pharlan Miller

    Ross Pharlan Miller

    Mese fa

    Vodka made a fool o me.......but ,2020 is the world o the This sci fi?

  79. Michael Kidd

    Michael Kidd

    Mese fa

    Thanks Drinker... I've certainly appreciated you this past year.

  80. Brett Kerr

    Brett Kerr

    Mese fa

    What are some of ya books mate? I've only just found your channel, but I've been binge watching everything... because Scots have the best accent in the world, and your no bullshit attitude is how i like things lol

  81. Steven Moore

    Steven Moore

    Mese fa

    Just recently discovered your videos. BRILLIANT. It's got so bad with the WOKE agenda that I have resorted to not watching any TV in over five years now. Nor have I watched but a few recommended movies. Most are but a condesending "WOKE JACKHAMMER" now days. We, that's me and the missus, watch all the pre PC movies and TV series available on ITput thousands of them. Including wonderful Black and White (was that rascists)? Film noir and old British ealing and pinewood studio movies. For many a year, I have complained of the Hollywood killing off of the great forties fifties style Western genra. Back then, it was package and sold as discontinuing with Rural themes. But we all knew it was a move away from toxic Macho imagery for the next generation. And in fact, was the beginnings of a steady tip toe into the full on movie Wokery we see today. For as my old man used to say, "you can't get just a little bit pregnant"! Good news is, you can still get your full on Western fix on ITput. However, after 1970, they were seriously dumbed down with hippy music and "all you need is love" themes. Just like they have been doing with bond during the Daniel Craig series. "Big boys must cry"? The writing was on the wall for the end of bond as we know it when we all heard Dame Judi's "M" utter the eye rolling words "you are nothing but a massogynist dinosaur" Bond. And he just took it like a school boy. Anyway. Thank you for some great movie in-sites and wonderfully acerbic reviews. A real breath of fresh air to a suffocating mass of downtrodden male movie lovers. Many of which are beginning to fight back by searching out alternative sources of entertainment. Well, "That's all I've got to say for now, so I'll will indeed, go away now". 👍

  82. Sarah Barnes

    Sarah Barnes

    Mese fa

    Starting to think this guy is a sexist

    • Sarah Barnes

      Sarah Barnes

      Mese fa

      @Indiana Jones it's just a pattern that when there's a movie with a female lead, he tends to shit on it

    • Indiana Jones

      Indiana Jones

      Mese fa

      @Sarah Barnes When did he say anything about not wanting women in movies?

    • Sarah Barnes

      Sarah Barnes

      Mese fa

      @Jerry BARNHOUSE I just don't get what's so "woke" about having women in movies

    • Jerry BARNHOUSE

      Jerry BARNHOUSE

      Mese fa

      @Sarah Barnes yes, all males are VERY sexist if they don’t like Hollywood woke messaging. Once again c r i n g e 😬

    • Sarah Barnes

      Sarah Barnes

      Mese fa

      @Jerry BARNHOUSE starting to think you are too

  83. vivi xD

    vivi xD

    Mese fa

    Fun fact. We're not even 10 days in 2021

  84. mauthful


    Mese fa

    Found the channel recently thanks to a ITput suggestion that was surprisingly helpful. Really enjoying catching up on your recent content, and looking forward to new videos populating my subscription page.

  85. 1dantown


    Mese fa

    Dear Mr. Drinker, you make me _not_ _want_ to start drinking again. I think that's a compliment? Happy New Year.

  86. George A

    George A

    Mese fa

    It's possible to make a movie with a political agenda which works. But, it the agenda comes without a good script or good direction or is too heavy handed, it can ruin the who thing.

  87. VforCyberpunk


    Mese fa

    maybe you could do a drinker reviews whiskey video

  88. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    Mese fa

    It’s amazing with all of this rejection that the Democrats still won. Oh wait no they didn’t. They literally lost everything down ballot except for a couple of key spots with amazing mathematical impossibility.

  89. TheAyeAye1


    Mese fa

    When I was a child in the Sixties, there was a thing named the Hong Kong Flu that actually was nearly as lethal as Covid 19 and killed young and healthy people in addition to old or sick people. The grown ups then isolated people at risk the best they could and left everything open until herd immunity developed. BTW Woodstock happened that year. The WWII people apparently had stronger spines than the kids they raised.

  90. Em Elol

    Em Elol

    Mese fa

    She can fly because the metal of the armor

  91. Paul McCreery

    Paul McCreery

    Mese fa

    Just stumbled upon your channel man. Fuckin gold. Keep it up👍

  92. Jonathan Bingham

    Jonathan Bingham

    Mese fa

    Thank you for your content, please never stop

  93. Bjorn Wetz

    Bjorn Wetz

    Mese fa

    Perhaps you could do a drinker fixes 2020.

  94. Steve Aitken

    Steve Aitken

    Mese fa

    Dear Mr. Drinker, I, just watched your review of Jaws, and I too miss the 80s. I wonder if you'd consider reviewing "The Final Countdown" - I'd be very interested in your assessment of the storyline and the acting. I've always wondered why this movie never got a remake - I reckon it would be an awesome candidate. Cheers, Steve. PS: I'm going away now :)

  95. Donald Smith

    Donald Smith

    Mese fa

    Just watched "LA Confidential" again after not seeing it since it was released. Having Aussies play the leads of a quintessentially American story was no big deal, and it was a nearly perfect movie. The wild thing is that I know people work really hard making bad movies, but that spark of talent and luck is just lacking. Anyway, that movie is well worth another look; been trying to find Blake Edwards' "S.O.B.", hope that is as good as my memory of it.

  96. Leif O'Doyle

    Leif O'Doyle

    Mese fa

    You should review "The Room"



    Mese fa

    1-9-21. Good sir, and I say that with respect and pride, THANK YOU!!!! Been enjoying yor vid stuff for a while and even my little mommy enjoys it too( I’m here caring for her and trapped away from my own adventures of big kidism ). Yor intellect witty insight and knowledge of WRITING amazes me and entertains to the last drop!!! I even quote you all the time!! NAH, ITLL BE FINE!!!! Compliments continue in my brain and again THANK YOU!!

  98. WuBzZ Yo

    WuBzZ Yo

    Mese fa

    review preacher

  99. Judy Hopps

    Judy Hopps

    Mese fa

    Witcher - excellent casting Pick one

  100. psychoangus


    Mese fa

    What’s your opinion on Akira? One of my favourites. How about a nostalgic review? 😅 Love the channel mate.

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