The Girl Who Wouldn't Back Down

Let me tell you a story about a woman who stood up to the mob.
(This is not an endorsement of anything she has said on social media, it's simply an observation on how she's been treated.)


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    17 giorni fa

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    • UncleCorey


      2 giorni fa

      **INCOMMING CODED TRANSMISSION FROM: (Lt. Corey). Relayed from - (a classified location in the TSWG sector)* ---"Yeah I went over and bombed the oscars channel a week ago when you fine folks of youtube clued me in to the fact that *Darth Kennedy* has *DARED* to come out of her hole. When done I went *straight* over to continue my strafing run on the high republic only to find I was late to the party! There were already several of bomber squadrons on the scene assaulting the high republic stronghold. So after joining my compatriots in laying waste to our accursed foe we all went for drinks at the local cantina! But, as I sat amongst all my fellow reveling Rebels I realized our work is not complete. If Grand Moff Chapek and Moff Iger aren’t made aware of Darth Kennedy’s clandestine deception they continue to support our dastardly foe and lengthen the span of the war. So, last night a flew a solo mission to the *Disney Channel* sector and commenced a pre-emptive strike in Mos Cruella! You needn’t be concerned about Princess Emma’s well being. Our spies informed her of the imminent attack and she was evacuated to safety! So now, my fellow rebel compatriots *relay this transmission to ALL squadrons!!* It is time to *COMMENCE FULL-SCALE ATTACK* on the *DISNEY CHANNEL SECTOR!!* *LONG LIVE THE REBELLION!!!!*"--- *END TRANSMISSION* (Automated note: ALL transmissions must be scrambled when relaying this information to ANY and ALL Rebel forces)

    • Roxas Henry

      Roxas Henry

      4 giorni fa

      @Justin Gonzalez foolishness

    • Justin Gonzalez

      Justin Gonzalez

      5 giorni fa

      @Roxas Henry dude, it’s very easy to say these types of things until you one day lose someone in your family or friend group, I’m sorry but this is an arguement where lack of experience or even perspective of a different person can really be debunked quickly, you’re all for it until you’re the one with the most to lose, now don’t me wrong canceling people in this world doesn’t do anything except put them in time out instead of letting people learn or be educated, but at the same time it’s why these people from the far right get criticism, not because of their beliefs but because of the fact that they can mismanage their voice and use it instead of connecting with their audience but instead spreading false narratives that on top when debunked with cold hard evidence, it’s spun in a different way entirely to avoid the thought of being wrong for once, so I again retract my statement of teaching people because only a certain select few will want to be taught others become ignorant and that’s not on one side but both are wrong, left or right, if it’s too extreme it’s wrong and we’d be fighting a war that at the end of the day would be for nothing other than baseless opinions and beliefs

    • [First Name] [Last Name]

      [First Name] [Last Name]

      7 giorni fa

      @M. C. Indeed. If she had done it sensibly, then what happened likely wouldn't have happened.

    • M. C.

      M. C.

      7 giorni fa

      @[First Name] [Last Name] She could give a talk on racism or genocide, or present a documentary, treat the subject seriously.

  2. The Left Can't Meme

    The Left Can't Meme

    30 minuti fa

    Holy shit you "people" are SIMPs.

  3. Jason H

    Jason H

    Ora fa

    Ben Shapiro will be the next Stephen Speelberg, just watched and see. Gina will be amazing to,

  4. B C

    B C

    Ora fa

    No wonder you're a critic and not a real writer... I do like allot of you're critiques, but, as a friend at coffee agreed, you're rather narrow and obvious. Go away now.

  5. wtiiwarcraft


    5 ore fa

    Why do you keep telling me to go away, what are you trying to hide from me?

  6. Hello2Jello4Mellow


    7 ore fa

    You're goddamn right!

  7. Nathaniel Esposito

    Nathaniel Esposito

    7 ore fa

    Hope she sees this bro 😎

  8. Lu Tello

    Lu Tello

    8 ore fa

    Alcohol poisoned chud simping for Stormfront now, not surprised.

  9. lazyrmc


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  10. Kizza McRoddy

    Kizza McRoddy

    11 ore fa

    Bit Melodramatic dude. She was an average actress working on a TV show who repeatedly said dumb shit online and eventually got fired. Big deal. She would've been quietly warned and ignored those warnings and continued to post dumb conspiracy shit online and then in the face of criticism compared herself to a Jewish girl in a cage during the holocaust. That's it. She's no Martyr. Just someone who couldn't shut up on social media for the sake of her nice cushy star wars job. She became a liability.

  11. Yolanda72


    12 ore fa

    She can’t act! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. Noa Greenini

    Noa Greenini

    14 ore fa

    Wow, sorry CD, but this video makes me cringe. Not a good one. She said stupid things on Twitter, got warned, kept doing it and now she has another job. It isn't that deep.

  13. Mary Wilson

    Mary Wilson

    14 ore fa

    You're a riddy for Scotland, Disney is pulling in 6 billion dollars annually from Disney + good luck thinking they give a fuck about your crying about a really bad actress.

  14. Mary Wilson

    Mary Wilson

    14 ore fa

    Disney fired her, the capitalists at Disney.

  15. MustardFuelledVengeance


    14 ore fa

    Pretty cringe

    • lazyrmc


      9 ore fa

      Super cringe

  16. Luke van Kleef

    Luke van Kleef

    15 ore fa

    This is actually a pretty well written tale.

  17. jimi71smw


    15 ore fa

    What bugs me about this whole story and Kathleen Kennedy is that so called large Twitter Mob that got Gina fired have gone strangely quiet. you would have thought that they would have jumped in to help their "woke" hero Kathleen Kennedy but they have gone silent, not a word from them, especially when "they" were so vocal about Gina. Now Kathleen Kennedy has gone into hiding and has gone silent and is not making any comment or statements just like the "twitter mob" could they be one and the same, could Kathleen Kennedy orchestrated the whole thing? Kathleen Kennedy certainly had the motive, as she wanted rid of anyone that didn't follow her agenda, she certainly opportunity and had access to enough computers and I.T. specialists that could have used all those assets at Lucasfilm as a lot of their work is CGI and based on computers to create numerous twitter accounts and bots to perform such an action and she certainly has an over baring and ruthless manner to force people to go along with this plan or else they would be fired and if those I.T. experts have signed a non disclosure agreement then there would be nothing they could do to report this breach of power and Kathleen Kennedy would never be held accountable for this action, it would be the perfect crime....someone needs to investigate the computers at Lucasfilm as this could very well be a real possibility, the only problem there is that hollywood has a long history of destroying evidence with help from the police in making issues "go away".

  18. Bhatt Hole

    Bhatt Hole

    18 ore fa

    Wouldn't it be crazy if this shit was the last straw which triggered a civil war?

  19. Ninjabear Press

    Ninjabear Press

    18 ore fa

    I was done with Star Wars anyway, but I look forward to Gina's next project.

  20. ShivaTheDestroyer


    19 ore fa

    pls sir, why did Haywire fail? Carano's performance was fine.. all-star cast... was the director on coke?

  21. Bhatt Hole

    Bhatt Hole

    20 ore fa

    1:31 That picture, lol! Just follow the script, people.

  22. Erik Urizita

    Erik Urizita

    22 ore fa

    All these nobodies simping for uglies such as Pokemain and that ok boomer trick... If I’d ever Simp for a woman it’d be Gina, with zero regret.

  23. Michael Kats

    Michael Kats

    Giorno fa

    I think you are overdoing it somewhat. She isn´t Rosa Parks who stood her ground. She is still an Idiot for pulling up a false equivalency and promoting stupid Conspiracies. Still I agree with you on the part that cancel Culture is obnoxious and self defeating. I am German and I would consider myself a fairly liberal person, since I share, in General most Ideals with people on the political left but I get why no one likes these peple, since they are incredibly annoying. I don´t think that your politics should take influence on your work life as long as it isn´t influencing the buisness itself. The calls for cancellation are a cancer, on the left but also on the right who are no less numerous but rather than twitter these guys tend to be more physically violent. People can discuss what she said and people can call her stupid for saying stupid stuff like the nazi equvalency and you cann call her ignorant for her views on people with wich you do not agree, wich might be mean but overall still fair. But the Twitter people have to take a proper look towards themselves. Acting like that isn´t dealing with problems nor is it offering a solution. It is only noise and it can drive people with whom you could actually argue insane and towards nut jobs like these Q Anon and other groups.

  24. Rusty Kinks

    Rusty Kinks

    Giorno fa

    Petition to have Kennedy vs Carano in a UFC ring?

  25. KashelGladio


    Giorno fa

    So... was this supposed to be cringe? Or...?

  26. Ton


    Giorno fa

    "...(This is not an endorsement of anything she has said on social media, it's simply an observation on how she's been treated.)..." What she said was factual and an astute observation and analysis so why not endorse it? I most certainly do...

  27. Charuzu, Automaton Artificer

    Charuzu, Automaton Artificer

    Giorno fa

    We haven't forgotten.... And we will not forget....

  28. gaaraxnaru


    Giorno fa

    No offense, but this video screams that you and a lot of other people still don't get that freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. When you say stupid stuff, that damages your company's reputation, they reserve the right to fire you. Especially if it's in your contract, which I'm betting it was. It's not just about right vs left. I highly doubt Disney actually cares about that, they care about looking bad to the masses. And they certainly were by taking so long to fire her.

    • gaaraxnaru


      12 ore fa

      There was a comment here by a Joshua Simpson but it seemed he deleted it. Shame. I would've loved to see what it fully said.

    • gaaraxnaru


      22 ore fa

      @M M Never said I was. I understand consequences to my actions. Unlike her, I actually keep most of my personal/political opinions off of social media. After all, current and future employers are always capable of looking you up and finding you wanting. It's called common sense. Also, what is with the right and trying to intimidate those on the left into being worried about a possible future where what we say is considered "controversial". Like what? Last I checked hate speech and anti-mask speech were actively harmful, not just "controversial". Y'all say we love to politicize everything and call us "snowflakes", but y'all the ones looking mighty sensitive right now.

    • M M

      M M

      Giorno fa

      Well I hope you’re aware that the same exact thing also applies to you. You are also not free from consequences. So don’t cry victim when the opposing side starts playing by your rules, and decides that whatever you’ve said is simply far too offensive for you to be allowed to hold any job, anywhere.

  29. Anduril


    Giorno fa

    I mean, when you're a Hollywood star your name is your brand, and if you don't do brand management carefully then you're out. Maybe that's not very fair, but who every said it was? And really, Disney kind of sat by while she said A LOT of stuff that was damaging her brand, and maybe even Disney by extension. The final straw? Well maybe don't flippantly compare people not liking your internet hot takes as being the same thing as the literal killing of 6 million people in a genocide. Even I, who thought the initial SJW bullshit controversies surrounding pronouns, yes freaking pronouns, was idiotic. But then it's like she decided to single-handedly tank her own career by posting a lot of political stuff and getting edgier every day until Disney said "yeah okay enough." I hate that it makes me take Disney's side here, but quite frankly Gina Carano only has herself to thank for getting fired, many companies wouldn't have put up with her shenanigans for half as long IMO.

  30. TheIndulgers


    Giorno fa

    Think you missed the point. It's good she got fired. Don't say stupid hateful shit online that can compromise your career.

    • Jen Jen

      Jen Jen

      Giorno fa

      Thelnd... Yeah, cause money is more important than honor, truth and principles.

  31. conjugations M8

    conjugations M8

    Giorno fa

    I've been waiting with bated breath for this! Thank you, Drinker, you eternally inebriated yet brilliant soothsayer!

  32. ocularnervosa


    Giorno fa

    Now do the Dixie Chicks.

  33. Nick Miller

    Nick Miller

    Giorno fa

    But before the mob could extinguish the girl, the local wizard (who's wife is a healer) that specialized in defeating members of the brain dead mob offered a hand to the girl, which she gladly accepted. The rest of this story has yet to be told, and more characters yet to be introduced

  34. Victor Cates

    Victor Cates

    Giorno fa

    I hope she keeps her nerve. The current story is the ugliness of blacklisting. But if she folds or is manipulated, it can be paved over a bit.

  35. ReddFoxx1562


    Giorno fa

    I don't care who it is, anyone who says what she said is just either ignorant, dumb, or ill.

  36. Yura


    Giorno fa

    being homosexual so kinda gay so i stand by her

  37. Benedict Lins

    Benedict Lins

    Giorno fa

    Please do a video on Run Hide Fight. I know it may not be the most popular or uncontroversial movie but I think its a very unique one and worth talking about.

  38. Staysharp Bear

    Staysharp Bear

    Giorno fa

    I can't remember the name of the film but she was lead in a spy/thriller with co-stars, Channing Tatum and Bill Paxton. I think Eman McGregor was in it as well. It was good. Not amazing but I'd watch it again. That's the ultimate test I think. Compared to many of today's films, it was fucking awesome! Oh Gina!

  39. Dickon Springate

    Dickon Springate

    Giorno fa

    They can remove my notifications and delete my post, but they'll will never get my subcription or cinema money while KK is still part of the empire #TeamGina #FireKathleenKennedy

  40. UncleCorey


    Giorno fa


  41. UncleCorey


    Giorno fa

    **INCOMMING UPDATED TRANSMISSION FROM: (Lt. Corey). Relayed from - (the Disney Channel sector)* ---*"Rebel Alliance!* Have launched successful primary assault on the 'comments' section of *Mos Cruella!* But am encountering significant enemy resistance! Request immediate *Rebel* support at *Mos Cruella* in the *Disney Channel sector! REPEAT!! REQUEST IMMEDIATE REBEL SUPPORT AT MOS CRUELLA IN THE DISNEY CHANNEL SECTOR!!!* URRGH!! (unintelligible) ..P0!! WHERE CAN THEY BE??

  42. Michael Whitehead

    Michael Whitehead

    Giorno fa

    Am I missing something? How is this lady losing her job not justified?

    • Steven Magdaleno

      Steven Magdaleno

      9 ore fa

      You aren't missing anything. She said a bunch of dumb shit and got fired. Now she is a champion of women's rights for conservatives, because... She... Talks? I'm actually not sure what she is championing. Maybe because she is relentlessly stupid? She never backs down, even in the face of evidence and numbers and logic and facts?

  43. Melissa Roberts

    Melissa Roberts

    Giorno fa


  44. Final Froggit Approaches

    Final Froggit Approaches

    2 giorni fa

    B-but.. she was an actual strong woman! There was finally a big girl who could believably fight and win and, and, I.. Damn it, Disney.. You finally had something great and you destroyed it.. Why? WHY?!

  45. JoshuaT Eubanks

    JoshuaT Eubanks

    2 giorni fa

    Done with Disney, which is too bad, B/c Wandavision was a friggin trip. I might pirate it, but would still have to discern their sublimation.

  46. Dave Cos

    Dave Cos

    2 giorni fa

    TTeam Gina. Period

  47. TheArtsyDragon


    2 giorni fa

    Let's face it, politics and political views are nothing except corrupted (or corruptible) without a moral compass, and neither side has a moral compass. The world is a dumb place.

  48. conoradams57


    2 giorni fa


  49. George Saint

    George Saint

    2 giorni fa

    Leave Britney alone!

  50. Da Boz

    Da Boz

    2 giorni fa

    So...they're okay with Rian Johnson and Brie Larson running their mouths, insulting the fans, but What Carano did, no can't have that! Social media just needs to be canceled.

  51. Scrub_FGC


    2 giorni fa

    Disney sending a message to women all over the world: Know your place and don't step out of line!

    • Rusty Kinks

      Rusty Kinks

      Giorno fa

      Like everything else; Terms and conditions apply along with warranty.

  52. Constantin Vasiliev

    Constantin Vasiliev

    2 giorni fa

    Thank you Critical Drinker for another amazing video. Also for people who still persist at twisting her words into something they are not, here is Gina explaining that tweet:

  53. ReggieRock Lol

    ReggieRock Lol

    2 giorni fa

    This is pretty cringe

  54. Scott R

    Scott R

    2 giorni fa

    So Kathleen Kennedy has had one screw up after another for close to ten years now, where is the mob calling for her to be fired?

  55. 10 Bears

    10 Bears

    2 giorni fa

    well, that hit hard

  56. Logan C

    Logan C

    2 giorni fa

    I could feel your pain in those words, Drinker. I feel them with you.

  57. UncleCorey


    2 giorni fa

    **INCOMMING CODED TRANSMISSION FROM: (Lt. Corey). Relayed from - (a classified location in the TSWG sector)* ---"Yeah I went over and bombed the oscars channel a week ago when you fine folks of youtube clued me in to the fact that *Darth Kennedy* has *DARED* to come out of her hole. When done I went *straight* over to continue my strafing run on the high republic only to find I was late to the party! There were already several of bomber squadrons on the scene assaulting the high republic stronghold. So after joining my compatriots in laying waste to our accursed foe we all went for drinks at the local cantina! But, as I sat amongst all my fellow reveling Rebels I realized our work is not complete. If Grand Moff Chapek and Moff Iger aren’t made aware of Darth Kennedy’s clandestine deception they continue to support our dastardly foe and lengthen the span of the war. So, last night a flew a solo mission to the *Disney Channel* sector and commenced a pre-emptive strike in Mos Cruella! You needn’t be concerned about Princess Emma’s well being. Our spies informed her of the imminent attack and she was evacuated to safety! So now, my fellow rebel compatriots *relay this transmission to ALL squadrons!!* It is time to *COMMENCE FULL-SCALE ATTACK* on the *DISNEY CHANNEL SECTOR!!* *LONG LIVE THE REBELLION!!!!*"--- *END TRANSMISSION* (Automated note: ALL transmissions must be scrambled when relaying this information to ANY and ALL Rebel forces)

  58. Basil Ciccone

    Basil Ciccone

    2 giorni fa

    lmfaooo people in comment sections

  59. Chad A

    Chad A

    2 giorni fa

    Hypocrites are what they are because they HATE the truth. Every single SJW is a rancid and evil hypocrite

  60. Thomas Revere

    Thomas Revere

    2 giorni fa

    If you say heinous things, people might not want to work with you. Free speech doesn't mean you're free from the consequences of that speech.

  61. Bob Paikowski

    Bob Paikowski

    2 giorni fa

    Sounds like a story Disney could be doing with all of the female empowerment stuff they're putting out. A true, honest to gosh, female warrior taking on an evil establishment and fighting for what is right. Another miss by Disney. Well done Drinker.

  62. Alborz Ajeli

    Alborz Ajeli

    2 giorni fa

    Great video.. the funny (and rather sad) thing is that 99% of this "woke", offended mob, would have been a part of the Nazi movement back then, turning in neighbouring Jews with a smile and always "doing the right thing" -in accordance with the status quo and popular movement of their proximity. These clowns don't understand that the way they're being manipulated and controlled right now, they would have been manipulated and controlled back then. They are the very stain upon history of which they so passionately detest. But this will only become apparent in the future, around the same time it dawns on cult members that they have waster their lives, and that the world would have been a better place if they were never born.

  63. Stirbjoern Westerhever

    Stirbjoern Westerhever

    2 giorni fa

    Sorry, but can't look on this issue without looking at the problematic statements she made. Would I surport an actress who would surport the lies of a stolen presidency or compares the presure of wokeness to the Holocaust? No I wouldn't, therefore you are wrong to seperate this issue from the actual political background. I love your channel, but here you're on the wrong side of the story.

    • Stirbjoern Westerhever

      Stirbjoern Westerhever

      Giorno fa

      @anyanyany anyanyany I don't know who Pedro is... But I think, one missstep could be forgiven, if I followed correctly, Gina had several missteps... And why on earth think some people they must compare any thing they want to critizise to the Holocaust? Bill Maher is criticing wokeness warriors for years and I love it, there is no need for comparission to one of the bigest atrocities of mankind. And I think there is a small difference between criticising wokeness to the Holocaust and the cages from the Trump administration at the border. Is there a comparison appropriate? No, it is not, but I can see why someone would choose a comparison. If someone uses this comparison in a heated debate and would apologize later on, it would be ok with me. I don't know if this had happend with the Pedro guy...

    • anyanyany anyanyany

      anyanyany anyanyany

      Giorno fa

      holocaust comparisons are dumb at best because people only use it to impose their sense of moral superiority over everyone else, and Gina was no exception, but let's not pretend she's the only one who has made these comparisons. Pedro Pascal made a comparison of undocumented children in cages to jews being led to concentration camps during the holocaust, which is a dumb take, but no one is cancelling Pedro for that. There are double standards at play. I wish everyone would be held accountable equally, but since dear ol' Holly is a liberal hivemind, y'know.

  64. Dxve


    2 giorni fa

    "That's all I've got for today go away now" 😂😂😂



    2 giorni fa

    Not a great actor though.

  66. Mike Ashford

    Mike Ashford

    2 giorni fa

    gina is completely correct the current government, while claiming to try to unite (which is part of the strategy, get on board or you are part of the problem, ploy) is demonizing people with different political views. It is not the differences in political views that is the problem. We move forward out of the differences. It this the lack of respect for the other side and hatred and disdain that comes with it. The bigger issue is that the portion of the society that is being demonized is a very large portion rather than a tiny unarmed minority. The other thing these people are ignoring is that they are the smaller portion of society as they will have tons of folks on their side that will defect or not participate. Oh and remember the rank and file of the military are going to lean conservative. This is why they want " common sense " gun control, no ammo sales on line, no gun parts available online. They want to remove the ability of the populous to protect itself from the government. To all the lefties that are in control know your day will come when you are no longer in power and then you will suffer from the very attacks on your rights that you are attempting to inflict on the other side.

  67. Anderson Wang

    Anderson Wang

    2 giorni fa

    I honestly saw nothing wrong with what she says. It could be interpreted in many different ways. Oh well.

  68. Otakar Kuby

    Otakar Kuby

    2 giorni fa

    Sooo "Lucasfilm simultaneously denounced Carano's posts as denigrating people's cultural and religious identities, calling them abhorrent and unacceptable." Lucas say Gina is wrong which means they endorse Jew hating. Is this some form or revers psychology by Disney wokeness to get fans to desert mandolorian and all it possibly represents for the hope of a reboot.

  69. Nick Hassett

    Nick Hassett

    2 giorni fa

    Gina apparently compared having a certain political view to being a Jew during the Holocaust. Is that really a sensible career move for anyone in the public eye? Disney also have a history of using racist/anti-semitic tropes over the years and they're probably keen to distance themselves from even the hint of such a thing.

  70. Santiago Varela

    Santiago Varela

    3 giorni fa

    3:17 do you actually believe that those are comparable situations?

  71. DerHalbeEuro


    3 giorni fa

    Saw here in a interview for the movie Haywire in 2011. That woman was always so full of herself. Never liked her arrogant attitude.

  72. Mendicant X

    Mendicant X

    3 giorni fa

    amazing bro - you're the best drunk movie reviewer Scottish guy on youtuber ever - go away now

  73. Lucas Herring

    Lucas Herring

    3 giorni fa

    6.9 thousand "tolerant people"🤣😂😆

  74. David McKnight

    David McKnight

    3 giorni fa

    The same people that support her unnecessary brain farts, hate football players for taking a knee... Ahhhh... Hypocrisy! 😂😂😂

  75. Blushing Butterfly

    Blushing Butterfly

    3 giorni fa

    4:19 #canceldisneyplus trending with holocaust wait what

  76. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies

    3 giorni fa

    Personally, I think a person is retarded if they even listen to what an actor or actress thinks about any subject except acting. They should invariably shut the fuck up, and just do their job, and collect their obscene payments for pretending to be someone else.

  77. republican lies

    republican lies

    3 giorni fa

    Gina is the one in the cult.

  78. MurasakiTsukimaru


    3 giorni fa

    Gina Carano: "I'm not getting involved, I don't give a damn." Twitards: "You have to! You need to post your pronouns to show support for JLGBTQATFSBBQ!" Gina: Posts nonsensical pronouns. Twitards: "How dare you mock our nonsensical pronouns by posting nonsensical pronouns!"

  79. Wofulrumble


    3 giorni fa

    It's too bad Disney didn't keep her on, I was hoping to hear more stupid shit she said. Not surprised she was fired since her story was wrapped up it's an easy thing to do then. I wish I was ignorant to the results of absolute free speech and how hate overwhelmingly absorbs the platform every single time cause people don't realize how much hate exists until the flood hates are opened. 🙁

    • Wofulrumble


      3 giorni fa

      What used to be massive events are now moments in time. Hate speech ruled Myanmar Facebook which resulted in offline violence. Absolute free speech is as achievable as world peace because someone will abuse it that is guaranteed. Ideas are hard to exterminate.

  80. CommanderKnee


    3 giorni fa

    NPC: We need more strong, independent women in the hollywood, join us. Strong independent woman: You are not the clowns, you are the entire circus. NPC: *then perish*

  81. Eric Msemwa

    Eric Msemwa

    3 giorni fa

    Wow you just got too drunk on this one 😁

  82. Old Son Gun

    Old Son Gun

    3 giorni fa

    To be fair, disney stock has never been higher and it's still going up. I don't think they give a fuck what any of us think. Their titles might fail huge, but that stock continues to rise.

    • Capedia


      3 giorni fa

      If Disney's stock goes up the company itself doesn't profit from it though. A company only profits from selling its product, which is why it should be a big deal if Disney's titles are failing.

  83. Hrishikesh Mahendravada

    Hrishikesh Mahendravada

    3 giorni fa

    No matter what anyone says I like Gina Carano. Her opinions , not so much. We gotta learn to separate an actor and their opinions. She's not a politician or someone in power for it to make an impact on the society. Actors are people like us and much like the rest of us, many of them are opinionated.

    • Santiago Varela

      Santiago Varela

      3 giorni fa

      While I agree we should separate people from their opinion you have to keep in mind that actor are the face of their characthers and the shows they star on, so if an actor says something that makes them look bad they make the show look bad. I completly disagree with you saying she doesn't make an impact on society, she's a famous actress she has more influence than you or I will ever have.

  84. Faul Milter

    Faul Milter

    3 giorni fa

    when gina carano got fired, people said that she is anti-masker. but when shuri's actress being an anti-vaccine, no one said anything, not even diesny.

    • pilkers2


      18 ore fa

      @Rusty Kinks ok

    • Rusty Kinks

      Rusty Kinks

      Giorno fa

      @pilkers2 And your kids' health and anyone else you brainwash and anyone who's not able to get their vaccines for legitimate reasons like allergens, immunity issues or just being too young as yet to have all of them.

    • pilkers2


      Giorno fa

      Tbh being an anti masker is dangerous to other people’s health while being an anti vaccine means your only really endangering your health

    • Kayvee


      2 giorni fa

      Both are terrible. There, one person said something, happy?

    • Sean Bryan

      Sean Bryan

      3 giorni fa

      That shows Disney bias.They should have fired both of there asses.I’ll take the win tho.

  85. Rico Rodriquez Collins

    Rico Rodriquez Collins

    3 giorni fa

    unsubscribed. I'm outta here.

  86. hasbrohero


    3 giorni fa

    The “Go away now” in this one felt genuine and full of disappointment :(

  87. Tony K

    Tony K

    4 giorni fa

    Neither side is right Critical Unsubscribing for fanning the flames though. Best of luck to you ✌️❤️

  88. Your Name

    Your Name

    4 giorni fa

    Hey right wingers weren't you mad at Disney when she first got the gig for being a strong woman character? You are dumb, that's why a democrat donor from Queens New York just told you one day he was republican and you voted for him and won😂😂😂😂

  89. C W

    C W

    4 giorni fa

    There seems to be an uptick in 🐑 🐑 🐑 in this comment section. Let’s sum up the context of the tweets for a moment... The comparison to Nazi Germany and the Persecution of Jews was meant to highlight how fear and propoganda can turn people against their own neighbors and showcase the demonization of people along ideological lines, perpetuated by the mob with malice intent. If you take a moment to reflect on world history, one can conclude that a country like the USA (including other western nations) has been and continues to be on this leftward ideological trajectory due to the MARXIST / CRT infiltration of academics. Politics and corporate america continue to adopt / adapt to cultural shifts as they always do to stay relevant / in power. As a result, cancel culture was born, which is facilitated by big tech, and is now weaponized against people with dissenting opinions to maintain power and control. I say good for her for speaking up. What’s a job worth to you if you no longer carry yourself with a sense of integrity. She knew she was pushing the envelope and would eventually be fired.

  90. Kevin Hauser

    Kevin Hauser

    4 giorni fa


  91. Clayton Chaney

    Clayton Chaney

    4 giorni fa

    I am a 6 foot 200 pound mass of toxic masculinity....Gina can kick my ass anytime

  92. Michael Covello

    Michael Covello

    4 giorni fa

    I'm tired both by left and right wing idealists doing battle under the pretense of what's much so in fact that I no longer care what's right. Subjectivity driven idealism from both sides can fuck all the way off in favor of objective pragmatism. At the end of the day it sounds like she was putting too much of her opinion out there that was contrary to the position of the hand that fed her. That's not pragmatic, nor the brightest move if she valued her job. So, either she lacks good sense, she didn't want to be there, or some combination of both. In either case her elimination from the show was inevitable. No controversy needed.

  93. simon adler

    simon adler

    4 giorni fa

    its incredible all this bull S in the US, please! the land of the freedom! i m so angry, che was perfect.

  94. Kiwi Bonsai

    Kiwi Bonsai

    4 giorni fa

    Any nutter that says "don't wear a mask" during a pandemic is a danger. I fully understand why America has such a high rate of covid numbers, profit to those that have turned having a sick country into profit.. As for Trump he doesn't care about anyone else apart from his bank balance. How many lives could he of saved with the tax money he wasted on playing golf. I feel so sorry for yas, the prices ya pay for medicines is mental, destroys a strong healthy nations backbone only to profit the few.

  95. Breakup GoogleNow

    Breakup GoogleNow

    4 giorni fa

    Yeah, bc some people flipping you off or making snarky comments is just like what the Nazis did. Ffs, I lost distant relatives myself and knew a man who lose HIS ENTIRE BLOODLINE to the Nazis. Eff this beeotch. If this is what you think, I cannot support you or any other anti semites. I realize it's not going to be a popular post and no, it's NOT anti semitic to point out mistakes Israel has made but this is a bridge too far.

  96. Brian Alercia

    Brian Alercia

    4 giorni fa

    Name them!

  97. Simon Hansen

    Simon Hansen

    4 giorni fa

    Here - I'll finish the sentence for you: "... now thrives on her own."

  98. Nelson C

    Nelson C

    4 giorni fa

    Please can we stop with the canonizing of this woman. She's a nut job who was espousing insane conspiracy theories. It's not like she was a policy right wing wonk espousing ideas worthy of critical thinking or analysis. She was a moron with moronic beliefs and Disney told here to shut up and she wouldn't so she was fired. Christ she wasn't a saint and definitely not a definitive advocate of free speech. Free speech is the right to speak ones mind. but free speech is also subject to responsibilities and discretion on the part of the person speaking and the consequences that come with it. She spoke and she paid price. That simple.

  99. Chris Merrick

    Chris Merrick

    4 giorni fa


  100. Salty Tech

    Salty Tech

    4 giorni fa

    Fuk chairman Mickey Mao!

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