The Lighthouse - Glorious Insanity

The Lighthouse is one of the most bonkers movies I've seen in years, but it's also awesome. Grab several stiff drinks and join me as I try to make sense of it.

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  1. EdTom82


    3 ore fa

    It struck me that Wake and Winslow might be the same person.

  2. Pete Sorensen

    Pete Sorensen

    16 ore fa

    I just wanna see this shit to find out how the fuck he ends up being eaten alive by seagulls.

  3. Hanover Green

    Hanover Green

    19 ore fa

    Best Regards Man!

  4. Grantley Gibbons Photography

    Grantley Gibbons Photography

    Giorno fa

    Beat him "unconscience?"

  5. Darkside Fiji

    Darkside Fiji

    Giorno fa

    I'm pretty sure it was shot in black and white to hide Pattinson's sparklely skin

  6. Damian Wootten

    Damian Wootten

    2 giorni fa

    I actually really enjoyed this movie. I originally didn’t know it existed until I seen this review and was just blown away.

  7. Concordet Constabulary

    Concordet Constabulary

    5 giorni fa

    Two men trapped at a job they hate in a place in the middle of nowhere slowly slipping into madness. Sounds like me and my invisible friend Pete.

  8. chzzyg269


    6 giorni fa

    I really wanted to like this movie. The cinematography was among the best I've ever seen, perfect 10. What ruined it for me was the constant return to jerking off every ten minutes. The story would have been excellent if it didn't revolve around rubbing one out. I think I figured out the riddle at the end though. (Possible Spoiler) Winslow is reliving his time spent under the wing of Wake in which he murdered Wake, and is mentally disturbed, always being haunted by Wake. Wake isn't really there. Instead, he is a figment of Winslow's imagination, in place of his unnamed replacement at the lighthouse. Am I wrong, anyone?

  9. Mystery207


    6 giorni fa

    That movie was disturbing but I kept watching

  10. Gerry H

    Gerry H

    7 giorni fa

    Sorry Drinker, a detailed play-by-play of what happens is not how to review a movie

  11. jim havoc

    jim havoc

    7 giorni fa

    This is available on Prime and what's weird is Midsommer is recommended for "people that watch this movie (the Lighthouse.)

  12. James F. Ewart

    James F. Ewart

    7 giorni fa

    I highly recommend watching this at least twice. First by yourself, and then with a group of people.

  13. Diogo


    8 giorni fa

    Lighthouse and The Last Jedi have a lot of paralels: both films have old bearded grumpy men and a young curious stubborn aprenttince deseperate to know the secrets each old guy keep. All of them isolated in a remote island and each pair don't get along well.. And of course there are sea monsters around. But only one of the movies is good.

  14. Goomba999


    8 giorni fa

    Loved this movie. Dude just farts and shits in a pan for the other to see like a valentine. Then we find out he’s leaving it for himself!!! BRILLIANT!!

  15. Symm


    8 giorni fa

    Having only seen Pattinson in non twilight roles I've always found him a compelling actor, what little I have seen of twilight does look brain dead though so it's understandable that folk would think of him in that way, understandable but unfortunate.

  16. Blanche Quizno

    Blanche Quizno

    8 giorni fa

    Agreed all 'round, EXCEPT you didn't note the scene where Willem Dafoe is bare-ass nekkid and staring phaser eyes into Robert Pattinson's cowering character! I am disappoint.

  17. Caleb Johnson

    Caleb Johnson

    9 giorni fa

    It’s like a normal lovecraft story I love it

  18. J0ust Brightblade

    J0ust Brightblade

    9 giorni fa

    Robert Pattinson starring in "Please Take Me Seriously"

  19. Sebastian


    9 giorni fa this movie

  20. Victor_ Silva

    Victor_ Silva

    10 giorni fa

    And me thinking about whiskey, starving and mercury poison - *The Movie*

  21. Alan Bailey

    Alan Bailey

    10 giorni fa

    Hmm.. at least at first glance this was a remake!? same name, same plot from 2016?

  22. raythackston1960


    11 giorni fa

    I will say this...when the guy is laying on the beach being eaten by 3 sea gulls...that is total bull shit. I have spent a huge amount of time at the ocean, and if there was 3 sea gulls there would be 100 hundred!! Those things are mass killers and there is never just a few. Just saying.

  23. K Jvmes

    K Jvmes

    11 giorni fa

    Wake is actually the devil and Winslow is actually dead and is shipped off to purgatory or rather to the island. The light house itself symbolizes heaven into which Winslow can not enter. Weeping and gnashing of teeth as Winslow does at the end of the movie looking into the light. Alcoholism, Murder, Adultery, Pride, Lying is all there also. Its just a theory lads.

    • EdTom82


      3 ore fa

      Interesting. I may have to watch it again while contemplating this.

  24. Zhengrui0


    12 giorni fa

    "I've never particularly understood the need to nail down exactly what's real and what isn't in movies like this." *Your Annihilation Review has entered the chat*

  25. Jigsaw Maniac

    Jigsaw Maniac

    12 giorni fa

    Yaeh that film is pure madness, and some scene are realy disturbing. But it's refreshing to see another kind of film than usual garbage.

  26. Keshav Bhanu

    Keshav Bhanu

    12 giorni fa

    Don't spill yer beans!

  27. vondeckbar72


    13 giorni fa

    This movie is simply sublime and moving. Please make more like this one.

  28. MrSpartanspud


    13 giorni fa

    Was the Lighthouse 2019? I was sure I went to see it in February or something last year.

  29. Petr Szrajber

    Petr Szrajber

    14 giorni fa

    Drinker, you intoxicated well of wisdom, try watching The Captain, german movie from 2017 shot in a very similar fashion. It is real madness. The fil takes place at the very end of WWII when a young german deserter finds an officer uniform and starts wearing it. Soon enough more soldiers join him, looking up to him as an authority figure while he becomes more and more obsessed with his new earned power and authority. I am not going to spoil the shit out of it, but the final scene literally made me mi shiver. It had that insane, awesome, weirdly disturbing wibe to it... Just go watch it, You will thank me later.

  30. Leibermuster


    14 giorni fa

    Finally got around to watching this, just a few hours ago, still analysing it. But the primary take-away is: don't insult Dafoe's cooking.

  31. Wraith Carter

    Wraith Carter

    14 giorni fa

    Watching this movie was like drinking and forgetting the liquor store is closed tomorrow

  32. Nobody Nobody

    Nobody Nobody

    15 giorni fa

    Style over subatance the movie

  33. Kron Staro

    Kron Staro

    17 giorni fa

    "pretty boy"? lol yea if youre only comparing him to autists

  34. American Land Pirate

    American Land Pirate

    20 giorni fa

    So this is Basically the movie "Cold Skin" from 2017? Lighthouse keeper loses his mind, has sex with mermaid...

  35. JónLeifsFan


    20 giorni fa

    Ain't that Skellig Michael? The west coast of Ireland, Drinker. You're still lost.

  36. Sotirios Peithis

    Sotirios Peithis

    22 giorni fa

    will watch

  37. Citizen X

    Citizen X

    23 giorni fa

    This movie is a true piece of crap, liked only by people who feel cool saying they like it, the high class movie geek, just like people who say they preffered the book over the movie NERDS

  38. Controller player #20

    Controller player #20

    25 giorni fa

    Winslow died by being pecked apart by seagulls, just like Promeathious, a Greek god had to endure an eternity of torture as birds pecked at his body. His happend because he brought fire to humans to help them when Zeus warned him not to. Same thing as the Lighthouse.

  39. Orlando1130


    27 giorni fa

    Monochrome *

    • Ro


      15 giorni fa


  40. Elephants Are Cool

    Elephants Are Cool

    28 giorni fa

    I just saw another good cabin fever film. It's called The Boat. I give it an 8 out of 10.

  41. binary_ironclad


    28 giorni fa

    One of the better movies I've seen in my life. Great review. Now, go drink.

  42. Ben A. E

    Ben A. E

    28 giorni fa

    Yeah this piece of pretentious garbage was good, but annihilation was bad.

  43. Sir CroakAlot

    Sir CroakAlot

    28 giorni fa

    It was great to look at, acting was great, but I lean towards it being too pretentious and deliberately vague to make people say "oh you're just not smart enough to understand the symbolism", when most likely the creators didn't intend the symbolism to mean anything anyway you just think it did with your intepretation

  44. TheCountryBumpkin7


    29 giorni fa

    The occultic symbolism in this movie is about as obscene as it gets.

  45. Thomas Monroe

    Thomas Monroe

    29 giorni fa

    So, if you need another proof positive film as to Pattinson being a highly motivated actor who definitely proves his worth of being someone to take seriously in ‘The Lighthouse’, you need to check out ‘The Rover’ with Pattinson and Guy Pearce. You won’t be disappointed. It’s another somber, bleak film with more questions than answers but it’s a coherent melodrama with well done action set pieces. If someone stole my car with what was in Guy Pearces’ trunk, I’d hunt the bastards down and kill everyone of them, too. Just sayin’.

  46. Blake Von Sanden

    Blake Von Sanden

    29 giorni fa

    Old Rob did alright in this one!!! William Defoe was solid as well??!! Great movie and great review!!

  47. Kyle Kissack

    Kyle Kissack

    Mese fa

    B@w modern movies smh

  48. Ed Turnbull

    Ed Turnbull

    Mese fa

    I watched this movie just a few days ago & my opinion of it can be summarised in one word: remarkable. If Poe, Coleridge, Kubrick & Lynch got together (ok, the first three of those four are dead, just use your imagination) to make a movie the result would be this. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this impactful since I first saw the Orson Wells version of “The Trial” more than 40 years ago.

  49. Brandon Adams

    Brandon Adams

    Mese fa

    Still wild to me, this was filmed about 15 minutes from my house

  50. Danger Bear

    Danger Bear

    Mese fa

    This movie was Amazing. I dont belive in art. But this this is close to being one. Homie from Twilight has some chops. I paid for my entire seat, but only needed the edge.

  51. Damien House

    Damien House

    Mese fa

    Man.. I want to hang out with The Drinker on the weekends.

  52. Mr Mashhead

    Mr Mashhead

    Mese fa

    Robert Eggers is an insanely talented director, and he has only just started! Check out his over masterpiece The Witch.

  53. Simon Castrelo

    Simon Castrelo

    Mese fa

    finally u analise a good movie

  54. Chris Norton

    Chris Norton

    Mese fa


  55. HEL 75

    HEL 75

    Mese fa

    whats the point of this movie?

  56. Squadra916


    Mese fa

    but wit THIS Pattison????

  57. Huples Cat EPL

    Huples Cat EPL

    Mese fa

    I accidentally watched this with zero idea what it it about. I suggest you do that as well and watch drinker later

  58. clyd 1dal

    clyd 1dal

    Mese fa

    Awesome review!

  59. SushiRose


    Mese fa

    Might as well be "THE" blood stained shovel now.

  60. Kirv


    Mese fa

    ITS THE Marvelous misadventures of flapjack sequel

  61. william gordon

    william gordon

    Mese fa

    I liked it. Especially the curse

  62. Geralt Of Rivea

    Geralt Of Rivea

    Mese fa

    Gonna no dae that

  63. Joe Carnes

    Joe Carnes

    Mese fa

    It's a love story 🥰

  64. Zach Long

    Zach Long

    Mese fa

    The crazy thing is that there is a Guy De Maupassont short story (forgot name) with a similar premise but less booze. All it is about is two guys, one a young man and other and older man, and their dog, who are hired to take care of a cabin in the (French? Swiss?) Alps, because the snows would cover it over and make it a pain for the cabin owners to recover it. To no surprise, madness ensues, but not to the degree said in this review.

  65. Gabriel Johannson

    Gabriel Johannson

    Mese fa

    So it’s a love story. Got it.

  66. Black Batman

    Black Batman

    Mese fa

    This movie is awesome

  67. mortvader


    Mese fa

    WTF's with the jack daniels "whiskies" ? :P

  68. Kiyoone


    Mese fa

    This movie have all the opposite of Bechdel test (why that crap is called "test"?). BUT MUCH MORE INTERESTING!!!

  69. Ivan Leon

    Ivan Leon

    Mese fa

    i want a remake of this movie on two women, they would kill themselves in 20 minutes movie, lol.

  70. Dylan Boxler

    Dylan Boxler

    Mese fa

    Your doing God's work drinka

  71. TheMrrobustus


    Mese fa

    I watched the movie after this video, and holy crap it rules!

  72. Brian Alercia

    Brian Alercia

    Mese fa

    Pattinson is in quite a few good A24 movies. Took him a while to get past Twilight, but the dude's legit.

  73. Victor Hugo O.D.

    Victor Hugo O.D.

    Mese fa

    Best movie i ever saw mostly when drunk in theaters!!!

  74. Blake Pope

    Blake Pope

    Mese fa

    Wasnt this exact movie made in 2017 - Cold Skin

  75. Roy McDre

    Roy McDre

    Mese fa

    Sounds like FLCL

  76. Mike Emmons

    Mike Emmons

    Mese fa

    After his run as Batman? You will return to dismissing Pattinson.

  77. HTC


    Mese fa

    I hope you give Mr Plinkett an honorable mention for "Where do you fuck it, you ask? -Right there, I have done it!"

  78. 8bit Goonies

    8bit Goonies

    Mese fa

    I love this film, we need more movies like this!

  79. Bushcat


    Mese fa

    Bloody great Movie to be honest. Sucked me in from the start. Love Dafoe and and my growing appreciation of Pattison was sealed with this role. Pattison is great in Waiting for the Barbarians also. Surely a future cult classic with classic quotes!

  80. vinorob


    Mese fa

    You crack me up

  81. Piotr Swat

    Piotr Swat

    Mese fa

    First shot in this movie is Willem and Robert looking at the camera for a minute or two without a word.I started laughing cause I knew I was in for this ride.

  82. MrAndersen


    Mese fa

    you gotta love movies where the only thing you can say at the end is "what the fuck"

  83. Suraj Vadulas

    Suraj Vadulas

    Mese fa

    would you treat 'Annihilation' as a movie like this as well?

  84. strohberries27


    Mese fa

    Alright. Who else is here because of the tentacle stuff.

  85. Aj T

    Aj T

    Mese fa

    "Right here, I've done it" 😂😂😂 gold mate

  86. M


    Mese fa

    Nothing like watching two grown men go insane.

  87. Orlando O

    Orlando O

    Mese fa

    I haven't seen this yet, but will. But I have to wonder if there is a time-loop element? Where the two guys are actually the same person? Dunno.

  88. Nathan C

    Nathan C

    Mese fa

    I really liked this movie. I thought it was excellent and accomplished exactly what it set out to. I'm pretty sure the 4:3 aspect ratio was chosen not just to make the shots tighter and the film to seem more claustrophobic, but also to highlight the vertical aspect of the lighthouse.

  89. Dada Joel

    Dada Joel

    Mese fa

    this is a really disturbing movie.....😂 I think I'll pass

  90. Octavius Pepper

    Octavius Pepper

    Mese fa

    movie makes you feel like lighthouse

  91. Heraclio Fournier

    Heraclio Fournier

    Mese fa

    Dafoe looks like king Neptune when he was staring at the light.

  92. NoMoreYouSure1000


    Mese fa

    Pattinson was great in The Rover. Not much dialogue, but what there is between Guy Pearce and Pattinson is great. Fully recommend it.

  93. shaktar


    Mese fa

    You can survive for months on whisky alone. Then you die.

  94. Lynn Carpenter-Bennet

    Lynn Carpenter-Bennet

    Mese fa

    Art films should be labeled as such. I hate investing time in a film only to find out it’s an art film and wasting 40 minutes before shutting it off. If I was aware of what I was getting into, I may actually watch them more often.

  95. stalhein61


    Mese fa

    More than anything, it reminded me of The Twilight Zone this one

  96. MrRemorseless


    Mese fa

    The perfect cosy lockdown movie

  97. hinken24


    Mese fa

    This movie is now on my ”wtf did i just watch?” list along with Aniara, Donnie Darko and Songs from the second floor.

  98. John Wolf2

    John Wolf2

    Mese fa

    I only saw this movie because of all the reviews... and for a change, that actually turned out to be a GOOD idea. But, only once, I can't ever see looking at it a 2nd time. Period.

  99. Ham Boba

    Ham Boba

    Mese fa

    The Critical Drinker is my favorite movie critic/serial killer

  100. Kenneth Harkin

    Kenneth Harkin

    Mese fa

    The image at 3:01 is now permanently seared into my mind...

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