The Mandalorian Season 2 - Fun But Formulaic

With Season 2 of The Mandalorian now over, it's time to find out if it was worth the wait.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    2 mesi fa

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    • Folker46 !

      Folker46 !

      17 giorni fa

      I found it boring and predictable. They just kept hitting those Star Wars tropes. Still like the first season but the second? Forgettable.

    • Daniel Fortescue

      Daniel Fortescue

      21 giorno fa

      @deliaproductions Go back to watching "Charisma on Command" because lord knows you need to. You radiate basement dwelling 30 year old virgin energy.

    • Daniel Fortescue

      Daniel Fortescue

      21 giorno fa

      @Random Things "Capitalism bad" Would you rather move to Venezuela and eat the family dog?

    • Daniel Fortescue

      Daniel Fortescue

      21 giorno fa

      @Alex Capitan Armendariz No one cares or asked.

    • Hoover


      Mese fa

      Hey CD, would love to see you review the 19 79 classic, Excalibur. That should be close to your heart

  2. Padawan Learner

    Padawan Learner

    2 ore fa

    "Skip to a random time code and just hope for the best" is the best way to handle anyone who's going to watch this kind of video and care about spoilers.

  3. Matt Krause

    Matt Krause

    9 ore fa

    Bill Burr was the best part of this season. Probably because it was great acting and not shoe horned in.

  4. Kaleigh Ostrewich

    Kaleigh Ostrewich

    13 ore fa

    I can't help it, I'm a sucker for adventure side quest shows. I adored the first ep of season one for the mythic feel of the Krayt. What I HATED in this season, was the robo-ironman-dark troopers. Booooo lame robot fights!

  5. Petrow Egynyolc

    Petrow Egynyolc

    14 ore fa

    My bet is that Boba dropped at Luke to hint him the location to Baby Yoda.

  6. J T M

    J T M

    Giorno fa

    I should admit, before anything else, that I'm in the first category with regard to appearance of Luke (i.e., emotional). With that said, my main criticism of how Season 2 ended was how they wasted the drama of Mando letting other people see his face inside a side-quest. The potential parallel between Darth Vader without his helmet at the end of Return of the Jedi and Mando without his as he hands "Baby Yoda" over to Luke would have been a nice touch, especially if they had risked having Mando be a bit more ruthless up until this point. ps. as to politics, I couldn't help but be amused by the presence of Bill Burr ... it is hard to exaggerate how much most SJWs hate him

  7. Vincent Wright

    Vincent Wright

    2 giorni fa

    "fun but formulaic" is exactly how I'd put it. Lots of fan service, some of which is cool, some felt contrived. Felt very video-gamey... --each episode, go to a different planet, meet someone, do them a favor/side quest, learn a little something, etc... around the time Boba Fett met Mando (my favorite episode!) I had a pretty clear idea how the remaining episodes would go and was mostly correct. Didn't see Luke coming though. Still have mixed feelings about CG performances, technically it's an actor's performance, but wearing Mark Hamill's face... would honestly prefer an actor putting his own spin on it but knowing star wars fans, people wouldn't accept it.

  8. Hank Barber

    Hank Barber

    2 giorni fa

    Mando Season 2 Last Episode AKA Fuck You Disney

  9. Wade Eightyeight

    Wade Eightyeight

    2 giorni fa

    Jeez. Beta males crying bcuz luke Skywalker showed up? They must have low testosterone.

  10. Jeff Nelson

    Jeff Nelson

    3 giorni fa

    Have you seen and heard the ITput ads for the mandalorian? It’s totally pavlovas dog. All the sounds that are meant to make you want it. Lightsabers, R2 whistles, ship sounds, music bits. It’s total mind control.

  11. aamry


    3 giorni fa

    Isn't Moff Gideon's suit for TIE pilots? Minus the cape obviously

  12. lux_emp_eb


    4 giorni fa

    I understand what you say about the side quests but honestly for me as a lifetime Star Wars fan I really enjoy them because it gives scope and depth to the lore we see in Star Wars games and books and just things outside the main film. I wouldn’t like a bunch of side quests in a main film so having them in a show works for me

    • lux_emp_eb


      4 giorni fa

      Also I’m pretty sure it’s canon that boba escapes the pit from ROTJ before this show was ever thought of so not just a nostalgia grab. Actually works well within the universe imo

  13. Robert Baur

    Robert Baur

    4 giorni fa

    Cinematic abuse! I'm dying lol

  14. Iron Lotus

    Iron Lotus

    4 giorni fa

    This review is quite nick picky but I get drinkers point.

  15. Aaron Salinas

    Aaron Salinas

    4 giorni fa

    They ruined star wars so it wasnt that great

  16. Aleximusprime


    6 giorni fa

    The best thing that could happen now is we find out Baby Yoda (aka "Grogu") is so powerful in the force that while passing wind one morning he causes a rift in spacetime and sends Disney Star Wars into an alternate timeline where the sequels never occurred and we can look forward to a bright and uncharted future for Luke Skywalker that doesn't involve milking space cows.

  17. Tyler Deleringo

    Tyler Deleringo

    6 giorni fa

    I sorta lost interest when Fett was bested by a female. Fett. The hardened very experienced bounty hunter that escaped a giant monster and lived through Jedi battles only to get bested and over powered by a female. Yea ok LOL

  18. Rebel Scum Customs

    Rebel Scum Customs

    7 giorni fa

    Luke seeked grogu after sitting on the stone. Also he went full battle mode bc its an imperial ship and hes luke fucking skywalker 😂

  19. Publius2k4


    7 giorni fa

    Wow... he just described the Star Wars fandom basically as Stockholm Syndrome.

  20. Rich Tygart

    Rich Tygart

    7 giorni fa

    Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw the theater in my life at 6 years old. I remember I had a freshly broken arm in a cast and had to keep it elevated on a pillow through the whole movie. For those two hours Star Wars made me completely forget about my arm. It changed my entire childhood and because of that Star Wars means more to me than most people. That's why I am sickened by what Star Wars has become.

  21. Rich Tygart

    Rich Tygart

    7 giorni fa

    Shows like this make me happy that I spend half of my time in Thailand where there are no feminazis and a girls act normal

  22. Rich Tygart

    Rich Tygart

    7 giorni fa

    I gave up on Star Wars after the first 15 minutes of the 1999 movie with Natalie Portman. The one where Han Solo died some years back was acceptable but other than that all of them were an abomination. There are only three real Star Wars movies and they were made long ago

  23. MaxP


    10 giorni fa

    That guy who shoots up the Imperial base is Bill Burr, a brilliant comedian. I don't know why they don't use his comic talents more when they use him like in Breaking Bad, he's a funny guy but never really funny in the roles he's put in.

  24. Ogier the Dane

    Ogier the Dane

    11 giorni fa

    Luke's appearance was epic, made it worth while... but you can take your "emotional vs. logical" stance and shove it, you aren't that smart ;) ... Luke was "called" through the force amplifier, and the whole point of the scene with him showing up, was because he truly was the one to bring balance, the strongest Jedi to ever exist, so just accept that he could be there when he was needed, because he just is who he is.

  25. col06007


    13 giorni fa

    This show is like watching cinematic scenes from a video game spliced together.

  26. The-Tower-Falls


    13 giorni fa

    I felt pretty emotional about the Luke scene, but then I was mad it was over with no explanation about anything.

  27. J A S

    J A S

    13 giorni fa

    At least no one asked him to get 9 rat tails.

  28. Patrick Giles

    Patrick Giles

    13 giorni fa

    I've been referring to Mando as The Jedi Variety Hour this season. It's basically been reduced to fan fiction and Mando is now merely a bit player in his own show.

  29. Ary Storey

    Ary Storey

    13 giorni fa

    "Fuk owf shoo" lol

  30. Gonza Bruh

    Gonza Bruh

    14 giorni fa

    Baby Yoda became a living radar with that stone in an earlier episode. He basically linked himself with Luke, so it's no coincidence that Luke arrived for Baby Yoda. And if i'm a jedi looking for another one of my kind because he might need help and i find out he's on an imperial ship... yeah i'll be taking my lightsaber with me. And if i see imperial robots starting to shoot me as soon as i arrive you better believe i'm going into combat mode. As to why did luke arrive literally at the end of the season, i fully agree on that. It makes no sense bc we don't know how far he was from baby yoda.

  31. Ecce Homo

    Ecce Homo

    14 giorni fa

    Its a shitty video game

  32. Andrew Parkinson

    Andrew Parkinson

    15 giorni fa

    +1 if you want a Bill Burr spinoff. Why the hell not.

  33. Janet Rose

    Janet Rose

    15 giorni fa

    8:00 not to be mean, but this was what I thought too.. what’s the point of armor if it can’t cover your now larger body?

  34. ViewHaloo


    15 giorni fa

    Busy work! Great analysis

  35. Roller Girl

    Roller Girl

    15 giorni fa

    He went from Bobafet to BobaFAT

  36. James H

    James H

    15 giorni fa

    This guy is pure gold

  37. Michael Parks

    Michael Parks

    16 giorni fa

    The Mandalorian: Big budget fan fiction from Disney, the movie company version of McDonalds (bland filler material that doesn't offend anyone, and every one is identical to the previous one). Follows the same formula as Firefly (1950's American Western set in a "futuristic" space setting) and stealing story lines from other movies and TV shows ( '*cough*' Seven Samurai, '*cough*' Waterworld, etc.). Pretty predictable that they would shoehorn Luke in at some point. Maybe in season 3 Han can come and pick him up in the Millennium Falcon and Leia can take care of baby Yoda. It was a fun series to watch, but each week I kept having a feeling I had seen that story before....

  38. Chris


    17 giorni fa

    i agree with your drunken critic, but as someone deeply rooted in RPGs i can watch mando doing sidequests forever

  39. Johnny Wallace

    Johnny Wallace

    17 giorni fa

    Another show that needs to die before Disney completely destroys it's integrity.

  40. Vinny Ganzano

    Vinny Ganzano

    17 giorni fa

    The Mandalorian is now dead to me since Disney and lucasfilm have fired Gina Carano. Arseholes.

  41. Warlocc - Paul T

    Warlocc - Paul T

    17 giorni fa

    I know that line was a joke, but I would 100% watch a Bill Burr Star Wars show.

  42. realShaoKhan


    19 giorni fa

    To bad I can only downvote once.

  43. John


    19 giorni fa

    I like your take, but I can't help but thinking you speak like a man delivering a painful breach log on the porcelain throne.

  44. Craigerfried


    20 giorni fa

    is it just me or does moff gideon look like johnny sins

  45. Esther I

    Esther I

    20 giorni fa

    Probably others already pointed it out, but Cobb Vanth and the Boba Fett story line is actually from the Expanded Universe, so they just took the storyline of Cobb Vanth wearing Boba Fett's armour who has, in fact, survived the sarlacc pit. But the fact that they're taking EU characters and stories in definitely warms them more to long-time fans who are familiar with that material.

  46. NerdWana


    20 giorni fa

    8:32 the show does not explain this really well, but most parts of operation cinder included the destruction of civilian targets and the remaining imperial troops are the ones who were still ok with that.

  47. Mojo 204jo

    Mojo 204jo

    20 giorni fa

    To answer your question at 12:10, luke picked up on baby yoda's intense force meditation from sitting on the rock

  48. Rinxzie


    21 giorno fa

    @12:30 someone correct me if I misunderstood but wasn't the reason Luke knew where to find them, that Grogu was meditating at the temple before he was taken? Didn't Asoka specifically say something along the lines of that being a spot where he could reach out into the light side for another jedi master to locate them? Kinda like a force distress becon type of thing. Sure they changed locations but Luke is (at least in legends post empire) pretty powerful at that point.

  49. The Workshop

    The Workshop

    21 giorno fa

    yes Formulaic, like the sci-fi series of old, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1 etc. Sure there were some overall plot themes from season to season but most Sci-Fi was not episodic and week to week the story was not usually heavily linked. It gets mildly repetitive but Star Trek, Deep Space 9 and others were pretty much he same. Heck the expanded universe novels and clone wars were in the same scheme. Not everything has to be some massive overbearing story arc to be entertaining. The elements are there for moving the story along. Some episodes are better than others. Keep in mind Favreau is probably still somewhat limited as to what he is allowed to push although its becoming more apparent that he will eventually take control and hopefully do what the MCU did and interweave a grand universe together

  50. limeyfox


    21 giorno fa

    Dude - you really need to read Tales from Jabba’s Palace. The reappearance of Boba Fett basically makes that canon.

  51. Paul Ware

    Paul Ware

    22 giorni fa

    From 14:00 minutes, for about 35 seconds, you summed up everything that is wrong with most storytelling today. Well done, sir.

  52. that one guy 500

    that one guy 500

    22 giorni fa

    There are some things i feel he gets wrong, or things he should be ripping on more that he didn't even touch on. The all female bording team was stupid for more reasons than just the missing mandalorian. Bo katon has dialogue with the bridge officer that was obviously designed for the former imperial sharpshooter. Fenic shouldn't have even been in the show. Much less the boarding team. Why would you want an expert sniper boarding a ship were it's all close quarters combat? It felt like she was supposed to fly bobas ship as he boards the enemy vessel. After all, close quarters seems to be his specialty in this show. They know the layout of bad guys ship cause a random science officer gave them it for no fucking reason. To make it worse, it wasn't a trap, and no one considered the possibility of it being a trap. Almost like a former imperial sharpshooter who'd understand imperial ship design was supposed to be there giving the information instead. This one is just my oppinion, but the ahsoka episode was garbage, and rosario dawson is to blame. I supported the casting of ahley ackstein for ahsoka. Ahsokas body structure, facial structure, emotes, and voice were all provided by ashley, so why on earth did they pick the worse actor from the marvel netflix shows to play ahsoka? Is it cause she's cory bookers gf? Those are things i think you should have ripped on, but now time for things i think you got wrong. The luke in this show is not, and will not become, the luke from the last jedi. The new trilogy was de-cannoned before this episode. While the egg episode certainly had a ton of flaws, it was undeniably suspensful, and displayed how merciless the star wars universe can be, as our heroes just got lucky. The side quest with appolo had plot relevance. Without it gina wouldn't have gotten a badge, and we wouldn't know why the imperials wanted baby yoda. It also reintroduced the main villain, whom the protagonists thought was dead.

  53. odin Biflindi

    odin Biflindi

    23 giorni fa

    Of course Boba Fett got fat he's been living with an Asian serving number 49 "dont ask about the meat" specials with prawn crackers and egg fried rice, for fcuk knows how long.

  54. Former Brothers

    Former Brothers

    23 giorni fa

    Isn't Yoda thousands of years old?? And here comes Boba Fett??

  55. Random Sam

    Random Sam

    23 giorni fa

    Drinker, youre normally scarily close to my own tastes with all things, but i cant help feel youve pegged this a bit wrong. Most of your complaints are simply that its an episodic tv show..... well, yeah, it IS! 🤣👍. A comfy half hour in a galaxy we all want to love, made with some genuine passion, with a through story leading to bigger things. I hope it stays the same for the next series and beyond 🤷‍♂️. Not everything has to serve a bigger purpose or be part of some epic narrative. They got all the time they need. Its not perfect, and ive no doubt it will in time dissolve into shite, but im all for enjoying this show as much as i can until it blunts. Sometimes you CAN go a bit easy on things, especially when theyre just trying to have a good time 😁👍.

  56. Tubernery


    24 giorni fa

    This is the first time I muted volume for Drinker, a quarter into the video.. I just wanted to quietly read through comments section. But I still love the Drinker!

  57. Andres Medina

    Andres Medina

    24 giorni fa

    The have to introduce time travel if they want to fix it 😂😂🙌

  58. batshineman


    24 giorni fa

    The Mandalorian is pretty good when compared to other live action Star Wars stuff like The Last Jedi, Attack of the Clones, and Return of the Jedi. I don't mind the episodic/side quest formula of the show that much. But I do think it would work LOTS better if there were more episodes per season. Kinda like how Avatar The Last Airbender handed it, there was a good variety of filler and plot related episodes. I don't like it that Mando is now willing to take off his helmet sometimes. I think he was more interesting as a character when he ways wore his helmet. Yeah, when looking back on it Mando does seem to get tricked rather a lot. I'm trying not to look at it like Boba Fett got fat but more like he bulked up a lot. As someone who watched both The Clone Wars and Rebels I don't like how they changed the rules of the dark saber in Rebels from what they were in Clone Wars then changed them back in Mandalorian. Bo Katan seemed way more coldhearted in this than she did in Clone Wars and Rebels. To the point that it makes me wonder if the writers had the character go through a soft reboot. Luke coming back was pretty cool. And it actually dies make sense when you remember that Baby Yoda sent out that force call to everyone in a previous episode. I wish his action scene had been more fast paces and didn't constantly cut back to Mando and Baby Yoda. Overall while I did thoroughly enjoy The Mandalorian it's not perfect but I do think it's a worthy entry in the Star Wars franchise.

  59. heresjonny666


    24 giorni fa

    Most of these criticisms seem like quibbles more than anything serious. The episodes that you say are filler either introduce a character who is going to be important in the finale (Bo Katan, Boba Fett,) help expand the setting (New Republic peacekeeping is more of a 'needs must' than shining example of perfect justice - see x-wing pilots,) or indeed as you note to kick off a side show. I don't think there's anything wrong with that final point, the plots hang together and are coherent, and if it helps introduce/re-introduce a character, why not bundle it into the episode? We don't have to have unexpected twists and turns, or smarty pants plots for a decent series. Sometimes it's ok to just have fun action adventure to let characters play out their arcs in. As for how Luke appears at that moment...Well the force beacon thing Grogu sets off obviously alerts him, at which point he goes searching for Grogu. He gradually tracks him down to the imperial cruiser by feeling him in the force the closer he gets. It's not that hard to rationalise within the context of the universe. And why he goes full battle mode? He literally just boarded an imperial cruiser, where a strong force user that has reached out to him is being kept. Why wouldn't he be in battle mode? And Mando's armour - while clearly formidable the implication is that its resistance isn't infinite. It can wear down, and is very expensive to replace as we saw in season one. Also, the armour doesn't cover his ENTIRE body, so stray shots could still hit him in the uncovered bits and kill him. I'm just glad that a show is showing armour as actually doing something to aid in defense. Usually it's about as much use as tissue paper and things go straight through it. I'm not going to say it's a perfect series, there are definite plot holes and moments that fall a bit flat, but I would struggle to find any example of a perfect series of any sort. The significance of it is that it shows a potential turning point where Star Wars can start coming back to that warm place it's held in fans' hearts. The abused housewife analogy isn't entirely wrong, except it might be a case of divorcing the abuser, and finding someone better, instead of a false promise of change. I share your concerns about Disney trying to do too much in too little time, though. Time will tell.

  60. Linna3us


    25 giorni fa

    You asked how Luke knew how to be there, Grogu did the thing with the other thing and was supposed to summon a jedi.

  61. Scott H

    Scott H

    25 giorni fa

    I felt the second season had way too much over the top scenes. Mainly I got highly annoyed with the assault of the female mandolorians and the assassin girl. Punch punch kick...shoot?? Why didnt you just shoot them first! Why the fancy flips and kicks if your just going to blast them!!!!!! It should have been John Wick or martial arts, not punch punch shoot. The punching was pointless!!!

  62. Scott C

    Scott C

    26 giorni fa

    I've never been excited about this show. I think it's going to get worse as it goes on. The more shows they do, the less time Favreau and Filoni can spend on each. Heck, this season was filler and they've barely started the 150 shows they're planning. The scenes where he's walking down some courtyard chatting with someone could be in any show. Two seasons of show for 2 minutes of deep fake Luke? No thanks. If folks like it, great for them.

  63. curtis newton

    curtis newton

    26 giorni fa

    disney staff are just contractors...good old american school...i bet s'izan veterans are not that far from these staff's managers

  64. curtis newton

    curtis newton

    26 giorni fa

    luke back on screen, was ...unexpected emotional this is the way...fuck disney

  65. curtis newton

    curtis newton

    26 giorni fa

    amen bro.., still better than 789, yet...meh

  66. BigSmartArmed


    26 giorni fa

    wow, mandalorian is such crap I forgot I actually tried season1. p.s. Well, the very last episode of season 2 seemed like an honest try, so good luck to the crew, who knows, maybe they'll make it.

  67. Chrome Phoenix

    Chrome Phoenix

    26 giorni fa

    Bruh... the ”how did luke know when to come, why didnt he come earlier” was so unneccesary and the ”why did he go full battle mode too” bruh he boarded an imperial cruiser why wouldnt he slice up the imperials bruv. And he got the call from grogu from that episode with boba and fennec where he called out to jedi to train him, and then it took time for him to get there so idk. This vis is alot of unneccesary complaining and asking ”why” to things that are already established

  68. Sarkhann


    26 giorni fa

    Am I sitting in echo chamber or that was exactly my thoughts watching this episode? And I recommend watching Corridor Crew making bad CGI Luke looking a bit better here :D

  69. Sam Harsha

    Sam Harsha

    27 giorni fa

    I care for mare aboot Cara Dunes thoughs than facking fun reactions by same randome fookers. And thats arther sex pence of hamade cider. Jist seyan'!

  70. cyber spark

    cyber spark

    28 giorni fa

    Ahsoka has been looking for ezra bridger. If you watch clone wars and rebels the loose ends feel more natural There is a long underlined story behind the mandalorian

  71. Kaleb Bruwer

    Kaleb Bruwer

    28 giorni fa

    Also, the side quest with those farmers is basically a shortened version of Seven Samurai

  72. Luke Randolph

    Luke Randolph

    28 giorni fa

    Drinker - I love you content and your opinion, but "The Mandalorion" is a national treasure and shut your whiskey soaked mouth on its plot holes and side quests. It's all we have.... 😆 thanks!

  73. Kirk Rende

    Kirk Rende

    28 giorni fa

    Too cynical, even for the Drinker. All your other videos demonstrate working formulas, and then you criticize the Mandalorian for being "too formulaic". I know critics are expected to bitch about everything, but this is abusing the privilege.

  74. Tanner Hageman

    Tanner Hageman

    28 giorni fa

    It was formulaic, but it did succeed at being predictably unpredictable. Like, you could usually tell when a twist was coming but I was never able to predict what the twist would be.

  75. CEOofLowRolls


    28 giorni fa

    Correction: There was something plot related in the "blow up the base" episode. The scene where they find the test subjects the scientists from season 1 has been injecting Baby Yoda's blood into. Hinting at possibly something akin to the Blackwing Project (zombie stormtroopers) from the old canon or something of that nature.

  76. I'monit


    28 giorni fa

    Wait. How is Ahsoka Tano in the Mandalorian? Weren't literally ALL of the Jedi wiped out in Order 66 with the exception of Obi Wan and Yoda? Isn't that why protecting Luke and Leah was an issue of absolute importance? Wouldn't she be old as shit now even if she did survive? There is absolutely nothing that makes any chronological since with that.

  77. Matt751


    29 giorni fa

    I love that Bill Burr was in the show and with him and Gina in the show it proves these people don’t give a damn about PC police and Brie Larson beta fans. Bill burr is a great comedian

  78. Lowkey Arki

    Lowkey Arki

    29 giorni fa

    Bill burr getting his own show set in the starwars universe will be hilarious. In case some of you don't know he's a stand up comedian who is anti woke and regularly triggers feminists.

  79. Lowkey Arki

    Lowkey Arki

    Mese fa

    Lol, that boob armor controversy still makes me laugh, espcially how Mando's armor's pecks are more defined than the "boobs" on the female armor.

  80. Conejo Rosales

    Conejo Rosales

    Mese fa

    Why all the Mando showing faces.... Sucks

  81. Ryan Hanson

    Ryan Hanson

    Mese fa

    I really love that you call everyone else an NPC xD.

  82. Marcion of Sinope

    Marcion of Sinope

    Mese fa

    I love Star Wars, got a lot of nostalgia attached to it. My grandfather took me to see Phantom, and it's the one time we really hung out together. I'd watch the trilogy everytime I was at my grandparents, sometimes multiple times. Anytime something Star Wars comes out, books/movies/games/show, I go back to those moments. But I can't for the fucking life of me understand crying at a trailer or seeing a CGI recreation of a beloved character. Am I just dead inside??

  83. Filip Dostál

    Filip Dostál

    Mese fa

    Entertaining vid, but Operation Cinder wasnt attack on enemy stronghold...just saying.

  84. Mr Snakes

    Mr Snakes

    Mese fa

    Think you're getting too ahead of yourself tbh.

  85. Steve Alexander

    Steve Alexander

    Mese fa

    So ... it's a cross between a Mandolin & a DeLorean ? Doesn't interest me.

  86. Sigríður Jóhannsdóttir

    Sigríður Jóhannsdóttir

    Mese fa

    Its a pleasure not beeing alone feeling the formula getting way to old way to fast.

  87. Ceeris


    Mese fa

    NO... this is not the way.

  88. chaosheaven23


    Mese fa

    I enjoyed The Mandalorian because it's a fun achievement in a genuine adventure, which often means there's a lot of obstacles and setbacks, but the joy comes from the journey and what comes of it. I don't think you would enjoy playing any Table Top games if Mandalorian isn't your jam.

  89. Victor Gee

    Victor Gee

    Mese fa

    11:36 OMG I had the same reaction. "looks like a mediocre deepfake". It didn't tug me at the heartstrings like it should've. I guess I've grown up to be disappointed with Star Wars.

  90. andrew robertson

    andrew robertson

    Mese fa

    I bubbled like a baby. Three times!

  91. Faw


    Mese fa

    Oh man I don't know. It's not good, it's not bad. I am torn.

  92. Bob Semple tank

    Bob Semple tank

    Mese fa

    What's funny is Temuera Morrison basically is the same body-weight wise as he was playing Jango, but they put him in a fuckin robe that made him look fat as fuck

  93. Scantanious Combustion

    Scantanious Combustion

    Mese fa

    But aren't most TV series a bunch of 'side quests' that push the plot forward?

  94. myoshii


    Mese fa

    mandos ship is the star wars equivalent of a ye mum’s honda civic

  95. C S

    C S

    Mese fa

    Side Quests! Nailed it. I spent most of my time clicking the skip ahead option to cut out all the walking/riding/flying time. Season 2 done in about 1h28mins ... I challenge you to beat my speedrun time. :)

  96. ssj4broly !!

    ssj4broly !!

    Mese fa

    I really want fan service! I want a movie or series which is our favourite jedi or villains doing cool shit! I want to see the force being used, lightsabers and actual challenges.

  97. killian red16

    killian red16

    Mese fa

    That last trilogy is not cannon. It is an empire propaganda film set to make you lose hope

  98. MrSlick16


    Mese fa

    After the sequel trilogy and the abysmal solo I was pretty much done with star wars. That was until the mandalorian. Really what this show is, is a life jacket for the entire franchise. Its penned by people who clearly love the franchise and want to help bring it back to life but they know in order to do that they need the entire fanbase back so they keep the stories easy for now, comfortable, easily digestible. With a couple of seasons under their belt the team behind it realised they can now start pushing things, building out the franchise and taking a leaf out of the MCU playbook (so playing it safe in this regard). This is the show which pulled me back into the franchise, made me actually go back and watch the entirety of the saga from prequels through to the clone wars and then resistance, originals, resistance (shit) and sequels. That's exactly what the franchise needed in the show, something that makes the jaded fans actually want to go back and delve into the saga before building itself up. I also expect that the Bobs even told Filoni and Favreau to play it safe to start with so they went with an established format which according to most fans, does work. There are a couple of points I would like to address about Luke. First Luke likely knew where to find grogu due to Grogu having reached out to him on tython (technically he reached out to a Jedi and we can infer this jedi is Luke). It likely turned grogu into a sorta homing beacon for Luke but the galaxy is a big place so it probably took time for Luke to find him. It also ties in with the old legends material on master apprentice force bonds. What's more it works better without wasting time on exposition. As to Luke knowing to go in lightsaber blazing, he can see it's an imperial ship. He can also possibly feel the distress of the characters on board including grogu, again a force power established in lore. Plus he can no doubt sense the danger posed by the darktroopers. All in all the show is doing the smart thing of playing it safe for the first couple of seasons, building up the characters, using sidequests to build emotional investment in them personally and make it seem like we've known them longer, basically laying the groundwork for future seasons and shows. A lot of shows do the same. Now they've passed the two season mark they can really push things

  99. Thomas Slack

    Thomas Slack

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    This show is following the pattern of Avatar the Last Airbender, which Filoni worked on. Main characters go on a quest. They go to some places, and meet some people to help create character development and help world build. They do some things and make some friends. The plot thickens and some of the friends get together to limp by the obstacle. They get stronger, and repeat. I'm guessing we're currently at, in ATLA, was the first season. At this rate, we should have four more seasons. I disagree that many of the episodes were filler. They were doing three things: Character Development, World Building, and giving Context for friendships and rivalries. These are very important to the show and the viewers, even if they don't seem to have anything immediately to do with the plot. Having watched Naruto, I know what filler is. You could argue there was world development, but in the main plot no one seems to remember anything that happened, and the characters are never used again. Also, I wanted to add, the first episode of the second season, with the NPC in Boba's armor, was a shameless fan service. It referenced so many scenes from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, it was uncanny. I don't mind, because I loved the game, but to anyone who hasn't played it, the episode will seem pointless and dull as a whole. As to the plot holes and contrivances, there are a few which I definitely agree with you on. For example, the hallway scene where Mando has an armful of grenades. However, many can be explained simply by logic or paying closer attention to some of the details of the show. For example, the point of Yoda being on the stone, glowing with light, was to make himself visible in the force at long range; so Jedi would find him. That explains how Luke found the ship. And just because we don't know how something works, doesn't mean there isn't something more to it. I'm thinking specifically of the frog woman and her eggs. Lightspeed may have some magnetic force which would deform her babies, or something similar. So to sum up my review, of this review, I will say that it is pretty well done. However, it's clear the drinker is a bit jaded and wary of anything coming out of Disney's Lucasfilms. This is perfectly rational and I appreciate that he doesn't belittle fan boys or critics alike. I do, however, hope that he can have a fan boy with him when he watches further Mandalorian or affiliated shows. Just to point out some of these more subtle details.

  100. LordVader1094


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    ...uhh, why would Luke NOT tear ass on an IMPERIAL ship against IMPERIAL droids? He'd also sense that Grogu's in danger, meaning urgency is necessary.

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