What Happened To Our Villains?

Every hero needs a good villain. Movie villains used to be awesome, but now they kind of suck. Join me as I explain why.


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

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    • Isekai NPC

      Isekai NPC

      3 giorni fa

      @Criminals rule the world now! Funny to find out about his name in the english version this way. I watched the same movie like 12 years ago and in German he was just called _" Lord Helmet'ly "_ to translate it as close as possible. Funny. How a name is so relatable without having it ever heard or read in english. ^_^

    • Criminals rule the world now!

      Criminals rule the world now!

      3 giorni fa

      Darth helmet is a better villain than most of the garbage nowadays.

    • Isekai NPC

      Isekai NPC

      3 giorni fa

      4:13 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh Drinker - read the Darth Vader Comic Series. The whole "Darth Vader" personality is basically just an Anakin Skywalker being out of control and just wanting to die or destroy everything in front of him. With his service as an excuse. His service to Palpatine and only him only, not even to the Empire itself.



      6 giorni fa

      china happened to our villains.

    • matthew cherrington

      matthew cherrington

      7 giorni fa

      What do you mean goth Vader is great

  2. HirscH


    3 ore fa

    I didn't watch Birds of Prey, but no way they did my guy Black Mask Dirty like that wtf, why does he look like a rip off of scarface.

  3. Jayfire


    4 ore fa

    The problem with this video is that you only provide a few examples from popular, notably bad/divisive films: Capt. Marvel, WW84, Star Wars Prequels. There are more movies out there then Disney films and DC. And there are many more movies that have great villains. And you only list a small number of recent examples from similar works

  4. K Khan

    K Khan

    8 ore fa

    I couldn't understand how they wanted us to look at the mother in King of Monsters sympathetically after she unleashed Ghidorah on the world. She was responsible for millions of deaths and because she decides to save her own daughter the movie fn redeems her?!? This video really put that into context now.

  5. ssj4broly !!

    ssj4broly !!

    8 ore fa

    It's odd that we are judged for disliking these characters because of their gender when it's the writers that clearly have an issue with gender.

  6. Peking A

    Peking A

    10 ore fa

    Well said, totally agree.

  7. Faylum1


    19 ore fa

    Melkor. Best villain ever created.

  8. Jonah


    Giorno fa

    Not only is it unfair for females to win all of their fights in movies(10:48-til end of video) they've been having "G-spots" and "orgasms" since the 1980's😒 Once we as dominant males get women back into kitchens barefoot and pregnant over a hot stove things will get back to normal🥳: this comment is made in jest, please "DO NOT" take it seriously.

  9. Theodore Bennett

    Theodore Bennett

    Giorno fa

    This is the reason I haven't been to a theatre in months.

  10. Peter Pandemic

    Peter Pandemic

    Giorno fa

    Alan Rickman as the sherriff of Nottingham was one the best villains ever

  11. wargamesmaster


    Giorno fa

    I know Star Wars villains were raped repeatedly by Disney executives in the last 5 years.

  12. Self-Law


    Giorno fa

    star wars, the empire strikes back and the return of the jedi still gives me goosebumps.

  13. A C

    A C

    Giorno fa

    We just elected the villains.

  14. paul hugo

    paul hugo

    2 giorni fa

    Modern cinematic male villains are not allowed to be threatening... and modern female villains have to be misunderstood victims of male wrong doing.

  15. Josh Groban

    Josh Groban

    2 giorni fa

    I think it's because movie writers are trying to be more like fandom canon. Actual villains vs there fanon counterparts are exactly like old villains vs modern day villains. Funny, weak, secretly whiny because haha funny are jokes a fandom would make.

  16. Deejay Garimi

    Deejay Garimi

    2 giorni fa

    Star wars was killed for me when the perky smart precocious Anakin became Vader... as an emo whiner teen that was controlled to evil ends...? and Kylo followed THAT path. Disney as Corp sucks since 80s. Frozen was last one I could tolerate to watch in their animated offerings. Cute, mediocre with some feminism pills slipped in my popcorn

  17. Lex60


    2 giorni fa

    I always get mad when a male hero doesn´t want to fight with a female villain even if she is similar or even superior in power. The only way they can defeat her is: a) Another female step up and fight, usually the hero's love interest. No matter if she is going to get heavily beaten up by the villain. Probably will get some help from the hero. [Scoth Pilgrim and Kick Ass 2 as examples] b) The villain turns out to be a transgender woman [Ace Ventura Pet detective]. LET MALE HEROES FIGHT FEMALE VILLAINS FFS! LET THEM WIN AFTER STRUGGLING! I think the only male hero who has no problem with that is Batman.

  18. Harold Merewether

    Harold Merewether

    2 giorni fa

    I always found that they tried to make the new Star Wars films comedies.

  19. JSC Playz

    JSC Playz

    2 giorni fa

    I agree with most things but I think it's probably more likely to get a good villain in a movie with multiple heroes, as it is not just a man beating up a woman it is a man beating up 5 people y'know, look at infinity war, thanos was a very imposing threat and he had to take on both men and women so no one complained, to them it was no longer "man beat women=sexism" it was now "man beat everyone=equity"

  20. Lacey Blue

    Lacey Blue

    2 giorni fa

    Great video couldn't agree more :)

  21. Kordell Swoffer

    Kordell Swoffer

    2 giorni fa

    Brie Larson is just awful.

  22. Tommy Tran

    Tommy Tran

    2 giorni fa


  23. octopuscollective


    2 giorni fa

    good take. i’ll use some of this in my personal writing and see if i can make a difference. writing villians is realllly hard.

  24. Darth Sandiest

    Darth Sandiest

    3 giorni fa

    I think black masks character in birds of prey was intentionally created like that because famous rich boy who has a large criminal empire is being threatened by new group of criminals

  25. Victorian Rabbit

    Victorian Rabbit

    3 giorni fa

    I wrote a hate comment about how weak and boring disneys modern villians are. They hated me 😆 soooo mutch. Buuuuut i always loved the villians. The old ones. Sooooo, i decided to be The Villian xDDD

  26. Dominic Hjorth

    Dominic Hjorth

    3 giorni fa

    Kylo ren had so much potential. Like give him a good backstory and power, he would have been iconic..

  27. Criminals rule the world now!

    Criminals rule the world now!

    3 giorni fa

    He had to take his helmet off so we could see he was the ultimate bad guy...a CIS white male!!!

  28. Johnny Regularhand

    Johnny Regularhand

    3 giorni fa

    Yeah everything you said makes sense, you should see apollo and starbuck beat the fuck out of each other in battlestar galactica thats equality, watched ragnarok again the other day and thought how can thor nearly beat thanos but not hela and how can hela be able to put up a fight surter there wasn’t even a battle was just woosh and a bang

  29. willembakker23


    3 giorni fa

    Alfter the first 38 seconds I was laughing out loud

  30. FascinatingFlounder


    3 giorni fa

    John Wick Chapter 1

  31. cluckin bell

    cluckin bell

    3 giorni fa

    Chad Vader vs Virgin Ren

  32. Mike Frost

    Mike Frost

    3 giorni fa

    I actually rooted for Kylo throughout the Disney movies.

  33. A A

    A A

    3 giorni fa

    Woke times and female home stops till your girl or wife have to carry 50 kg bag from car to garage..

  34. Sappho


    3 giorni fa

    Villains are getting castrated, especially when the plot is equivalent of an snl skit..

  35. jgunner280


    4 giorni fa

    Not sure I'd agree the gendering aspect is the only cause of this, but definitely a factor. Still, I think another is just the trend of "subversion" which itself has become kinda shriveled up. Lots of people went into phases of the anti-hero, and now the subversion of elements, where they all want to do something "different" or "suprising" without the heavier thought developed into it. That, and the "realism" of a villain being someone spoiled and whiny. In the end though, it doesn't work right for the reasoned named. In the majority of stories, you need some serious hostile struggle and obstacle to overcome. The villain doesn't have to be the only way to do this, but it sure is a massive force to help the process if that's your kind of story. Even flawed villains can do this so well, especially going the route of sharing flaws with the protagonist and yet showing a side that uses it differently, and how the hero will triumph over it with their more virtuous or learned method after all the struggles to develop away from becoming a mirror villain. ... or they just take the lazy way of making weak whiny villains with a more powerful proxy, that in the end amounts to badly written heroes and boring villains. I think Kylo Ren was actually pretty awesome for his worth. The point was certainly to deflect and break down the Vader tropes, and I think they actually did pull off the subversion with him well enough to be entertaining. In fact, it was a godsend for the initial movie, because he was basically the only component that wasn't a repackaged formula of fanservice. but the problem was everyone one else. Everyone! The natural conclusion if Ren was so stupid, petty, and lacking, was that others would be picking up the slack for him, even manipulating him like the tool he is, and giving you a real villain to fear from the shadows. Except no, they didn't do that, they continued to prove this force of evil was somehow maintained by miscostumed clowns. Phasma was a Boba Fett shadow that showed up to look cool and embarrass itself, I don't even care if I mispell snoke because he was such a sequel bait pile of waste, and less can even be said of others. Each movie couldn't figure out who the true villain was, so they had to revive the literal dead zombie form to ruin a classic true villain of old. They didn't want to do a cool villain, they kept wanting to subvert their propped villains, the coolest looking female stormtrooper included.

  36. Adny Angrand

    Adny Angrand

    4 giorni fa

    I thought the EXACT same thing while watching Force Awakens in theaters.

  37. Joey Konyha

    Joey Konyha

    4 giorni fa

    I love how you never miss a chance to shit on Brie Larson. Don’t ever change, Drinker, don’t ever change.

  38. Dragon Helivar

    Dragon Helivar

    4 giorni fa

    meh in the man of steel clip supes was getting double teamed but i see your point

  39. original character

    original character

    4 giorni fa

    In the defense of Kilo Ren. He is supposed to be the a pale comparison to vader

  40. kemark cooper

    kemark cooper

    4 giorni fa

    want proper villain??? watch anime and read manga

  41. Joao Gabriel

    Joao Gabriel

    4 giorni fa

    Someone should make a villain that is psychopath: because them he would be bad just to be

  42. Mirnum007


    4 giorni fa

    Your three examples have one thing in common; they're going against strong wahmen who has to win because wahmen rule and men drool

  43. Ionut Cristian

    Ionut Cristian

    4 giorni fa

    Surprise twist = Kylo Ren was actualy the protagonist. Why else would he be the only one with somewhat of a character ark ? It surely isn't bad writing from a company as big as disney.

  44. WoodmanFeatherhigh


    4 giorni fa

    Goddammit. You're absolutely right.

  45. Lee Waters

    Lee Waters

    4 giorni fa

    In case you don't have time for this video, let me sum it up. "I only like villains with the specific traits and experiences of the villains from movies of my particular youth who had stereotypically male traits such as dominance and who commanded respect. Stories that have their own villains rather than facsimiles of Star Wars archetypes are bad and they make me angry, regardless of the genres of those stories. For example, the comedic aspects of the comedy villains from the comedic series of Charlie's Angels films detracts from these comedy movies because comedically they don't command respect like mysterious Darth Vader, from Star Wars, a space opera in which he maintains control of his emotions at all times. Villains who display anger or lose control of their emotions are failures because for unexplained reasons, any villain who is not like DARTH Vader is a result of poor writing and more importantly, this indicates that the inclusion of women as heroes and appeasement of SJWs is clearly responsible for this general emasculation of the villain in modern movies." You're welcome. I wholeheartedly agree that the girl power trope which prevents films from showing women ever defeated by men reduces the tension of the story since we already know who will always win in mixed gender conflicts, but dude, this is just the bounce back from hundreds - at least - of years which showed women as nothing more than props. Do you really not have a larger perspective than the last 40 years or so? If you're annoyed at this overused trope, imagine how many women must have felt with the incessant tropes throughout our culture that have portrayed women as lesser than men in pretty much every important relevant way, relevance also being defined by the men. We are all going to get tired of the overused girl-power-uber-alles trope, and things will find a new equilibrium. This is the life cycle of any trope. And I'm sure it won't take the thousands of years it took for the pendulum to swing away from the male-power-is-a-given tropes that have existed at least in Western media since - well - the beginning of media. Let the women have a decade or two. I'm sorry you happen to live at the time of this readjustment and not 100 years before or after this moment of realignment since it seems to bother you so much, but those are the breaks. Buck up and stop being a puss in boots who lost his boots about it.

  46. Michael Lazarou

    Michael Lazarou

    4 giorni fa

    why is it ive been so brainwashed ive never noticed this before being told

  47. Jeff Richards

    Jeff Richards

    4 giorni fa

    Great stuff keep up the good work

  48. Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion Lannister

    4 giorni fa

    Someone's not watching Attack on Titan...

  49. James Eugene

    James Eugene

    5 giorni fa

    There was better villains in G.I.JOE (the 1984 cartoon)

  50. The Senate

    The Senate

    5 giorni fa

    Snoke looked like a rotting peanut.

  51. Steve Killgore

    Steve Killgore

    5 giorni fa

    1:04 I saw what you did there !

  52. Jerome Bout

    Jerome Bout

    5 giorni fa

    Imagine a remake of die hard with hans gruber's hostage complaining for gluten free food and gender fluid toilet, and about the fact that the terrorist crew is not diverse enough.

  53. Tanuki G

    Tanuki G

    5 giorni fa

    But doesn’t sarah connor defeat the terminator? There isn’t any sort of pandering towards the female audience there. As for the Star Wars movies, I agree that Kylo is a problematic villain but a fun character. The problem with the new star wars movies is that they lack any strong central villain, like you mentioned. But looking at a strong, modern villain, I think Roman Sionis is solid. He is childish and is unhinged, but it manifests in acts of violence. He intimidates the people around him, and makes the world a worse off place to be. His power lies in his ability to manipulate and intimidate with a weak psyche. He’s the playground bully turned up to 11. But I think you have a point that some villains are worse than others currently, with writers unsure of how to handle previously established characters and entities, especially Disney.

  54. Simon Matthews

    Simon Matthews

    5 giorni fa

    Ha ha I love your videos & moonshine is aviation fuel!

  55. #BatWho Laughs

    #BatWho Laughs

    5 giorni fa

    This man needs more subscribers.

  56. Crozan Egovult

    Crozan Egovult

    5 giorni fa

    The solution is equal rights . . . and lefts.

  57. Dave of Yorkshire

    Dave of Yorkshire

    5 giorni fa

    What happened to our villains? They were hired by Disney and took over the narrative to destroy entertainment as we know it...

  58. Jason Jeff

    Jason Jeff

    5 giorni fa

    yeah thats the worst booze ever

  59. A. Inai

    A. Inai

    5 giorni fa

    The best villians I’ve seen are General Grevious 2003 version, Raggyo Kiriuyin from Kill la kill, Tywin lannister GOT DIO from Jojo bizzare adventures

  60. Chianty B

    Chianty B

    5 giorni fa

    Well I believe things are turning around back to the so called normal again, could be very wrong though

  61. PixelsRnautDed


    6 giorni fa

    Dr. Claw was more intimidating then these villians.

  62. Matthew Horton

    Matthew Horton

    6 giorni fa

    Made me think of GI Jane with Viggo and Demi

  63. Caer Ibormeith

    Caer Ibormeith

    6 giorni fa

    Kylo Ren could have been a great villainous anti-hero if they actually honored the character traits they gave him within the plot and if there were an actual villain to contrast him with and if there was an actual plot that made any sense or if the films weren't generally trash.

  64. royal001ful


    6 giorni fa

    You have to downplay men for women to be lead characters...they are horrible action heroes...they can only succeed in a fantasy scenario...weak men are a hollywood fantasy...unfortunately, life imitates art.

  65. doc blade

    doc blade

    6 giorni fa

    Disney villains must not scare children...

  66. Attila Dukai

    Attila Dukai

    6 giorni fa

    For 10:54 John Wick vs Ares.

  67. Euphemia Gnash

    Euphemia Gnash

    6 giorni fa

    Adam Driver is so good as Kylo Ren. Even if he wasn't a villain villain. He acted so good. He looks more like the protagonist tbh

  68. Zak VanDoorne

    Zak VanDoorne

    6 giorni fa

    And for that, you earned my subscription!



    6 giorni fa

    china happened to our villains.

  70. Jason Cunningham

    Jason Cunningham

    6 giorni fa

    When you said they make you wonder who the real villain is, the footage should be of Johnny Lawrence.

  71. Max DeRoche

    Max DeRoche

    6 giorni fa

    Cant wait for when the Drinker takes on the massive challenge of rewriting the Star Wars sequels so theyre actually good

  72. Chris Sykes

    Chris Sykes

    6 giorni fa


  73. Darryl Kemp

    Darryl Kemp

    6 giorni fa

    Imagine a world were people shout equality but make one sex unequally win 🤣

  74. Sam Black

    Sam Black

    6 giorni fa

    Faaaaaarken hell.. I had to pause the video for a good 5 minutes after the slaughter of bree larson a minute in. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥳

  75. Radoslav Puhalovic

    Radoslav Puhalovic

    6 giorni fa

    It's simple, Disney happened...

  76. Joe Bama

    Joe Bama

    6 giorni fa

    Gotta disagree on Thor Ragnarok, ofcourse they didn’t quote the source material word for word but in the comics (minus a few occasions) Thor couldn’t hang with not even close. I think that’s the only example I see really grasping at straws

  77. A A

    A A

    7 giorni fa

    I have completely erased the sequel trilogy from my mind.. Never existed. Star Wars ends with The Return of the Jedi..

    • Jack Bits

      Jack Bits

      6 giorni fa

      Me too. Sad, Kilo Ren had so much potential to be a great villain. The scene the drinker points out where Po is sassing him...should have been an immediate force choke or some new just as scary ability. I remember as a kid when I first watched SW, Vader was as scary to me as Jason from Friday the 13th or any other horror movie villain.

  78. Derek Cheng

    Derek Cheng

    7 giorni fa

    Just watched 'i care a lot' and immediately reminded me of this video

  79. Marvin Lee

    Marvin Lee

    7 giorni fa

    These is what women fight all along equality... And now a transgender women is dominating women sports... Haist...



    7 giorni fa

    Modern 'female protagonists' are less original and more pathetic than Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Ravenway. As a woman who has always looked up to strong female characters, I must say that they've really run dry. STOP PANDERING PLEASE!!!!! I grew up with Ripley, and Sarah Connor, Ziva David, Hermione, even the Teen Titans! They all make Rey 'Skywalker' look pathetic. Don't get me STARTED on Captain Karen! Stop treating women as *sensitive precious wittle babies* that can't actually do anything unless you make them all powerful! They prech about how they're making women 'strong and brave!' and yet look what they did to Mulan! Cheers, mate!!

  81. Phil C

    Phil C

    7 giorni fa

    So true Mr Drinker!

  82. Ola Nordmann

    Ola Nordmann

    7 giorni fa

    One of my favorite vilans: Simcoe from Turn.

  83. stretch654


    8 giorni fa

    I thought "Gus Fring" was an awesome villain in "Breaking Bad" - the kind of guy you actually wanted to win.

  84. fahs


    8 giorni fa

    Heros usually follow a specific archetype, it has always been that way. Villians used to be unbridled and undefined, not anymore.

  85. madman123456


    8 giorni fa

    Could have a female hero go against a female antagonist. There, i solved the idiot rage problem. You're welcome! :D

  86. bonzwah1


    8 giorni fa

    That’s kinda why, after walking out of the theatre from force awakens, that Rey was gonna fall and Kylo would become the primary protagonist. Cuz they established that he kinda sucks at being villain and that Rey is stronger. Every flaw you pointed out about seemed too obvious to be anything but deliberate...but I guess not.

  87. Philip Coggins

    Philip Coggins

    8 giorni fa

    0:09 So the same age then?

  88. Minh Hoàng Trần

    Minh Hoàng Trần

    8 giorni fa

    The Major in Hellsing Ultimate is the absolute best villain in Anime, especially in the English dub version.

  89. Iron Reed

    Iron Reed

    8 giorni fa

    They kill the woman pretty fairly in the John Wick movies...granted semi proving your point by over establishing the bonafides before having the protagonist kill them to elevate his character.

  90. Joey Konyha

    Joey Konyha

    8 giorni fa

    Kylo Renn had the misfortune of being pitted against Mary Sue Skywalker-...eeerrrrrrr....Palpatine.

  91. Nekrone Schwartz

    Nekrone Schwartz

    9 giorni fa

    Hollywood's formula is pretty simple. White males are only allowed to be shown as subservient, cowardly, jealous, underhanded losers. Black males are allowed to be strong, confident, sympathetic alpha males and possible love interest for White females, but they are very rarely used to portray villains.

  92. Medium Chain

    Medium Chain

    9 giorni fa

    Man can't beat woman. Woman can beat man. yeah that sounds equal.

  93. Ðevil Shiro

    Ðevil Shiro

    9 giorni fa

    it's only coincidence that all of the movie's with weak male villains have strong independent women that are supposed to be the hero, they don't pose any threat because if they do then the sjw's will scream how the female characters were oppressed that matters ... the bigger the monster the bigger the payoff when it falls ... but no if the villain is a man he can only be weak, restrain himself and be dumb, let's be honest if any male bad guy if he lands a punch on a female she should fall and should find other ways to bring them down also it shouldn't matter if a villain man strikes down a female hero they are the villain they are not supposed to be moral, they should stop making all of these movies like the villains are complex being tortured and whatever because most of them leave a lot to be desired and most don't even make sense, even as much as i like marvel's infinity war and endgame Thanos's goal to kill half of the universe so they don't consume all of the resources makes no god damn sense, for technologically advanced beings it wouldn't be that hard to rebuild and in less than 10 generations the population probably would bounce back and in end game he goes full bad guy and wants to remake the universe the way he wants it too ... honestly i would have preferred the original story where he does it to impress Death but w/e.... Villains should be villains they should not be affected by morality and especially not sjw morality

  94. Coolpool 785

    Coolpool 785

    9 giorni fa

    "What is Captain Marvel without Brie Larson?" Actual potential for a good character?

  95. Mr Gaye

    Mr Gaye

    10 giorni fa

    If Thanos was a Strong Muscular Female Alien, she would've ended the entire MCU in endgame.

  96. GIBBY X3

    GIBBY X3

    10 giorni fa

    So true, typically Hollywood trying to create a scenario where everyone all across the board is always equal.

  97. klipser66


    10 giorni fa

    What Hollyweird is doing in the last decade is making us root for the villains as they are the underdogs FFS! Greedy and lazy!

  98. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis

    10 giorni fa

    Man, this video is a master class!

  99. Oathbreaker


    10 giorni fa

    Mary Sue, Mary Sue, pretty strong woman Mary sue!

  100. Clint Hosking

    Clint Hosking

    10 giorni fa

    This is why John Wick's fight with Perkins was so surprisingly effective. Because of this trend I really thought she would easily subdue him somehow. Instead we got a great, evenly matched fight with an uncertain outcome.

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