Why Do We Need Heroes?

So the recent announcement of I Am Not Starfire from DC got me thinking about heroes, comic books, and how we treat our modern myths and legends. And well, it doesn't look too good. The question now is, why do we even need heroes?


  1. The Critical Drinker

    The Critical Drinker

    2 mesi fa

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    • Venus Luminaries Diina

      Venus Luminaries Diina

      3 giorni fa

      *GOOOOOOOOOOOD in Heaven* she is ugly!

    • Twirtnik


      14 giorni fa

      The most of his books are so bad.

    • Mackie Messer

      Mackie Messer

      14 giorni fa

      Wow, you stated the condition of our society today.

    • joshua moskovitz

      joshua moskovitz

      Mese fa

      Dunno man. You look pretty sober in your picture on amazon. Get's me worried.

    • 2st


      Mese fa

      great job. but i can't stop laughing thinking about you googling "inspiring music" for the last part XD

  2. SneekierSnek


    3 ore fa

    1:32 TIE fighter sounds

  3. DJHart


    3 ore fa

    You just explained why I hate heroes

  4. Isabella Lopez

    Isabella Lopez

    5 ore fa

    Damn. I thought I clicked on a TEDtalk. This video made me want to be better.

  5. 000 000

    000 000

    5 ore fa

    Idk. An Amazon warrior trained in combat since childhood and literally a goddess or war, looking like she eats nothing but Big Macs and Whoppers for all three meals totally seems believable. Right guys?.....Guys?...I-it's believable right? God that illustration was so dumb

  6. badroo27 BDR7

    badroo27 BDR7

    5 ore fa

    This video should be playing on every screen in the world !!

  7. Kapilthev kingston

    Kapilthev kingston

    11 ore fa

    I got to agree with that I only thought about going to the gym coz ever since I saw Tarzan I wanted to look like that

  8. YourPalAL


    22 ore fa

    "They represent the best of what we can and should strive for." exactly.

  9. Rusty Kinks

    Rusty Kinks

    Giorno fa

    Those that can do, those that can't criticise... The end result; Starfire's and Nightwing's failed abortion.

  10. Alexandru Oprea

    Alexandru Oprea

    Giorno fa

    Your best one yet. Good job.

  11. Logan C

    Logan C

    Giorno fa

    Another brilliant commentary!!

  12. NerderonOfficial


    2 giorni fa

    0:17 Dear merciful god, they ACTUALLY named a fucking superhero duo SNOWFLAKE and SAFESPACE!? What. The actual. Fuck!? I...I just have no words. *facepalms and tries not to weep for the modern age*

  13. rosalyn redwood

    rosalyn redwood

    2 giorni fa

    One of my favorite videos to rewatch whenever I'm feeling down...that ending speech was unironically inspirtional!!!🤩🤩🤩

  14. Goblin Babe

    Goblin Babe

    2 giorni fa

    Funny how an actual teenager can write a more engaging story than these insecure 30 year olds.

  15. Hounded Tilly

    Hounded Tilly

    2 giorni fa

    Politics I blame

  16. hog huntin

    hog huntin

    2 giorni fa

    Fucking'eh! Couldn't have been said better amigo!

  17. Stefan S

    Stefan S

    3 giorni fa

    Its hard to change yourself ...... Because you are scared about your reflexion You need to see the problem and when the problem is you , its hard to accept the turth because it hurts To some extent i understand them but i dont agree with them Just pity them they are sad inside and full of hate I strive to better myself everyday to the point it became natural and it is natural , and you will feel fantastic , you will see the person you wanted to be and then you..... will.... smile.....

  18. Sahara Lee Bolo

    Sahara Lee Bolo

    3 giorni fa

    Inclusivity is ok but not mandatory. Just my two cents.

  19. Brandon Porter

    Brandon Porter

    3 giorni fa

    an incredible video, which was delightfully unexpected. i was expecting a joke at the end, but what i got in the end was far more poetic.

  20. dizzitoast


    4 giorni fa

    This... this was heavy truth.

  21. Nick Dirienzo

    Nick Dirienzo

    4 giorni fa

    I think representation is important. There needs to be more positive and frequent representation of child molesters, and murderers. Not to paint them in a negative view, but to lift them up as the champions of diversity who are victims of prejudice.

  22. Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    4 giorni fa

    I just don't understand it. You create a character who is the daughter of one of the most beloved and unique DC Characters. A character who is unique in both character traits and appearance. Then you make the character completely bland looking, and no doubt has a bland personality as well. She doesn't even remotely look like Starfire, even though it's her daughter. At least give her orange skin and solid green eyes.

  23. elliot Stannard

    elliot Stannard

    4 giorni fa

    Postmodernism is a way to demoralise society in order to corrupt it, so as to better overcome a population.

  24. ₗDₒₙₛₗ


    5 giorni fa

    Because life is completely miserable, and heroes are a way to escape temporarily from the monotonous cum stain that is life.

  25. Treve


    5 giorni fa

    I have listened to this video at least 20 times . Inspirational

  26. Jeremy Madden

    Jeremy Madden

    5 giorni fa

    There is hope yet...good stuff man.

  27. Ryan Hill

    Ryan Hill

    5 giorni fa

    Liking only for the reading of heroes as symbols of humanity's capacity to overcome adversities and strive for good. The more adversities these heroes are faced with and the more reasons they have to ignore doing the right things (i.e., the more they do resemble the fretful parts of reality) makes it all the more satisfying and aspiring when they DO make the heroic choices. So heroes and hero stories are definitely meaningful, and in that way I don't think good faith attempts to have these heroes more accurately reflect all sorts of realities of human experience (flaws, weaknesses, selfish desires, etc.) neutralizes that meaning.

  28. erikvil45


    5 giorni fa

    You don't just be your own hero

  29. Munnawar Khan

    Munnawar Khan

    5 giorni fa

    What I find weird is that I don't think even liberals want this shit.

  30. Red reaper

    Red reaper

    6 giorni fa

    the funny thing is marvel was already good with diversity, they had black superheroes, overweight villains and more

    • Ryan Thompson Guitarist

      Ryan Thompson Guitarist

      4 giorni fa

      Exactly. They had the very first black superhero (black panther) and the very first Canadian superhero as well (wolverine). They even had Spider-Man, who was made as a representation of the nerdy, borderline broke and down on his luck young kids. Even the X-Men were diverse to some extent, showing that you can achieve greatness no matter what you were born with.

  31. Red reaper

    Red reaper

    6 giorni fa

    why reinvent old character for pc readers when you can use your mind and invent new characters?

  32. R Fletch

    R Fletch

    6 giorni fa

    Then again, this should be my alarm clock.

  33. Dracopol


    7 giorni fa

    I'm glad you can say it. No one sees my similar comments about Diversity and Inclusion Hell because I've been shadowbanned. I never get those hundreds of thumbs-up.

  34. Ryan Markley

    Ryan Markley

    7 giorni fa

    Bwahaha, best video yet! Edit: Just realized those damn men in tights started this! JK love that flick.

  35. Darksoulpoetry


    8 giorni fa

    I dissagree. sure it's full of shit marketing. but she knows it. um hummmn. (it's fun really)

  36. Wolffie Comix

    Wolffie Comix

    8 giorni fa

    I have been a comic book fan ever since I was 6 and now 16 years later and watching how far the comic industry has fallen it hurts to see how these hacks, fakes, and terrible people be in charge of these paragons of virtue and hope and turn them into disgusting versions of themselves all in the name of “Diversity” but really is just cringe so thanks for taking 87% of my childhood and shooting in the face good job

  37. Trilobight


    8 giorni fa

    If you want fictional media that's more realistic and less escapist, go play Desert Bus. That's as realistic as it gets.

    • Ryan Thompson Guitarist

      Ryan Thompson Guitarist

      4 giorni fa

      "No, here's no pause button. Does your life have a pause button?"

  38. Rango


    8 giorni fa

    my pc crashed when the character showed up. and this is no joke, my pc litarly crashed

  39. ginGPchee


    8 giorni fa

    yeah.... people don't in the movie Quigley Down Under...there are still mobs who would push a people (Aborigines) off a cliff... we need more Quigley's.

  40. jblockman_59 nunyabidnis

    jblockman_59 nunyabidnis

    8 giorni fa

    For drunk bastard you sure do know how to make a moving speech.

  41. dominique sodon

    dominique sodon

    8 giorni fa

    It's well written, beautiful , profound, and inspiring. Thank You

  42. Robert Tate

    Robert Tate

    9 giorni fa

    A truly inspiring speech. You have joined the ranks of the heroes. Thank you Drinker.

  43. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

    9 giorni fa


  44. Mark Bonington

    Mark Bonington

    9 giorni fa

    Watch this video about once a month. Such a great reminder to keep working hard and not be a c*unt. Thanks Drinker!

  45. Knuxuki 101

    Knuxuki 101

    9 giorni fa

    You pretty much put all of our thoughts into words. Certain people are really trying to ruin comics, TV games, games,etc by taking away what made them so amazing, great and special in the first place, and for what? I hate how some people just see something great and just wanna take and bring it down simply because it's better than the things smaller than it. It's saddening and it makes me very worried for the entertainment industry as a whole, a LOT. Where is it headed with some of the people in it who are in some ways so corrupt, I wonder .

  46. milcoll73


    10 giorni fa

    eeeeeeeexxxxxxccccceeeeeppppttttttt they dont accept anything. in fact, the case could be made that they accept very little.

  47. milcoll73


    10 giorni fa

    there is clearly zero resemblance between the "author" and her main character. the "authors" eyes are brown. the main characters eyes are green. yup. not a bit of resemblance.

  48. Stephen C

    Stephen C

    10 giorni fa

    “Once you accept everything, there’s no need to strive for anything.” -The Drinker

  49. Nick Schneider

    Nick Schneider

    10 giorni fa

    I see a man who is reaching for the best that's in him. Let's all do the same!

  50. Tim Duncan

    Tim Duncan

    11 giorni fa

    This video gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it.

  51. UnCappel


    11 giorni fa

    The biggest problem I have with starfire's daughter is that she doesn't resemble her mother at all, she looks more like Raven's daughter than starfire's. Why couldn't she have orange skin? Or the bright red hair?

  52. The Last Roman

    The Last Roman

    11 giorni fa

    This reminds me why I chose ‘The Last Roman’ as my channel name. I’m inspired by my ancient hero Flavius Belisarius. A man of undying loyalty who fought to restore an empire even though the world had moved on from him and who fought with great courage and skill despite the slander and slights he was forced to endure. Like myself, I also try to have traditional values and strength despite living in a world that has moved on from what I believe in and care for and delights in trying to break my spirit as well.

  53. Thomas Legg

    Thomas Legg

    12 giorni fa

    "like burning money"

  54. Lavthefox Lavernicus

    Lavthefox Lavernicus

    12 giorni fa

    As a wise woman once said... "Im holding out for a hero... He's got to be STRONG... he's got to be FAST... and he's got to be LARGER THAN LIFE" This wise woman, who speaks in ancient riddles, did not say "and he's got be morbidly obese to represent the common failings of a calorie high diet, he's got to be slow but tolerated on a fitness test, and he's got to be in no way shape or form special or unique due to the fear of making the others in the group self conscious..." Probably cuz that sounds really stupid and wouldnt work well for a song... but that's just me >.>



    12 giorni fa

    this is my first video by you i've watched, and I'm impressed!

  56. Tomasz Kostyra

    Tomasz Kostyra

    12 giorni fa

    The start of the video was good, until you started preaching...

  57. Steampunker X

    Steampunker X

    12 giorni fa

    My god, when the melodramatic piano enters the bombastic hero description I had to turn it off. The Drinker is honestly one of my absolute favorite critics, but here he had a few too many pints and went down the road of melodrama.

  58. Jamie P.

    Jamie P.

    12 giorni fa

    For more proof that we’ve been obsessed with this kind of thing for fucking ever... take the myth of Heracles, and the fact that he uses a club and wears a pelt. They’re signs that his original myth predates Ancient Greece by a long shot. As in, NEOLITHIC predates. How far have we fallen if we’ve gone from Heracles in the fucking Stone Age, to... this drivel?

  59. Paula V

    Paula V

    13 giorni fa

    I choose to reject these anti-heroes.

  60. Silver- -Nexus

    Silver- -Nexus

    13 giorni fa

    I need to get back into writing

  61. Proto Rhinocerator

    Proto Rhinocerator

    13 giorni fa

    Whatever this petulant, entitled, angry, accomplishment-free female is in the thumbnail, that's not a hero. If I had to draw a cartoon of a Karen, I couldn't do a better job than this. I can almost hear her demanding to speak to my manager. Did I mention unattractive? Yes she looks intentionally unattractive. People aren't this repulsive by accident. She must have worked hard to repel men so effectively. Women too, I assume.

  62. jeff turbine

    jeff turbine

    13 giorni fa

    Damn this vid is cool

  63. matrixbg


    13 giorni fa

    Who would make more sense? 1) An industry with millions of dollars, hundreds of writers and years of proven concepts 2) A drunk guy on the internet in a 7 minute video

  64. Flaming Icecream

    Flaming Icecream

    15 giorni fa

    Think he stopped being drunk for a bit there

  65. Phil Torrez

    Phil Torrez

    15 giorni fa

    I just stick to manga, I was never into comics. I’m nearly 30. Every since I was in 4th or 5th grade I’ve been enamored by anime and manga. American comics and movie adaptations never did it for me back then, and now... well, yeah, no.

  66. Justin Spence

    Justin Spence

    15 giorni fa


  67. Vidit Jain

    Vidit Jain

    15 giorni fa

    Time for Barry to change the fucking timeline again cuz this world ain;t it chief

  68. Jerusha Welborn

    Jerusha Welborn

    16 giorni fa

    "When you accept everything, there is no need to strive for anything." Very well said.

  69. Riley Sansoucy

    Riley Sansoucy

    16 giorni fa

    Good Lord that was a beautiful speech

  70. Kenneth


    16 giorni fa

    I don't remember from where I heard this, 'To kill the spirit/soul of a culture/civilisation, you must first destroy/corrupt its champions.' I feel that the human race is slowly self-destructing.'

  71. Ynse Schaap

    Ynse Schaap

    16 giorni fa

    She looks like Henrietta 😁

  72. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    17 giorni fa

    It's time for us to become the next generation of heroes. Rise above, sacrifice, and succeed. That's what heroes do. Good luck, and godspeed!

  73. Luijo


    17 giorni fa

    " Who is gonna be inspired and motivated by this " Who do you think ¬¬ twitter of course

  74. Agung Dude

    Agung Dude

    17 giorni fa

    The whole world needs to hear this!

  75. Sqysh


    17 giorni fa

    4:31 The whole cancel woke culture that most of my generation is comprised off is the complete anithesis of this The pretence that there’s something healthy about stagnation That if it’s inconvenient it shouldn’t be attempted and that the notion of someone else trying at something and succeeding is offensive because it makes them feel bad about how shitty they actually are

  76. E


    17 giorni fa

    Lets be real, comics are essentialy like paid-for fanfics at this point.

  77. Monophthalmus


    18 giorni fa

    i do not understand how these people get jobs as writers in the industry. I think actual writers or even normal people should apply to fill these positions.

  78. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross

    18 giorni fa


    • Toastbrottitan _

      Toastbrottitan _

      10 giorni fa

      She got woke.

  79. ElmasРОБОТАЛИЕН Yugoslavian Khan

    ElmasРОБОТАЛИЕН Yugoslavian Khan

    19 giorni fa

    damn...i really did not expect such a moving speech in such an unsuspecting vid. im speechless. subscriber earned

  80. DSH1LL


    19 giorni fa


  81. steelfoot98


    19 giorni fa

    The thing that makes heroes great is that, like you stated, they are an image of the human spirit. And so when you write them you have to greatly consider moral philosophy so to create a representation of an ideal that is strong enough to reflect the message you want to send. In essence, not only are they the modern evolution of the myth, but also the parable. They’re a story through which we can expound our ideals or our view on the complexity of morality and our relationship with it or anything else we can think of. The problem with modern comics is that they are a symptom of the poisoned modern philosophy. Society has been reshaped so that moral philosophy is shallow and weak. It’s about finding ways to prop up ourselves so we can be placed on an undeserved pedestal for having said the prettiest words. We praise victimhood rather than perseverance, words rather than action, biased shouting rather than balanced discussion, all the things that require effort and forethought are being told to die while we celebrate self-pity and destruction of healthy world views.

  82. Peter Thierrry

    Peter Thierrry

    19 giorni fa

    Dear Drinker, Another fine piece of work. Reminded me of a quote, "No one ever raised themselves up by putting someone else down." You go, Dude. Peace,

  83. York the Nurglite Ork

    York the Nurglite Ork

    19 giorni fa

    Your speech was really awesome, but god dang did that second of Judge Dredd hit me in the nodtalgia bone. Which is kinda weird considering that I never read his comics, I only know him from my father telling me about the embodiment of justice that he is, conveying what he meant to him. And in my opinion that's exactly what makes a hero a hero, inspiring people to carry on their tale to not only aspire to that ideal, but to share it willingly with others.

  84. Andre Esters

    Andre Esters

    19 giorni fa

    I'll drink to that!!

  85. Super Adventure

    Super Adventure

    19 giorni fa

    But what you lament is the end of the era of humanity reaching for higher. Comic books are just the latest, perhaps the last- casualty of the creeping, malevolent rot of Post-Modernism and nihilism. We stopped wanting to go to the moon. Then we stopped fantasizing about outer space. We stopped wanting to explore other cultures, and declared cultural differences nonexistent. We stopped wanting to go outside. Stopped wanting to have families. Everything revolves around petty arguments on platforms, read on smart phones. You're surprised and depressed that people stopped caring about superheroes? Huh... I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.

  86. CommentCop 666

    CommentCop 666

    19 giorni fa

    LOL!!! I'm just going back and watching all the videos covering this... _AHEM!_ book. Here's what I noticed. Every single YTer that made a video on this starts with uncontrollable cackles and laughter at the cover. LOL!!! It's fucking hilarious.

  87. xensan76


    20 giorni fa

    Well, at least she isn't a reimagining of Starfire.

  88. Shannon Gill

    Shannon Gill

    20 giorni fa

    What John Goodman and Roseanne having procreated would look like

  89. Gergő Soós

    Gergő Soós

    20 giorni fa

    This isn't new. We love to pull our estabilished paragons/gods/ideals back to the swamp to be like us. It takes some time but it allways happens! Ever heard of the story when Ra and Seth were having a race on which of them can put semen in the other's hindsight? Ever heard the story of Hephestus catching his wife Aphrodite with her lover (she's got a point!) in an invisible chain net? Don't need to wonder why in later christian era the devil becomes the good+helping person....

  90. Scott Williams

    Scott Williams

    20 giorni fa

    I'm happy this wasnt just SJW bad

  91. M zareer

    M zareer

    20 giorni fa

    Is this is supposed to be nightstar? whats her power? blocking the sun with her body?

  92. Nick Culver

    Nick Culver

    20 giorni fa

    The author is playing off the success of Supergirl Being Stupid.

  93. Tyler Of Astora

    Tyler Of Astora

    20 giorni fa

    I’m mixed race, and my personal hero is Miles Morales. That’s not because he looks like me, it’s because he’s everything a hero should be to me, Peter Parker is too and so is Barry Allen. and that’s okay because it’s not about how they look, it’s their hardships and how they overcome them

  94. Bryan Foreman

    Bryan Foreman

    20 giorni fa hit the nail on the head with this one! Such good stuff. Love your channel!

  95. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams

    21 giorno fa

    the last two minutes should be mandatory listening to anyone under the age of 30

  96. Ryan FitzAlan

    Ryan FitzAlan

    21 giorno fa

    The irony of the writing and its message is a bit funny also. The only thing that makes this awkward version of nightstar special, is their parentage. In making that the situation, and letting the author interject themselves into the character, you also get a sense of self hatred from the author, believing that their flaws are inherent through their parentage and that its the one thing they would change if they could about themselves if they could, but cant. it contradicts the idea of self acceptance and being ok to be who you are. it instead conveys a message to refuse and despise what you are, and run towards the shelter of forged identity through actions behavior and association. In short, bury yourself in delusion until you cant see yourself or where you come from anymore, then pretend you don't know what those things are, while mostly depending on the benefits of those concepts as the foundation for success since they are in-fact inherently foundational to who you are.

  97. Alex Stoll

    Alex Stoll

    21 giorno fa

    Broads will ruin anything if you let em. Case in point.

  98. Callum Purvis

    Callum Purvis

    21 giorno fa

    It's great to see ourselves in our heroes, but these people take that way too far. If they want a character to represent them, that's Clark Kent, that's Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan. That's the secret identity, the everyman which we project ourselves into, through relatability. And through empathy we learn from their struggles, and we are inspired to be a greater version of ourselves. Just beneath that dull grey business suit is a shining superhero emblem, we too can tear off the mundanity and believe we are special and capable. Or..... we can just have a projection of ourselves in the comic/movie, nothing special beneath because the mundanity goes to the bone, nothing to prove and nothing to discover. It's just a person, and most of the time it is not actually us, it's some lunatic form of the writers vain imagination of themselves. Just imagine a Superman comic where there is only Clark Kent, no fancy suit or unique style to change into, just a guy working his job who has powers and stuff, and also carries a deeply rooted frustration that he can't get a girlfriend because his writer can't afford a therapist.

  99. Joseph Kim

    Joseph Kim

    21 giorno fa

    I hate everything about that design. It is an abomination. Burn it and cast it into hell so that it may never come back.

  100. Jelleepit


    21 giorno fa

    There's no room for excellence when "everyone's a winner!"

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